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Marching ever onward.
The weather this winter was so bad that even getting back to her little town in Michigan had been a challenge. Summer had been stuck in an airport overnight on her way in. It had turned into a long, miserable trek on top of being one that she had never planned to make again, if she could help it. Of course, death hadn't really been figured into her plans and it had a way of derailing things handily.

An accident, the officer who called her had said. Freak accident. She was well versed in all things 'freak' or so she had thought, but this one had still managed to catch her by surprise. What surprised her more was that the news actually hurt. She had never been close to her parents. She didn't hate them... they were just a vague part of her past that she didn't bother too much with once she reached adulthood. In her mind, they lived in two different worlds even before Summer ever dared utter the word 'mutant' while speaking of herself. Still, the loss was... surprisingly hard.

After the services and once her parents' accounts were all settled, she was amazed to find a small inheritance left for her. It was not much, just maybe enough to buy a small house somewhere, but it was a sign they had thought of her over the years. That revelation had made the trip that much worse. Now, she had guilt to contend with as well as the sadness. It was what had kept her there in that tiny little, one horse town for several months. It never seemed to be the right day to get up and walk away again.

She couldn't stay forever, nor did she want to. Maybe her first departure from her parents' home had been made too soon, but this one was past time. Lingering would only make things harder for herself, and herself was all she had left to care for. There was something freeing in that thought, even though it still made her sad. No family, no home, no real friends, no career... and no limits. It was a trade off, but it was one she thought she could handle. This time.


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Application post. :)
Player (nickname, handle)/ LJ: Melanie
Email: miles.ahead.of.me [at] gmail.com
AIM (if you have one): MilesAheadOfMe
Character Name: Summer Morgan
Character LJ (if applicable): rabbitfromahat
Physical description (face, build, weight): 5'6", 125 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, athletic build
Age: 23
PB: Jennifer Ellison
Abilities: Low level telepathy and illusion projection. She can produce incredibly realistic illusions and uses her low-level telepathy to make them even more believable in her magic show. Make fire "feel" hot, ice "feel" cold, etc. She also uses this combination to perform seances in her magic show, pulling images of the deceased from her clients minds and projecting the images as manifestations.

She also knows the stock magic trick set. Card tricks, juggling, knife throwing, sawing people in half, etc.
Weaknesses and flaws: She's had no formal training with her powers. Everything she knows, she learned by trial and error. Her illusions are fairly effortless, but she must use a lot of energy and concentration to use her telepathy to make them believable (mostly the tactile ones that should have heat, scent, etc.) unless it is an illusion/telepathy combination she's had a lot of practice with like the ones she uses in her act. She's also a little bit reckless.
Character location/Home: Travels with a magic show. Is staying in New York for the time being.
Alignment (villain, hero etc): Neutral, but mostly inclined to good.
Relatives (living/dead?): Heather Morgan (mother, living), Donald Morgan (father, living), Christopher Sharpe (partner, living)
Backstory: The Morgans never thought, when they welcomed their little girl into the world, that she would ever be anything beyond the special and unique that every parents thought of their new baby. Summer experienced a relatively normal childhood growing up in the chilly winters of Northern Michigan.

But, as she got older, strange things began happening around their little girl. They began seeing things that simply couldn't be there. Fires would appear and blaze hot only to vanish seconds later, leaving no trace of heat behind. Animals charged through their apartment living room, paws and hooves thundering to shake the floor, before disappearing. Summer was always nearby looking just a little too self-satisfied. Not a "bad child", Summer still managed to be a handful for her parents over the years. Her practical joking nature often led her to trouble.

Just days after graduating high school (not without incident), Summer attended a carnival at the local fairgrounds. It was every bit a run of the mill traveling show. Most of the attendees showed varying degrees of boredom. Until the magic show. The magician, a man named Christopher Sharpe schilling poor imitations of Copperfield like tricks, went through all of the usual motions but found the results much changed that day. When he pulled his white rabbit out of a top hat, a dozen rabbits emerged and bounced all throughout the audience, into laps, over feet, under chairs... until they all paused at once and vanished into puffs of multicolored smoke. "Real" fire shot from the tip of his wand and rain clouds burst over the stage to put it out and when the clouds vanished, the stage was dry again.

Baffled but delighted, he caught Summer's eye as she sat laughing in the front row. She was clearly enjoying every moment of the show and not surprised in the least at what she was seeing. He knew, in that moment, that she was his ticket out of the run down show and into something bigger.

They left her home town that weekend and set out on the road with their own show. At first, he took the stage alone with Summer in the wings casting the illusions to delight the audience. Eventually, she talked her way onto the stage herself. Her pretty face and flare for drama brought in even more money than his initial show idea had and so Christopher retired to run the business aspect of the show while Summer performed under the stage name Morgaine.

After five years of non-stop travel and magic tricks, Summer has begun to think that, perhaps there might be more to life. She also thinks that Christopher might not be so quick to let his meal ticket go.
How do you plan to introduce the character to the game?: Her traveling show will make a stop in the city.
What are you planning to do with this character? What do you want to see happen with this character?: I'd like to see her learn to develop her powers more effectively and possibly get involved with the X-Men side of things. Probably in some kind of back-up manner.
Sample post:

The house was packed and the crowd was enthralled. Summer was working her magic on them in every sense of the word. She'd charmed them with her jokes and pretty smile, and she'd wowed them with her illusions. There was not a bored face in the bunch as she went through her routine.

She was on a roll.

"For my final trick, I'll need a volunteer from the audience." She beamed a dazzling smile as she looked over the various hands raised. Someone sturdy looking and just a touch skeptical... that college boy with the sports jersey in the back. He'd do nicely.

She pointed and he surged to his feet, paused a moment to slap high fives with the similarly jersey'd boys at his table, and then made his way to the stage while his compatriots hooted and hollered their encouragement. Summer stood with a bland smile plastered on her face as she watched him approach. So easy.

"What's your name, friend?" She gestured wide to the audience to indicate he should speak loudly so the room could hear. And speak loud he did. Brash and mildly intoxicated, the young man roared that his name was Freddie and then howled a cheer for his football team.

So very easy.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid Freddie will be absent from your next ball game." She gave the audience an exaggerated, pouty, sad face as she stepped over to her magical equipment and picked up a length of opaque, black silk about the size of a bed sheet. She held it up in front of her face, veil-like, for a moment before lowering it to show her 1,000 watt smile had returned.

"Because, you see, I'm about to set him on fire."

The audience roared and cheered while Freddie at least had the good sense to look a little unsure. She smiled at him as she stood beside him holding the silk in two hands. After a moment, a drum roll was played over the speakers and the crowd quieted.

"The old ones are the best ones, folks. Say it with me now: Abracadabra!" She and the crowd chanted the word together three times and on the third repetition, she swung the cloth with matador flair, covering Freddie from head to toe. A second later, she whipped it off again and Freddie appeared covered head to toe this time in crackling flames. He didn't have time to draw a panicked breath before Summer slung the cloth back over him, shouted the magic word once more, and then removed the cloth again just as quickly. The flames were gone.

The crowd that had been stunned into silence by the flames erupted into cheers as Freddie blinked in astonishment at his undamaged form. Summer took a bow and then blinked at Freddie in mock consternation.

"Oops!" She pointed and drew the audience's attention to Freddie's jersey, now sporting the opposing team's logo. Laughter rolled over the two of them on the stage as she shook her head. "Poor Freddie. Let me get that for you."

She swung the cloth once more, smirking just slightly when Freddie flinched, and then whipped it off again. The removal motion was so wide that the cloth moved from covering him to covering her. In the span of a breath, the cloth fell to a puddle on the floor. Freddie's shirt was returned to its original state and Summer was gone.
Summer Morgan
Name: Summer Morgan
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