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I tried WoW, and I liked it (Kate inspired)

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I tried WoW, and I liked it (Kate inspired)

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So as a result of not listening to [info]morgan, I downloaded the en-GB locale of World of Warcraft, instead of en-US. Serves me right for not listening to teh geek girl... iojasfioasjdfioasdf!

Thankfully, after installing and applying 100 3 patches, it worked just fine with her custom server. The initial learning curve was a bit steep, but the UI and hotkeys all seem to resemble the typical Blizzard game. Being a Diablo fan, everything just clicked into place nicely. I'm very surprised and can't wait to play again (we're playing as undead mages)!

Okay, back to keeping an eye on the Woot-off @ woot.com and chatting with [info]morgan. Oh and work, yeah. That too. Cough.
  • You really made me think different about you, I hope you know that. I am really happy. I'm glad you at least tried it out for me, I didn't really even expect you to like it or anything... :)

    I am really having a lot of fun, it's nice to be able to play with someone instead of by myself all the time lol. Good luck at woot-off, win something cool :D
    • I'm glad you stuck with me to baby me through the entire WoW process, teh geek boi is a noob at these things >_<

      Is it time to stop working and start having fun yet?! Come on clock!
      • Hehe, well, I didn't want you to just skip the experience! haha tehgeekboi.com

        Not time to stop yet, at least another hour lol.

        So tonight, I've got something scheduled for 7-9ish but then I'm yours! xxox
        • Oh is that domain taken?!

          Sounds good, I can use that time to watch new Terminator ep. with mom and get this overdue blog post out!

          See you soon!
          • I don't know if it's taken haha I need to watch those movies again :P I have not seem them in a long time.

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