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Guide to This Journal
You've probably come here from one of my rescued sites. This journal is a kind of multi-site update list and nattering about Sailor Moon fanworks and their preservation. To page through the sections quickly, here is a guide to the tags I have deployed:

Guide to Rescued Website Acronyms in Tags and Posts
BADK = Bishounen Ai no Dark Kingdom, aka Anna-chan's site Removed at author's request 10/31/2011.
Bakery = Obviously enough, The Bakery of Celeste Goodchild and Saint Erythros. It's the newest mirror project.
BSMFN = The Best Sailor Moon Fanfiction on the Net, aka John Hitchens' fave fanfics (with some help from Serenity and Nephrite)
SDKLR = Scrumdiddlyumptious Dark Kingdom Love Revival, aka Soylent Green's site
TN = This's Nothing!, aka Sardonyx's site

Guide to Other Tags
Welcome = For posts like this one, not related to fanfiction stuff
Thanks = Shout outs to you!
Links = Sailor Moon and related sites; usually a link list in the post
Dark Kingdom = Sites with a DK bent
Good Fics = What it says on the tin. Usually lists of fic rec sites or linked to fics in particular.
Should Have Beens = Stories I would choose to host at BSMFN. If I were doing that. ;)
Geocities = The death of Geocities and the impact on fandom

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Yo, the Updates Moved!
Scribbld was down and (I thought) out for the count this summer/fall, so all the fic site updates are now at http://ladyphoenix9.dreamwidth.org/ under the same tags as here. I won't be updating here again, but I won't run in and delete anything, in case this is still getting people to the right place via Google. You never know. So long, Scribbld! It was fun while it lasted, but I need better stability in my site updating journal.

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Cyberpastery Preview
For anyone wondering what happened to Valentine's Day Bakery goods, they are mostly online, except the FnF section, and the content that wasn't online to be archived at the end of the site's active life (the Tarou and Dimando shrines, most of the images from the Rubius shrine, a few fics). There is still formatting wonkiness in several of the fics that are up but they should at the very least be readable. At any rate, if you're wanting to get some "live from 2002" cyberpasteries, you can mosey over to http://www.lethesbanks.com/Bakery/ for a sneak peek at the revived site. I probably will not get the FnF part up for a while longer, but hopefully what's here will keep you sated until then.

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Two Quick Notes
1. I backed up this journal at Dreamwidth under the same username because Scribbld was acting funny the other day. I may eventually switch all the necessary links for updates over to there and delete this journal, because...

2. I have been inundated with spambots here. I turned CAPTCHA on (sorry) because I'm betting you want my online time actually doing things other than dealing with spambots, like, you know, category pages at BSFMN or getting the Bakery ready to go live. Little stuff like that, yaknow?

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BSMFN, SDKLR, and Bakery News
Just a couple quick notes on the BSMFN archive:

~ I'm changing the styling over to external CSS; no big change on your end, but it was a timesaver for me because...
~ I finally decided I should put up the story-by-category pages. They'll be trickling in sporadically over the next week or so.
~ After the category pages go up, I'll be adding in an honest to goodness index page (I'd been using the alpha-by-title page as the main page for far too long).
~ Once all that happens, I'll need to sit down and double check that all the stories have a listing on the appropriate category pages.

I also had a horrible nightmare last night when I dreamed someone else had been passed the BSMFN archive after Serenity, and they had been updating with super-snazzy php sort options...not to mention listing mediocre fic! Not only was I jealous of their coding, I was peeved at their fanfic choices.


~ I have been remiss and not yet updated the info for Dark Angel, one of the contributing artists, yet. You can now find her as Melospiza on Livejournal and Fanfiction.net.

On the Bakery side:

~ Nothing's online yet, but from what I've gathered so far, things are looking good. I may have been slightly hasty with my Valentine's Day prediction, as I found some of the files have corrupted text formatting, so I have to check them all a bit more carefully than I would for plain text files (or, ahem, read each story as I work on it).

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The Bakery - I Mean It This Time
Yes, I really do mean it. I've started work on The Bakery. If things stay (relatively) quiet through January at my job, I would estimate I'll have most of the site mirrored at Lethe's Banks by early February (perhaps a Valentine's present? Not sure).

Time to make a Bakery tag, methinks...

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BADK Removed
Yeah, back to back updates, what is the world coming to? Nothing good, unfortunately, as Anna-chan emerged from cyber-limbo to request the removal of her site. I hope you enjoyed the resurrected BADK while it lasted. The searingly pink thing was starting to grow on me.

Leave a couple wilted roses on your way out, thank you, and really, good night until January. XD

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Reminder for Content Changes
First, a note: I am alive. I did not have a summer break, as I was preoccupied by the dramarama llama, who had a fun time causing havoc. Hence, not much progress on the site front. No Bakery progress at all. =(

But, as I just had a change for a listed author, I wanted to remind anyone who stumbled in, over, across or around these sites that if they need to make content changes, you can either leave a comment here or track me down at my email ladyphoenix9 AT hotmail DOT com. No need to get really complex in your notes, but make sure if you're trying to mask your real name that you check any email addresses that might be associated with your fanfics/art, not just names listed in the text of the page. And please give me a heads up if you might have your name buried in an author's note somewhere...I might miss those, especially if you put your notes at the end of the story.

See you in January, maybe, when I recover from Christmas at work. (I hope.)

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Hosting News
I know the hosting news has been dangling for quite a while now, but some concrete numbers came up today. I wanted to let you know that it doesn't appear the (probable) price increase is going to break my bank account. Your mirrored fan sites are going to live through another year (without driving me crazy in the process). =)

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BSMFN "Should Have Beens" for 2004
Like 2003, I saved a double-digit amount of stories, so please be patient as I sift through them on my second readings. I will also be doing an Honorable Mentions section again, mainly because this was a rather lackluster year for innovations, but there are some solid stories that still deserve recognition.

BSMFN Choices

1. FIVE MINUTE RIDE by flighty.thistledown
Motoki and Ami have a chance meeting on a bus. Each learns some things about the other. Not plot-heavy, but a nice character study through Motoki's eyes. Check out the rest of her Sailor Moon fanfics; I think I'd read each one for previous BSMFN installations, but they hadn't quite done something different enough to get a mention here.

Prizma finds someone has been in her room and moved Sapphire's jacket.

3. DREAM GIRL by Venus Smurf
Reincarnation can only take you so far. Mina, Malachite, and the weariness of learning to trust again.

4. CHANGE by apsara
Rei and Jadeite say screw the trusting, go straight to the sado-masochism. A dark (AU) first season, evil!Jadeite pairing fic.

5. REBIRTH AND RENEWAL by aviatrix8
This is another fic that may have been posted earlier (2000 to be precise) but didn't hit ff.net until 2004. The Akayashi Sisters are visited by someone from their past -- perhaps the last person they ever expected to see again. It is a missing moment from the Super Famicon game "Another Story," so I feel it's notable for the somewhat obscure source and, of course, for featuring the quirky miniboss squad.

Blue Jeans is at is again, this time with an intense two part vignette featuring Ann and Ail. She was able to tap into the weird brother/sister/lover/just plain confused teenager vibe those two have going on and play off their jealousy over Usagi and Mamoru without it seeming as juvenile as it did through most of the story arc.

7. THE OVERTURE by Paparini/Cookirini
This story stuck in my memory from long ago. It's one of the earliest fanfics from the PGSM continuity; almost all of them seem to focus on Darkury, and this one's no exception. Ami is trying to readjust after her brush with the dark, only to find herself a pawn of the Dark Kingdom again. This fic is strongly reminiscent of reading a transcript of the PGSM show (including the opening and credit songs) so it may not be the sort of thing everyone would like.

8. RETURN TO THE PAST by Mangaka-chan
Chibiusa returns to the past after the Stars season and finds herself beset with doubts and insecurities in her sleep. The weaving together of the multiple characters, old and new, is perhaps the highlight of this fic. The balance between the drama and action helps tremendously to make this a solid effort. The only downside are some typos that made it through revision.

Honorable Mentions

1. DEATH IS BUT A TRIP by Dark-Kingdoms
In the Dark Kingdom subset, it's pretty common to have Zoisite and Kunzite met up again after death, but this fic did it a bit differently. If you've read "The Wish" in the main archive by Ken Wolfe, you've already met Death of the Endless. Now consider for a moment how Delirium and Desire would factor in. This is...surprisingly touching. I mostly blame Delirium. (Take note that this story is a bit rough in spots; English is not the author's first language.)

2. WATCHING by SMoonEmpress
Not really new ground, here, with a Pluto and unrequited King Endymion story. What caught my eye was the melancholy narrative style. It manages to capture Setsuna's feelings of perpetually being an outside observer, even when she's surrounded by friends.

This is perhaps the classic Minako and Kunzite fic of this period and I would be remiss to omit it entirely. Unfortunately, it suffers from Cheap Romance Book Syndrome, in that perfectly good characters start acting like zombies to create unnecessary, flimsy melodrama to pad out the middle of the story. I'd recommend about the first nine chapters before this veers off into the stock romance book you've read a thousand times before.

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