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Male seeking caring young female: Is young, house broken, and has all vaccinations (plus experimental military ones). Can be shock collar trained. Must be picked up.

Case of the Mondays, Birthdays

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My original plan last night was to go to bed at a semi-decent time, and I was on my way... until a friend of mine started sending me messages on Facebook. It was fun, but she fell asleep slightly before I did, so I won 100 free internets. Sadly I didn't go to bed until 4am. Oops...

This is the week of birthdays apparently -- Maarten's is today and [info]morgan 's is Friday. I have both of their gifts picked out (not purchased though), thankfully, but the hard part is going to be convincing Morgan that I need her mailing address... and that I'm not some kind of stalker that'll peek through her window. I'd totally understand if she was reluctant to give that information up though. We'll see.

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