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001 :: New beginnings. [07 Jan 2008|05:18am]
[ music | Queen - Jazz album ]

LMAO so if I have any of you on LJ, you'll have read this already. For those who haven't... uh, well, yay, something new for you to read!

Introduction posts are hardly necessary when you know everyone on your friends list, but seeing as it's my first entry in a new journal, I'll go ahead with it anyway. From here on out, all my entries will be friends only so I suppose this is an opportunity for anyone who may want to get to know me to, well, get to know me.

I'm Beth, known on most servers and all journal sites but LJ as poorlilrockstar. Poor Li'l Rock Star is the title of Canadian musician J. Englishman's first and only album, but I loved it so much that I've been swiping the name for nearly eight years. It occasionally gives off the impression that I'm emo or scene, which is really not the case. I've never been able to properly label myself and I suppose that's a good thing, no?

On LJ, I go by "feemtoon." What is "feem toon" exactly? There's a hilarious show you all should be watching called Little Britain. You can catch skits of it on youtube. I will explain no further, but if you watch any of the Dennis Waterman skits, you'll understand.

I'm 21 and love Irish pubs. I don't like clubs which may or may not have to dow ith the fact that I can't dance, but I prefer uncrowded bars with friends and I taking over the jukebox. Jukebox favorites include The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Queen, David Bowie, Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys, and Scissor Sisters.

New York City is my current home. I was born and raised just north of Pittsburgh, which was okay, and then went to college in Pittsburgh and got my first apartment in the city, which was the worst idea in the world. After about nine months of horrible events I needed a quick fix and somehow thought moving to New York would do it. ...And it did.

I work in Times Square where the tourists buzz like a bad infestation. My coworkers have become some of my best friends and roommates and for the most part I'm happy. Everyone has their down days but I've come a long way since leaving college and it'll be nice to put it all behind me with a new journal.

The only reason I have a job at all is because I don't make money off my real passion: writing. I know, 75% of the online journaling world wants to be writers. Most of my story ideas will go here or in a writing journal, I haven't decided yet. But it's the only thing I've been truly happy doing after considering dozens of other career paths.

Greatestjournal was my home for about five years after I abandoned LJ in 2003, but it seems the glitz of GJ has faded and it has nearly bit the dust. I created some journals here after hearing about it from [info]thekillers, and was like "LOOK AT ALL THESE NAMES THAT AREN'T TAKEN!" Ahem. So if you want to read the ramblings of an eccentric girl who loves the shit out of writing memes, classic rock, drunk dialing, obscenities, roleplaying, and caps lock, then we're in business. If not? Well, fuck you too.

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