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App (for archival purposes) [23 Jan 2020|08:26pm]

Shelly Drumm

Player (nickname, handle)/ LJ: Nix
AIM (if you have one): BlackInkedWords
Character Name: Shelly Drumm
Character LJ (if applicable): blackmagicwoman
Physical description (face, build, weight): 6' tall, slender, graceful, piercing eyes
Age: 25
Birthday: November 1
PB: (If using one.) Zoe Saldana
Abilities: possesses numerous mystical and quasi-physical powers derived from the loa, the spirit-gods of voodoo. Additionally, is a necromancer. Dead sexy.
Weaknesses and flaws: She's human. Human frailties.
Character location/Home: Haiti
Alignment (villain, hero etc): Hmm. That's complicated
Relatives (living/dead?): Jericho Drumm (father) unnamed mother
Backstory: The only child of Jericho Drumm and an unnamed lover, Shelly grew up learning her father's arts and magic and has come to carry on the family's mystical tradition with her own bent: she is a necromancer. Most of her actual history is shrouded in mystery, which lends to the air of mystery that seems to surround her. She's intoxicating and dangerous...and sometimes both at the same time.
How do you plan to introduce the character to the game?: Still not sure on that but it is likely going to involve causing trouble.
What are you planning to do with this character? Explore the horror-mystical side of Marvel.
What do you want to see happen with this character?: Be awesome and fearsome.
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App (for archival purposes) [23 Jan 2020|10:24pm]

Kassia Grace McKenzie-Frost

Player (nickname, handle)/ LJ: Nix


AIM (if you have one): BlackInkedWords

Character Name: Kassia Grace Emma Frost McKenzie

Character LJ (if applicable): little_mermaid

Physical description (face, build, weight): Grace (Kassia) is petite (5'3") and slim-framed. She has the body of a swimmer in that she is graceful and well-toned. Her eyes are a blue-green color not unlike the ocean and her hairis a medium brown in color, long with some natural wave and curl to it. She's very pretty with an animated smile. Additionally she has small wings her ankles.

Age: 17

Birthday: April 13

PB: (If using one.) Michelle Trachtenberg

Abilities: ability to breathe underwater, flight, telepathic interference/relay (essentially she can serve as a living communicator for the thoughts of those around her as well as use the same ability to keep outsiders OUT) enhanced strength and durability. She has also recently demonstrated the ability to heal damage caused by other telepaths, namely her mother.

Weaknesses and flaws: She is prone to migraines and while she does have enhanced durability, she can be injured and is not unbreakable. She is also an environmentalist with a strong passion for protecting the ocean.

Character location/Home: TBD--permanent address is Boston.

Alignment (villain, hero etc): Independent for now, heroically inclined.

Relatives (living/dead?): Namor McKenzie (father), Emma Frost (mother), Christina Frost (half sister), Marrina McKenzie (half sister)

Backstory: Grace was conceived during the brief, no strings attached relationship Emma Frost had with Namor McKenzie. Namor named his daughter Kassia and for four years was a dominant figure in her life. Despite not being able to claim her due to how soon she was born after the death of his wife, Kassia grew up at a beach house where her father had daily visits and was even taken to Atlantis in secret one time. Kassia was very fond of her father, subjecting him to tea parties and cookies whilst begging for a pet kraken. Her happy childhood was short-lived, however, when her mother began a relationship with Sebastian Shaw. Namor gave Emma an ultimatum, demanding that his child not be around Shaw and Emma retaliated by taking Kassia away and wiping Namor's memory of the little girl. Emma took Kassia to England (and later Boston) where she renamed her Grace and for a time raised her with Sebastian Shaw. Grace hated Shaw, missed the ocean, and never forgot her father or Atlantis. She quietly bided her time, waiting for a day when she could some day go home.

How do you plan to introduce the character to the game?: Once she is reunited with Namor, Grace will be placed in the care/company of her sovereign and half-sister Marrina.

What are you planning to do with this character? Bring some sunshine to the game! More seriously, so many Marvel kids have great sadness as part of who they are. I think it would be interesting to introduce a character who is, by and large, well-adjusted, happy, and truly interested in bridging the gap between humans and mutants.

What do you want to see happen with this character?: I don't know, actually. I kind of want to see her out of the box to see where the day takes her.
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App (for archival purposes) [23 Jan 2020|10:22pm]

Christina Frost

Player (nickname, handle)/ LJ: Nix
AIM (if you have one): BlackInkedWords
Character Name: Christina Frost
Character LJ (if applicable): whosperfectnow
Physical description (face, build, weight): five-feet-eight, slim athletic build, light brown hair, hazel eyes, excellent posture. She has a pretty but intense face, particularly when she's focused on something or angry. Can be a slight bit intimidating.
Age: 20
Birthday: December 13th
PB: (If using one.) Nikki Reed
Abilities: Telepathy and technopathy. Limited diamond form.
Weaknesses and flaws: She is both arrogant and insecure at the same time, which often leads to her not playing well with others. She has something of a chip on her shoulder and never quite feels good enough even though she always acts like she thinks she's better than everyone else. Power-wise, she can't control her diamond form. It pops up whenever it wants to and not always when it's needed. She's also impatient and tends to use her telepathy to get what she wants in a conversation instead of waiting for it to be offered more naturally.
Character location/Home: Transient, presently New York City
Alignment (villain, hero etc): undecided, though she longs to be a hero.
Relatives (living/dead?): Emma Frost (mother). She has no knowledge of her father or if she has other relatives outside of Emma. She's lead a sheltered life.
Backstory: (Note: I am basing this off of the Wiki where I read that Emma left Xavier's after recovering. If I am reading things correctly, she went back to the Massachusetts Academy to teach Generation X. If I am missing something, please let me know and I will gladly switch stuff up.) Christina, also known as Chris, has lived her entire life in Massachusetts at the Massachusetts Academy. She grew up being educated and trained with other mutants but few knew she was actually Frost's daughter. Emma never openly acknowledged the girl and was particularly tough on her. Having expressed uncommonly precise technopathy from an early age, Christina chose to leave Massachusetts at age 18 to go to New York and pursue a "mainstream" education involving computers and technology. However two years in, the young woman found it impossible to reconcile her upbringing and training with being a "normal human" and dropped out of school. Depressed, she was contemplating suicide when the events in Central Park ocurred. This changed her outlook on life and gave her a sense of purpose and a plan.
How do you plan to introduce the character to the game?: Chris will approach the X-Men and offer them her help.
What are you planning to do with this character? Attempt to join the X-Men, be badass.
What do you want to see happen with this character?: I'd like to see Chris come into her own as a mutant and as a person, to find herself outside of the shadow of her mother.

Sample post:

She had recorded the news coverage of Central Park events and hadn't stopped watching them. Her mother had called twice, but Chris had let each call go to voicemail and since Emma couldn't get into her head (funny quirk, that--the White Queen couldn't touch her own daughter's mind) Chris was left only with the images and sounds on the television screen. The giant citadel, the robotic horses, the carnage. Apocalypse and his Riders were gone, but for how long? Certainly this was the start of something.

She clicked off the television and paced the living room, hands in her hair. She'd left her mother to get away from all of this nonsense, of mutants and battles and saving the day bullshit or whatever it was her mother had wanted her to do. With Emma, she was never quite sure. The "real world" hadn't proven any better, though and idly she glanced at the coffee table and the bottles of pills neatly lined up, untouched and waiting for her. Suddenly it didn't seem like the right answer anymore, but what she'd seen on television did.

"Damnit," she whispered to herself as she grabbed her jacket and keys. There was no denying destiny at this point and as she got into her car it wasn't Massachusetts she was heading for; it was the X-Men.
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