LOST [[04.25.08]]
Watched it with my wifey last night. How good was it? It was one of the best yet. I enjoyed it. And so the plot thickens... 
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Been a long time. [[04.23.08]]
Hey you mother fuckers.
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How long has it been? [[02.19.08]]

I had forgotten all about this journal until I was so bored to near tears that I went through my computer and saw the link to this place and remembered I had a journal here. I don't have much to update on really but I will say this, my wife's idiot sister got into a knife fight. How revolting to think that 3 guys were going to attack her with knives and one actually did, thinking she wasn't going to do anything back. Well this young lady is out of her damned mind. She is the craziest person I have ever met in my life so it doesn't surprise me that she pulled her knife out too and went at it.

Thank goodness I wasn't there, I would have shot someone and wifey knows that's the honest truth.

Hope everyone is well,


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My Lips [[01.29.08]]

They are as chapped as they could ever be because of you Nikki. And I have 2 hickeys on my neck, also from you. Don't you know that I can not have such things on my neck? I am sure it was an accident but still how do I explain this to my fellow workers?

In any case dear I am glad you are figuring things out for yourself. 

An update on me. I need to pick up drinking again, my life is becoming quite stale. I'd like to go to NJ next month with my darling but alas, I know she will not let me. How many years has it been and you do not ever let me go dilly dally with your Jersey friends? It is okay though because I know you love it up there and I know it's your "happy place". I would hate to take that away from you.

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Thank you [[01.17.08]]
 A fond thank you to my lovely for creating my new Layout. It is much brighter than before. Kind of tranquil. Thank you it's quite lovely. I will do something nice for you in return. How does dinner sound?
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Hello friends on the internet [[01.16.08]]
I just want to thank all 3 of you who added me to your friendslist, not including my wife. It makes me feel somewhat loved. I wish I had enough desire to go out there and make my own friends on this journal but I am not sure how often I will update this thing so perhaps I will just sit back and enjoy the view for a while. If I get lonely I will go in search of new friends. Anyway, thanks again. Ciao xoxo
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Saturday [[01.16.08]]
I wish I could attend the lovely Federal Party this Sarurday but sadly I have other more important things to do, such as take a few naps, feed the dog, watch tv....you know. Anyway Good luck with your Condaleezza thing darling I am sure it will be rediculous wonderful!
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For my one and only [[01.15.08]]
baby, I love you. 
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