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June 14th, 2008

09:50 pm - Girl, we'll take the world by storm
O hai. I'm gonna post about all my skewlio dramazz in my other blog. Too much to type, lol. I just got back from a quite shnazzy birthday partayy. Twas funstuff.

OH OH OH I GOT AN iPOD TOUCH~~~~~~~~~~~~!
Freeeee since Apple Stores are delicious in their promotions. My dad was buying an iMac for his dad and you get a free iPod Touch and since he already had one, i got it. Yayyyy.

I'm kinda tiredd and me padre's gone until midnightt so I'll just do whatever and watch SNL in 1.5 hours when it's on.

Oh yeah, I'm gonna type up & post a rentfic I wrote just before NaNoWriMo {which was in November if you don't know}
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June 7th, 2008

08:47 pm - Nothin' goin', goin' wild in you, you know.
ICONS. And a lot of them to boot. :O

[36] Spring Awakening
[3] RENT
[3] Annaleigh Ashford
[7] David Cook
[4] John Gallagher, Jr.
[3] Legally Blonde
[2] Declan Bennett
[6] American Idol Season 7

Comment if you're taking, and credit please! ♥

There was a lotta coding involved. )
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03:59 pm - I like back just driftin', and play out these scenes..
This is nice news for moi.
AND I GOT ERYN!WENDLA AUDIO. I've only listened up to Moritz Visits Melchior, but Eryn's fantastic. so far AND I GOT ANOTHER SURPRISE-IT ALSO HAS MATTSCHEN! :D I was excitedddd. Mattschen AND Erynla{? lol} FTWWWW.
I also spent a ton of time setting a David Cook mood theme I took from this person over at the Cookie LJ comm. Hooray, it's very shnazzy indeed. I saw Kung Fu Panda & before that got Cherry On Top for the 2nd time ever, which id super delicious & not good for people with no self-control. There's a ton of yogurt flavah flavs and toppings AND IT'S ALL SELF-SERVE. ♥ Yummeh. I think mine was strawberry-banana & plain yogurt with strawberries, bananas, oreos, chocolate chips, marshmallow creme, chocolate syrup, gummi bears, um..probably more but I forgot. xD And KFP was funny, funnier than I thought, I just thought it would be a stupidstupid movie. But it was, but it was funny. Zomg for some unexplained reason when the panda's 'dad' {his dad is an effing skinny bird, wtf} is all 'yo your late get up' and he comes in and the panda's all 'o sry dad' and the skinny bird goes 'SORRY DOESN'T MAKE THE NOODLES.' Omfgg I started CRACKING UP SO BAD. No idea why. but then I wanted to get People magazine {only because it had an article&&INCREDIBLE PICS of David Cook in it} and some Five Gum, because I got blue and I lost it and I haven't owned any gum for a while. but me madre was all 'o sry maybe tomorrow lulz' but it's tomorrow and she's saying prolly not. Sad face for me. I DID A MEME. TRIED A CUT, BUT DOUBT IF IT WORKS LULZ. {edit: re-trying this.}
meme )
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May 24th, 2008

08:58 pm - You are to me like a match to a lighter.
This is like, exact to LJ. Lol. I'm gonna do a huge graphics post with all my shnazzy icons. Gonna make some David Cook[iee] icons, because Cara wants them and so do I. (:

I don't know what else to say.

Declan Bennett's pretty amazing, btw.
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