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Sitting Alone


July 14th, 2009

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Piercing Stare
Despite the fact that my appointments look booked, they're not. I can guarantee half of them will cancel or I'll kick them out of the studio without them even getting to fill out the permission sheets. It's going to be another boring week, or a hellish one depending on how many people I have to yell at.


At least I got in some lighting tests before the day wore out. But I need more test subjects. Anyone will do.

Front, marginal diffusion. White wash, no color. *

"Natural side-lighting," general wash, no color. *

Strong diffusion, sidelight. Spotlight. No color. *

[* = all images belong to their photographers from flickr and are not of my own, or Sakon's creation.]

July 13th, 2009


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Sitting Alone
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CALL: for whatever.
TEXT: if you're too lazy to call.
VOICEMAIL: "Sakon. Leave a message." Beep.

Those worthy

June 30th, 2009

OOC; Bio

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Sitting Alone
LJ Username: Livejournal: my-hanzatsu
Age: 19
AIM Screename: meagnstxthemusic

Character's Name: Sakon
Character's Age: 22
Character's Model: Kamijo
Year in School: Junior
Major / Minor: Majoring in photography
Clubs / Activities / Job?: Photography club (if he has the time)

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