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and I've got some issues to work through. there I go again, pretending to be you. make-believing that I have a soul beneath the surface. trying to convince you it was accidentally on purpose.

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achtundzwanzig; tuesday, february 3rd, 1998. [posted on May the 12th]
Oh, you have got to be bloody joking. There is no way in hell that I'm working with Macmillan. Or Weasley. I demand-- ugh

How utterly unfunny, Professor Snape. I doubt that whatever I might or might not have done to you in the past deserves this kind of punishment. So thank you, really.


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siebenundzwanzig; sunday, january 18th, 1998. backdated to after the game. [posted on April the 28th]
How is it exactly that you beat Slytherin but you let Hufflepuff win over you? No, seriously. I want a logical explanation to how this all works.

And what does that say about the Slytherin team?

Congratulations on winning, anyhow. I heard it was a good match.

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sechsundzwanzig; thursday, january 1st, 1998. [posted on April the 10th]
Finch-Fletchley, I swear to Merlin, you're going to be the first person sent to Azkaban and sentenced to the Dementor's kiss for sexual harassment, if you don't stop being an absolute, perverted creep RIGHT. NOW.

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fünfundzwanzig; thursday, december 25th, 1997. [posted on April the 3rd]
Last night, I had this horrible dream where my daughter cut people's hair for a living. She was a hairstylist, and didn't even charge much for it. I'm never having kids if that's the future I have to put up with.

I hate christmas. It gives me nightmares.

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vierundzwanzig; tuesday, december 16th, 1997. [posted on March the 25th]

Who took my copy of Theories of Transubstantial Transfiguration? Give it back now.

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dreiundzwanzig; tuesday, december 9th, 1997. hexed against staff. [posted on March the 18th]
Merlin, Weasley. Even your boyfriend thinks you're a whore? That's... sad.

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zweiundzwanzig; friday, november 28th, 1997. backdated to an hour after breakfast. [posted on March the 7th]



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einundzwanzig; thursday, november 27th, 1997. [posted on March the 6th]

Whoever's staying over the holidays, anyway?

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zwanzig; friday, november 21st, 1997. [posted on February the 29th]

I don't think I'll be able to go to the game, which is a shame, really, because witnessing our victory would definitely improve my mood. In any case, good luck tomorrow and please, don't let Hufflepuff beat us.

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neunzehn; november 8, 1997 [posted on February the 16th]
I did not just miss going to Hogsmeade just to chase after a bloody box to then have the damn thing throw me across the room!


This headache and my back are killing me. Why is this potion taking so long to work?

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achtzehn; october 30th, 1997 after the meeting with prof. babbling; hexed against staff [posted on February the 7th]
Mr. Ravensdale is the oddest person I've ever met. Excluding Professor Trelawney, of course, but she has her own level of weirdness, so she hardly counts. He was rather entertaining, though pointless at times and I didn't really find his jokes to be all that funny. Specially since he guffawed every time he told one... that was quite unpleasant.

And boy, getting that man to shut up for even a second was quite the feat, but somehow I managed to get one question in. I was disappointed to learn that Italy is lovelier in the summer, but at least it isn't so bad during winter. Good thing, too, because if I'm going to spend my birthday there, I'd like to have a pleasant time.

And this assignment we're supposed to work with? Interesting doesn't begin to describe it. I'm actually a tad excited about this, now.




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siebzehn; friday, october 24th, 1997 [posted on February the 1st]
I hate free days and I hate having nothing to do. I'd really appreciate it if the professors held their meetings during the weekends from now on. Or at least give us something to do in the mean time.

Theodore, I'll trade you another book for another one of these boxes... these are halfway through already.
How are you enjoying the book so far, anyway?

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sechzehn; friday, october 17th, 1997 [posted on January the 26th]

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fünfzehn; friday, october 17th, 1997 [posted on January the 25th]
I am going to kill my room-mates, slowly and painfully and I am going to enjoy every bloody minute of it. I can't find my Arithmancy notes and I know one of you took them, misplaced them and now I reckon they must be buried somewhere in that mess you like to call your side of the room. Either way, I don't care, though I'm extremely concerned about whatever it is that's growing at the foot of your bed, Brocklehurst, but I would really like my notes back. Now. And new room-mates, naturally.

I don't know what it says about me, but even the boys' rooms are tidier than this. It's disgusting! This is the kind of things people should get detention for, not petty things like hexing Harper for being a prat.

So. Notes. Now. Thank you.


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vierzehn; monday, october 13th, 1997 [posted on January the 21st]
Oh, it's definitive. I've lost all faith in this school and those who manage it.

A Halloween Ball? How asinine. Try again, Hogwarts. Maybe invite Durmstrang to join us, once more. That'd spark my interest.

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dreizehn; saturday, october 11th, 1997 [posted on January the 20th]


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zwölf; monday, october 6th, 1997 [posted on January the 13th]
What's the point, really, of trying to help people if it gets you in trouble? In which universe does it make sense that I get detention for hexing Harper, if he was trying to beat up Stewart? And as if that weren't enough, she said she was disappointed in me. That's-

So, there goes my Wednesday night plans.

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elf; sunday, september 28, 1997 [posted on January the 11th]
When you bring someone else's sexual orientation up in an insult, you have certainly reached the ultimate low.

How highly hypocritical of you, Samuel Harper, to refer to Stewart as homosexual in a derogatory way, when you are out and about snogging the likes of Booth Huntington. And that's just to name one person. (A Hufflepuff, really? How desperate must you be.) What were you thinking, exactly? That you wouldn't be gay, as long as you kept your... deeds a "secret"? Well, there, the secret's out. What now? Merlin, you're so pathetic... and I really feel bad for your girlfriend.

I wasn't kidding when I said the damage would be worse if you didn't stop messing with Stewart and Dean. And that's not a threat, dear. Neither am I trying to scare you... just making sure you know so it doesn't take you by surprise.

Oh. And send my regards to Madam Pomfrey.


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zehn; saturday, september 26th, 1997; hexed against staff [posted on January the 6th]
I'm feeling a little bit gay right now. Am I the only one? I think it's the weather... such a lovely day, isn't it?

Speaking of... Sam, do you still need help with your Transfiguration homework? I've just finished doing some reading and got naught to do right now, so I wouldn't mind helping. Chilly weather makes me generous, you know. Doesn't last long, though, so you should take advantage.

And how amazing is it that Professor Babbling has a friend offering an apprenticeship on Curse Breaking, in Rome? I overheard her talking to some students after class was over and well, I didn't hesitate to show my interest, if only for the experience; I've never been to Rome! Except for that one time when I was like 3, but that hardly counts. Besides, Rome would be the perfect place to get started on that book I want to write, don't you think?

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neun; tuesday, september 23rd, 1997 [posted on January the 1st]
I'm appalled that the most excitement I can get when I'm bored is browsing through this journal. Not that kind of excitement, Mikey, get your head out of the gutter. But honestly, could this place get any more... boring? And for Merlin's sake, I wasn't kidding last time. I DON'T. WANT TO READ. ABOUT YOUR IDIOCY. No one cares about your sexual orientation, Samuel; get over yourself. I can see how a second year having a crush on you might be a big deal to you, Weasley, but it isn't as exciting for the rest of us... it's actually quite worrying. Granger, Macmillan... do shut up, please. You're bordering on annoying, now, and no one's paying attention anyway.

Wow, that felt good.
And before you start bickering away, I don't have the slightest interest on reading your opinions, so you might as well keep it to yourselves. Thank you.



When is Quidditch season starting, again? Things tend to liven up by then.

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