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Mmm, cookies

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Male seeking caring young female: Is young, house broken, and has all vaccinations (plus experimental military ones). Can be shock collar trained. Must be picked up.

Mmm, cookies

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I just got back from Lake Anna, some lake that feeds a local nuclear reactor... No, I'm not kidding. My manager's boss had a friend that let us (coworkers, myself, father, etc.) borrow some equipment (e.g. jet skis, tubes, etc.) to play with. And there I was thinking we were going to build sand castles :(.

I quickly hid my plastic bucket and shovel though. No one noticed.

Unfortunately, this place did not have Internets or cellular service, although it's odd my Mini Cooper's SIRIUS radio worked beautifully... Being detached from Mobile Facebook, I didn't get [info]morgan 's messages until now! I'm sooo relieved she liked the cookies -- I was worried because guys have a track record for screwing shit up. Picture below.

Oreo cookies, dipped in various chocolates, with sugary designs and sprinkles.
Oh, and a just a dash of sugar.

EDIT: I'm trying to chat to [info]morgan now but I think her Internets are failing again. Probably all that Mac shit on her network! :D *runs*
  • Hehe, yeah first I think Meebo was running an update on their system, and then I hopped on my Windows box and tried to message you using MSN Live or whatever that shit is called, and you didn't respond so I went and watched a movie lolz.

    PS. I love the cookes and your new icon, they are oreos and they're really really really sugary hahaha i eat one and i got nuts eeepz :D xox thanks!
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