Kyle Copeland

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03:17 pm:

Full Name: Kyle Austin Copeland
Nickname(s): n/a
Hometown: Kingsville, Missouri
Age and birthday: turning 19, October 24th. Born in 1991.
House and Year: Beauregard, 11
Electives & Schedule: Electives: Flying, Muggle Studies, Art. Schedule is Here.
Wand: Spruce and Dragon Heartstring, nine inches, sturdy.
Boggart: His family, dead. He worries about his brother, Dustin, and his sister, Bobby-Jo, the most.
Patronus: When/if he manages one: Bull. Strong and powerful, it's something he'd want fighting on his side.
Animagus Form: (if applicable) If he ever gets there, it'd be a coonhound. Probably Blue Tick Hound.'s a bluetick, c'mon.
Religious Affiliation: Lutheran, but it doesn't affect him much. They haven't gone to church every Sunday since he was little, and he doesn't go out of his way to go. He still attends when his family feels like going, and on most major holidays.
Extracurricular activities: Quodpot, tight end/linebacker, or tackle. Muggle Sports club.

Parents: Adam and Chelsea Copeland
Siblings: Three older brothers- Brady, Dustin, Cody, and one younger sister, Bobby-Jo.
Extended Family: Various uncles, aunts, and cousins, found here and here.
Familiar: Rather old Screech Owl named Duke. 
Sexuality: Asexual: Homo-romantic and sexually indifferent. None of which he admits; He lives a heterosexual life.
Significant Others: Various girlfriends, all ending awkwardly after they realized it wasn't that he was a gentlemen, he just didn't wanna sleep with them.

PB: Kellan Lutz in Stick It
Detailed Description: He's a tall, stocky boy, with messy blonde-ish hair. He wears casual clothing, t-shirts and jeans and ratty old sneakers - He wears polo shirts if he's feeling fancy. He's also rarely seen without his nasty, dirty, ratty old baseball cap. He's got scars on both kneecaps, and various scars from his time at home where he rides bulls in the local rodeos. He's broken most of the bones in his body at least once.

He's built like your standard farm boy, tall and square, around six feet tall. He has muscles, but he doesn't really put lots of effort into bodybuilding; they're mucles formed from being an athletic boy who works hard for a living, not particularly defined or impressive, but strong.

Likes: Adrenaline rushes, pranks, hugging and cuddling, horseback riding, bull riding, belt buckles, barn smell, four wheelers, mudding, country music, and America.

Dislikes: Sissy boys, suits, foreign cars (except toyota), Lady Gaga, illegal immigrants, the Liberal Agenda, people who call rodeos cruel, showers.

Ridiculously loyal to his friends and especially his family. Vocally Conservative, while being a very laid-back, tolerant guy. Not always that bright, but in an endearing sort of way. Has the backwoods Missouri mumble down pat. Doesn't know if he'll ever graduate, but doesn't mind, really.

- Would never tell anyone about his sexuality: He isn't so sure about it himself. He's not sure /what/ is wrong with him, but he knows he's not a normal, straight boy, which is what his family would want him to be. It sort of scares him.

- Worships the ground his older brothers Cody and Dustin walk on. So much so, that he plans to follow Dustin into the military when he finally gets out of school. It's a muggle job, but he doesn't care. It's what he truly wants to do, but he hasn't told his parents yet, or many friends. He's a little scared, and he knows his mother would worry even more than she worries about Dustin. He fears that is she ever found out, she'd cry.

- He's not sure he wants to graduate. He's thought about dropping out a few times, but is worried about what that would do to the rest of his life. He knows he should be able to do better in school, he just doesn't know what's wrong.

-He keeps and wears all of his current and old prize belt buckles, even the muttonbusting ones. Not necessarily a secret, but something he'd be mortified about being teased about.

-One that he's not entirely aware of himself is that he's actually learning disabled. All of the practical components of school he can master, but when it comes to tests and essays he can't seem to put words to page, or remember his lessons. If he did know, though, he wouldn't share - He'd prefer to plow through his problems rather than admit they exist.

What’s in your characters pockets?
Cigarettes, a lighter, his wand, bits of lint... sometimes a wrench, a pocket knife.

Strengths: Courageous, loyal, kind, and generally friendly to most people. He talks big and throws a good punch in the name of his principles, but he's generally a tolerant guy. Has a good sense of humor and boundless optimism, even if he's without something to back it up.

Weaknesses: He's, well... not bright. He's a little academically behind, to put it nicely. He's also a little slow on the uptake. He has problems taking things seriously. He gets into trouble, a lot.

Strongest subject in school:
Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. He's terrible at papers and theories and tests, but when it comes to practical, actual spells, he does well.

Weakest subject in school:
Potions. All essays, theories, and mixtures- it falls right out of his head.

One thing he/she can't live without:
Very possibly hugs, but if you ask him, it's his lighter. Fire makes the world go 'round.

Detailed personality:

Kyle is, in many ways, a stereotypical hick. He likes adrenaline rushes, rodeos, barbecue and beer. He's loud, proud, and a stubborn jackass. He's happily spent a day watching Nascar, and goes hunting with his brothers. He's got a wicked streak a mile wide, and loves playing pranks (Some worse than others) and breaking rules, which is a true family trait.

Kyle can also be kind, to his friends, family, and especially girls (especially if they're crying.) He's polite when he feels like it, remembering his yes sir's and no ma'am's. He's loyal to his friends, and would gladly die for any of them, no matter how stupid the cause is. He loves his friends, and always wants to be the best friend he can be.

He's Conservative, patriotic, and a bit of a homophobe in the way most straight teenage boys are. He uses 'gay' for stupid, and will call someone a faggot if they're pissing him off. He even says 'no homo' when he gets affectionate with other boys (Which happens often). Despite all this, he isn't a bad person, and he can't give a concrete reason for his mild homophobia, and never really expects to need one. It's the same reason he's slightly  racist, especially against hispanic people, and believes that everyone should own a gun. He's against immigration, and believes that illegal immigrants are driving natural-born Americans out of their jobs, but he thinks about it in a sort of internal, background noise way. He doesn't think it immediately when he sees any foreign person, not even those of Hispanic descent. He doesn't outright hate anyone, and often forgets about these views when applied to his daily life, when he doesn't realize it's actually applicable. He just has his own solid, conservative viewpoints. It's how he's been raised, and it's all just learned behavior. Going to school around such varied people so far from home has toned down some of his views, but it hasn't really changed them. He doesn't think of them as people who are even involved in his political viewpoints, just as his friends and schoolmates.

He's a conflicted boy, especially because his sexuality isn't what he expects to be the norm. He's not always the macho boy he's expected to be, which terrifies him (into never showing it). He likes hugs, and physical contact, and pursues it from girls (Though he'd like to hug boys more). He wants to be macho, though, so he knows he's not supposed to be quite so cuddly, or so indifferent to girls. (Though boobs are awesome. Not for any sexual reason, mostly because they're soft and squishy and make good pillows.)

He has grown up in the shadow of his three brothers, and all of them have left their mark on him. He learned the best of his pranks from his oldest brother, Brady. Dustin instilled in him a strong desire to serve his country and join the army. Cody taught him to stand up for himself, as well, and to take shit from no one. It's his little sister, Bobby-Jo, who taught him to care about people and take care of them. His family means so much to him, and he'd do anything for all of them-- though he and Brady are not on the best of terms.

Personal History:

Kyle is the fourth of five children. He has three older brothers, and one younger sister. His three older siblings attended school for various lengths of time in the school up in North Dakota, but constant pranks, vandalizations, suspensions, and general rulebreaking caused the school to "politely suggest" that the family send their children elsewhere after Brady finished school. After that, all of the kids finished and/or continued their schooling at CCI, instead.

His parents are down home country folk, focused more on the happiness and health of their children than stellar schoolwork. While Chelsea, their mother, wishes for her children to have the best chances in life that they can get, their father Adam is more focused on the kids being able to survive on their own - by any means possible. He taught them to fly their brooms, and to fire a shotgun, and how to skin a deer, both with magic and without. Adam wanted to instill a sense of independence and self-confidence in all of his children, both he and Chelsea always informing the kids that as long as they were happy in life, their parents would be happy as well.

Kyle grew up in a large, tightly knit family unit, and is very close to several of his cousins, both around his age and the ones that are older/younger. He also grew up in an entirely wizarding family, despite their focus on muggle things. In rural areas, it paid to be familiar with both, or else people thought you were plain strange, or dangerous. Kyle grew up learning to drive a tractor just as much as learning to fly a broom.

When Kyle started school, Cody was still attending; his brother took him under his wing and took care of him when they ran into each other. Cody helped him learn how to win a fistfight and to stand up for himself, and Kyle has always respected and loved him for it. Cody is, by far, his favorite older brother. When Cody left school, Kyle struggled to keep up and failed.

Kyle is currently still struggling, for all he tries to grasp concepts, but one thing he doesn't struggle with is friends. He smiles a lot and laughs more, and is friendly with a large number of people, despite his age gap and failure to move up in classes. Sometimes his school problems make him feel insecure, and he knows quite a few people probably consider him an idiot, but he tries to put it behind him and move on. With his sister now attending CCI, he focuses on caring for her like Cody did for him, and tries not to let his grades bother him.

RP Sample:

Kyle was chainsmoking by the back outside wall of his dorm. It had been a bad day in class, where he could, as always, wave his wand around with the best of them and then had been asked a simple question and completely tanked on the answer. No one had laughed, at least, and the teachers didn't really scold him anymore. They just looked at him with that sad, pathetic, "What-can-we-do-with-you" look. It sure as hell wasn't encouraging, and about all he felt like doing was sitting and moping about it.

Which, granted, wasn't really helpful. He should be studying and trying to remember things, but no matter what it all slid out of his head like water in a colander. He was, as his brothers put it, truly and royally fucked. Maybe he could get Bobby-Jo to write his essays-- But he doubted the teachers would buy that. But then, they also might just want to get rid of him that badly...

Well, it'd take some thought, anyway. Thought wasn't his strong point. Smoking was good, though, so he'd do more of that.

Other Stuff:

Plot ideas?
I'm just still lovin' the Fail FREEDOM FIGHTERS~ idea. I don't know precisely what to /do/ with it, but I know Rufio-pup would be in it~

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