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kirito ([info]kirito) wrote,
@ 2008-02-19 06:09:00

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How long has it been?

I had forgotten all about this journal until I was so bored to near tears that I went through my computer and saw the link to this place and remembered I had a journal here. I don't have much to update on really but I will say this, my wife's idiot sister got into a knife fight. How revolting to think that 3 guys were going to attack her with knives and one actually did, thinking she wasn't going to do anything back. Well this young lady is out of her damned mind. She is the craziest person I have ever met in my life so it doesn't surprise me that she pulled her knife out too and went at it.

Thank goodness I wasn't there, I would have shot someone and wifey knows that's the honest truth.

Hope everyone is well,


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2008-02-19 06:57 pm UTC (link)
Wow, that is certainly not something you hear about every day. *hugs*

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2008-02-19 08:43 pm UTC (link)
Yea Tabby is effing whack. she has no idea who those guys are what if they go back and try to kill her? I hope they just give it up.

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2008-02-25 05:09 pm UTC (link)
yeah she is f'n crazy but they could've killed her or wounded her really badly she needs to chill out with that craziness

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