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Male seeking caring young female: Is young, house broken, and has all vaccinations (plus experimental military ones). Can be shock collar trained. Must be picked up.

Move Your G-String
Sounds like a good Friday, I wish I could say the same, spent most of it working the horses in prep for the show. I mean it was fun, but probably not as much as you had.

Saturday sounds nice, I've gotta get Fallout 3 also, I should probably play the 1 & 2 also at some point, ya think? Gotta get my hands on them first.

Dunno about debugging iTunes USB drivers, sounds like I had more fun that time lol.

Why do you have to take care of your sister, she's 16, I'd smash you if you attempted to take care of me lol. Jeeez. That would be nice if you could attend PDC.
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