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December 23rd, 2011


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teasing, coy
(December 23, 1998)

[For All]

Has everyone finished their Christmas shopping yet?

Think you'll be on Santa's nice or naughty list?

I have an extra lump of coal for anyone who needs it!

December 21st, 2011

Journal Entry

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(December 21, 1998)


It was fun seeing you again after all these years. I'll even forgive you for nicking a few of my chips at lunch. Please do remember to say hello to your mother for me.

[Entry to Everyone]

I am very pleased to report that the fish and chips at the Leaky Cauldron are still as good as they were five years ago. I know I'm being silly, but I even took a picture of my meal:


Needless to say, it was very delicious.

I understand through the grapevine that there is a Quidditch Competition being held after the holidays. It sounds like a good time. Who will all be there?

December 20th, 2011

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(December 20, 1998)

Mum; Dad,

Thanks for sending me one of these new journals. I do believe that you are right in that it will be a quick and easy form of communication while I’m here in Wales.

Dad, I know you said that I shouldn’t be too disappointed by not receiving that position in Hebrides but it still pisses me off annoys me. I’ve missed you and Mum so much over the past five years, and really counted on being home.

However, I’ve been welcomed very nicely by the Head Keeper and so far every one else has been friendly and helpful as I become more situated here. So, Mum, please don’t worry too much and, yes, I have plenty of clean socks.

I don’t know if I’ll reconnect with any one from school days, but I have found a few former Ravenclaws writing in these journals. It would be fun to grab a cup of tea with one of them.

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