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Friday is near, oh no.

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Friday is near, oh no.

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This week went by fast -- pretty uneventful stuff.

Spore goes retail Sunday, so I'll be sure to pick up my pre-order at BestBuy. Tomorrow is a co-workers birthday, so we're taking the person to lunch at this local fire-oven pizza place. It's an amazing place with real local+organic-only ingredients. Yum.

Have no plans for the weekend, nothing new there. By now you should be noticing a pattern...

I think [info]morgan 's boyfriend is back today, so that's great news for her. Hope she's much happier now as I think she's been kind of down the past few days.
  • Heeey, pizza, sounds yummy, I bought some pizza for lunch today, crappy frozen pizza which will make me fat and ugly. Oh well. Your pizza sounds delicious and good for you though (if pizza can even be good for you...).

    My BF is back, which is nice, we had a nice time last night, I got some new movies too, me and you shall have to have movie night soon. I think my BF is leaving again on Sunday...or maybe it's Saturday night. Anyways, I can't wait to get my hands on retail Spore, I wonder if it'll really be here on Sunday, cause usually it's the day after, I suppose I shall call my GameStop and find out!

    Hope you're having a nice day xoxox
    • Crappy frozen pizza! Ewww! It could make you fat, but you'll never be ugly. You may grow a fat vagina tho.

      Movie night! Pick the movie and night and let me know! I can do it whenever. Yeah, I'm curious about this whole Sunday release day, seems odd. We'll see.

      Having a nice day so far, hope your day is very equinelicious. Err. Yeah! <3

      • Hrmm, just what I want, a fat vagina...

        How about The Love Guru :D hahahaha I just got it. Kidding, it won't be that...

        I was just working on a PowerBook and I fell asleep...so I didn't get to eat my crappy frozen pizza. But I shall cook it now...other than that, day is good, very equinelicious - still snagging the Olympics.
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