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Camp Fest 09 [Jun. 2nd, 2009|01:27 pm]
[A Bit of the Old Ludwig Van |36 Crazyfists- Vast and Vague]

So yesterday I got home from camping for the weekend. Holy shit. It was fucking amazing, even though we hit a couple of snags along the way.

Saturday morning, at like, 2 AM, I got a text message from Bryan saying he had to take his girlfriend Jess to the ER, because she was complaining of blurry/double vision. They did tons of tests, nothing came back as positive, which they took as a good thing. I met them at their place at 1 on Saturday, and I followed them to Bryan's house so they could drop of their cat with Bryan's parents. From there, we drove up to Croton to pick up Conor. Jess said she was feeling kind of numb on one side of her body, but we started heading up anyway. We planned on stopping at the Walmart that was about half an hour away from the campsite, and stock up on more food, beer, whatever else we needed. Halfway there, we stopped at a gas station, and Bryan told us he needed to go back home, since Jess was really sick. We understood, and he left us the directions to both Walmart and the Campsite, the 60 beers, and handle of Captain Morgan. Conor and I went to Walmart, stocked up on food and other necessary shit, and headed up to the campsite. We got there around 6ish, and got set up by 7. We had to go back down to the store by the campsite and pick up some firewood, and we went back, lit the fire, and started drinking and grilling. We didn't do much, since it was a long, semi stressful day, so we headed to bed around 11:30.

The next morning, Andrew called and said he and Monica would be up around 1, so Conor and I got up, relaxed around the campsite, and drank. We drank alot. Like, in total, I don't think I ever drank that much in my life. We started around 11:30 in the morning, with Captain Morgan and Coke. We hung out, and I opened the windows of my car and put the Yankee game on while we drank. Andrew and Monica arrived a little bit late, and they set up their tent and started drinking as well.  Monica made sangria, and we left that to sit for a bit and get the fruit soaked in wine. We headed back down to the store to get more wood, charcoal, and ice. We lit the fire around 1, and just sat around drinking, grilling, and talking all day. Around 6:30, we started getting low on wood, and the store was closed, which we found out after a very intoxicated walk through the campsite. So we asked the guy working the gate at the park if there was anywhere else we could get firewood, and he told us there was a stockpile of it behind the building across the street. We brought down Andrew's truck, and loaded it up with everything we could, including a tree stump. We went back up to the site, threw some more wood on the fire, and drank and grilled yet again. We put the stump on the fire at around 9:30, and it was still smoking the next morning. We stayed up late into the night getting wasted and talking about random shit, including funny stories from high school. I think my drink count for the day was 7 Capt. and Cokes, 8 beers, 2 large cups of sangria, and 2 shots of whiskey.

The next morning, Conor and I woke up around the same time, and started up the fire. We grilled the last of the hot dogs and burgers for lunch, and then went on a hike. We went from the trail down to this amazing rive, and we spent most of the day leapfrogging across stones and trying not to fall in. Andrew and Conor stopped and went for a swim, and the water was freezing. We eventually reached a spot where we really couldn't go any farther, so we all went for a swim. The water was unbeliveably cold, and it made getting dressed again absolutely miserable. We then had to climb about a quarter mile up a hill to get back to the path, and we found out we were in Massachusetts for some of the hike, which was cool. We went back to the campsite, dried off around the fire, packed up, and headed home, after throwing everything we weren't bringing home with us on the fire. It took about an hour and a half to get back down, and we made really good time. Conor came back to my place while Andrew and Monica went to her place to shower and change. They came over about half an hour later, and we went to meet up with Kyle, and came back here. We watched My Bloody Valentine 3D and ordered some pizza and just hung out. Sleeping in my own bed never felt as good as it did last night. 

I think we're going again next month, hopefully without the complications that we had this time.

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