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Probably the best fucking cereal, ever.

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Probably the best fucking cereal, ever.

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This morning, I couldn't make exactly what I wanted (eggs, sourdough toast, strawberries, etc.) so I resorted to a cereal I purchased last week.

I can't get enough of it, it's fucking awesome.

It has an organic blend of toffee, almonds, corn flakes, and is apparently made with bananas although I don't pick that up. Even though I've been growing an intolerance to 2% milk, I put myself through the suffering anyway. It's worth it.

Sadly, this is a Target exclusive brand. I'll need to find the closest Target because I see more of these in my future. They have a slew of other mixes that look just as orgasmic, so I'll have to try them.

Who said healthy foods can't be tasty? I'm sure I'll find out 5 years from now that it causes testicular cancer and made me infertile.
  • Haha, that's awesome, I do wish we could have shared that yummy breakfast together, maybe someday!

    Do you not like a milk? I don't really like it myself, it's kind gross...I mean who the hell figured out you could drink milk, some guy was like, oh let's drink the white stuff coming out of that cows boob....yay.

    Good luck on that cereal, hopefully you're nutsack won't fall off.
    • I used to be okay with it, but recently 2% just makes my stomach knot up. I prefer skim milk, but we don't buy it because it's expensive and ends up going to waste because the rest of the family prefers the fatty vomit-inducing milk.

      We tried going as far as soy but my sister discovered she's allergic, haha. Sucker.
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