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[30 Mar 2012|11:42pm]

The son of the space pirate Nebula and the great-grandson of Thanos, Galaxar's ambitions are decidedly less than those of the rest of his family. He desires no galactic conquest, no supreme power over all of creation, not even revenge against the heroes of Earth or the families of Mar-Vell or Adam Warlock. Instead, all he desires his money and the petty power that comes from other criminal activities.

Galaxar is the absolute ruler of the mobile planet called War World, a combination battleship, casino, and gladiator arena. A large percentage of the criminal enterprises in the Milky Way galaxy go through him, making him one of the most powerful underworld figures in space.

Powers:Galaxar possesses strength and durability on par with a Titanian Eternal, despite having had his genetic line filtered. In addition, he possesses the ability to direct thermal energy beams through his eyes. Galaxar is a skilled gladiator and criminal mastermind.



Min-Dee is a research scientist on Knowhere, specializing in weapons development. She has designed energy weapons, projectile weapons, and everything in-between, as well as the subspace array that enables Red to store and access his vast arsenal of guns and gear. Coming from a planet that deifies small, furry, adorable animals, she is more than happy to trade Red guns and munitions for tummy rubs.
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test scene [26 Jan 2011|11:05pm]
It was supposed to have a been a peace talk.  Apparently however, no one had told that to the two invited species.  Insults had been thrown, weapons had been drawn, and practically before anyone could blink, a full-scale firefight had broken out.  Several people were already dead and the violence was only escalating.

Fortunately, security representatives from Knowhere were on the job.

Unfortunately, those representatives were Alex Quill and "Rocket" Red Panda.

The furrier of the two surveyed the carnage with a gleam in his eye.  "And you were worried this was going to be boring!"
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App [24 Jan 2011|03:46pm]

Player (nickname, handle)/ LJ: Dylan
Email: on-file
AIM (if you have one): on-file

Character Name: “Rocket” Red Panda
Character LJ (if applicable):
Physical description (face, build, weight): Red is an anthropomorphic red panda, standing approximately three and a half feet tall (four feet long total with tail).
Age:  2 (equivalent to his late teens)
Birthday: Equivalent to June 14
Abilities: Red possesses an enhanced sense of smell and hearing.  He possesses an almost innate talent for understanding weapons and technology.  If it shoots or goes boom, he can figure it out.  He also makes use of a rocket-powered hoverboard.  He’s quite good at climbing and getting into small spaces, as well as holding guns significantly bigger than he is.
Weaknesses and flaws: Red is small and relatively vulnerable compared to the other Guardians.  He is extremely impulsive.
Character location/Home: Halfworld, Space
Alignment (villain, hero etc): Hero
Relatives (living/dead?): N/A

Backstory: Red is a native of the planet Halfworld, whose genetically altered animal inhabitants serve as the caretakers for the patients there.   Red’s life was fairly normal, in as much as the word can be applied there, and he eventually entered training to become a protector for the colony.  He showed an especial proficiency with weapons (although he also blew himself up a few times).


Seeing that his… enthusiasm was a bit much for their little world, the planetary council arranged to have him shipped off planet, ostensibly for “training” but really to get him off the planet before he accidentally blew them all up tinker with bombs or something of the like.


Red is not a bad person, by any stretch of the imagination.  He’s just overly friendly, extremely enthusiastic, and perhaps has just a bit of an ego as well.  A great guy, but one most people can only handle in extremely small does.


From there, he’s bounced from place to place, settling down just long enough to hook up with the new generation of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

How do you plan to introduce the character to the game?:  However the Guardians of the Galaxy form.
What are you planning to do with this character?: Space stuff. 
What do you want to see happen with this character?: Rocket Red Panda is definitely more a supportive, not-quite comedy relief type.  I liken him to the absolute over the top enthusiasm of the new Rocket Red in JL: Generation Lost or a less megalomanial Invader Zim.
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