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[May. 28th, 2009|01:44 pm]
[A Bit of the Old Ludwig Van |Andrew Bird - Anonanimal]

Shit's been up and down lately. I haven't had much time to update, since I've been working everyday this week. I moved back home to my parent's house for the summer. I'm glad to be away from all the bullshit, drama, and filth that my house at school contained. Everyone was all pissy because they had to move out, and for a while, I blamed myself, but now I just don't give a fuck. They were shitty friends to me anyway. I should be taking joy in their suffering. Fuckers.

The only reason I'm working every day this week is because I have the weekend off. The reason I have the weekend off is because I'm going camping with Andrew, Monica, Conor, Bryan, Jess, and Conor's cousin Mario. I can't fucking wait. I'm really excited to get away from everything for a few days, relax, drink, fish, go hiking, drink, drink some more, light fires, drink more. Yeah. If I'm lucky, I'll remember the weekend. I'm about to go out and pick up and tent and sleeping bag for the trip. Solid update when I get back, I swear.

This song is fucking amazing. Thanks to [info]archangel  for showing it to me.  

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