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Full Name: Kashu Sedalia
Nickname(s): Peanut (from her dad), Kass, Nut, midget.
Age and birthday: 14 , 3/12/1996
House and Year: 9th, Lalaurie
Electives & Schedule: (Please visit our electives list to help in making your character's schedule)
Wand: Mahogany, Billywig Stinger
Boggart: Fire. The whole room slowly burning down and closing in on her.
Patronus: St. Bernard. She's always adored the stories about them saving people in avalanches and things. Also, Beethoven? Awesome dog.
Animagus Form: When/if she gets one: Macaw. Loud, colorful, and obnoxious, this bird would symbolize Kashu even if it wasn't also the mascot of her father's original Quidditch team.
Religious Affiliation: Used to go to a church, a long time ago, maybe?
Extracurricular activities: Quidditch reserve team Seeker.
Parents: Mother, Prudence Gibson. Father, Oliver Sedalia. Mom was a quidditch groupie, and daddy was making bad choices at the time. And from all that comes Kashu. Dad's the one with custody, now. Kashu prefers it that way, infinitely.
Siblings: Four half-siblings! Lucky, Rose, Minnie, and Red. She loves 'em all.
Extended Family: Oh let's not even go there. She's related to half of the New Zealand Quidditch team, if not all by blood.
Familiar: Ragdoll cat named Ralph. (Or, affectionately, Fucking Huge Ralph. ...Her dad does not know that.)
Sexuality: In development. She's pretty sure girls are cooler than boys, and would like to go ahead and make the statement that ya'll should lock up your daughters, sisters, and wives, but -- Well, she's got no personal experience to back that up, so we'll just have to wait and see.
Significant Others: None, really. She's fourteen!

PB: Mandy Ingber from...god knows what. Something in the 90s/80s.
Detailed Description: Kashu is...well. She's on the short side, around 5'4" or  5'5", and rather tiny in general. Don't let that fool you, though. She's an ectomorph, not a skinny bitch, and girl's got some power in those little arms. She's got to -- dad's a professional Quidditch player, and Kashu's been training with him since she was old enough to sit on a broom. Not that it's curbed her girly girl tendencies. Sometimes it shows through, especially in her terrible, terrible fashion sense. Anything that's brightly colored is fair game, and definitely pounced on if it involves patterns or peacocks, her favorite animal. She matches thing by color, if not by print, and likes flow-y shirts and acid-wash jeans. She's a walking 80's fashion disaster, especially with her crazy, curly, /big/ hair. And the weird variety of hats she jams onto it to keep it under control.

Facially, she looks a lot like dad: Big nose, interesting eyebrows, and dark features. She likes that, because she's not a big fan of her mom. Lord knows where she got her fashion sense; you'd think with a Model mother and a Quidditch dad she'd have better sense.

Likes: Quidditch, cats, bright colors, peacocks, pranks, her dad, kicking ass, clothes that swish, sneakers, matching, her siblings, bangles, hats, being bossy
Dislikes: Studying, boats, her mom, the word "no", groupies, paparazzi, spinach, being grounded, not having a car.
Quirks: Likes to pull pranks and scheme. Once covered her dad's favorite chair in fake spiders to scare him. He shrieked and nearly wound up on top of the book case. She was grounded for two weeks.

+Kashu hates her mom. Really does. She's happier not speaking to her, and never really plans on it. She does adore her siblings, though, and will put up with Prudence's presence because of it.
+She loves quidditch and loves her dad, but isn't always sure it's what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Considering the family she's part of, that's not a good thing.
+ She drools in her sleep. She avoids falling asleep in class, because she does NOT want anyone to find out.
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Strengths: Clever, can-do attitude, won't take no for an answer, good leadership skills (usually). Strong, physically, and fast.
Weaknesses: Bullheaded, vain, tends to get ahead of herself in pranks. Doesn't always think things through, and can be so irritatingly fourteen and arrogant no one wants to talk to her.
Strongest subject in school: Potions
Weakest subject in school: Charms, Care of Magical Creatures (She's been bitten three times this year)
One thing he/she can't live without: Her dad. All material cares aside, she really adores her father and everything he does for her and what he means to her. She wouldn't have her life any other way.

Detailed personality: Kashu's young, still. She's brassy and brazen, in the wild must-prove-myself way young teenagers sometimes have. She's happy, but can be bitchy, snippy, and generally irritable. She puts herself on a higher plane than other people, not because of who her father is, but because she believes in her own abilities and the way she'll improve and rise up. It makes her a little bossy, and more than a little arrogant, but when push comes to shove she's kind. Ish.

She does honestly believe in her Quidditch abilities. THAT, she believes is in her blood. And her Quidditch blood is the purest it comes, baby. Her daddy's Oliver Sedalia, former Seeker for the New Zealand Moutohora Macaws, and current Seeker for the Sweetwater All-Stars. She's going to be a Seeker, as well, she's fair to determined. She loves her dad and loves the game, and leaves no room in her life for failure.

She's a bit of a prankster, and likes to put together wild schemes and has a bit of an interest in matchmaking (especially when it comes to her dad.). It can get her into trouble some -- well, quite a bit -- of the time. It's one of her favorite hobbies, though, and she's not gonna give that up any time soon.

She's willful, loud, outgoing, and prideful. She's in this school and this world to leave her mark, and ain't nobody gonna stop her.

Personal History:
Kashu's mother is a model and a Quidditch groupie, and has kids by at least half of the New Zealand and Australia teams. Hey, she's a big fan. Kashu didn't really grow up in a house with her four half-siblings -- While her mother retained custody, largely uncontested, of them, Kashu's father Oliver fought for and won custody of his daughter a few weeks after her first birthday.

She returned to visit her siblings for holidays and often on weekends, and during the summer for full weeks and months at a time, but the bulk of her youth growing up was spent with her father, in Texas. She's fond of all of her siblings, even if she finds their mother to be flighty, irritating, and just plain stupid sometimes. It's not like it's <i>their</i> fault. She also has a fairly good relationship with her grandparents, when she sees them. She's interacted and hung out with a few of the other kid's dads, but really, she's a Daddy's Girl through and through.

Oliver started teaching her on a broom when she was seven. He didn't want to force her into a sport, or a position, but when she expressed an interest in Quidditch he couldn't have been happier. He taught her flying, and played catch with her, and she followed him around like a tiny shadow in tulle and cowboy boots. She's his pride and joy, and he's everything she ever wanted or needed in a dad.

When the letter came from CCI, they celebrated together (At a Chuck E. Cheese's) and he toted her around so he could brag to all of his teammates about his wonderful daughter. When she was sorted into Lalaurie house, he bought her a peacock feather pendant; The peacock has been her favorite animal ever since.

She powered her way through school, studying hard and practicing Quidditch harder. She was determined to make the school team, get scouted, and to go play for her father's old team, the one her mother had ruined for him -- The Moutohora Macaws.

When she did make the reserve team, her father was ecstatic. More presents came, as did a night on the town and a one-on-one play session between father and daughter. She's so happy to make him proud, and determined that as one of the best, she'll play the best and make every one of her -- and his -- dreams come true.

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Other Stuff:
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