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5/20/08 11:04 am - locked up cuties ;*

This journal like most other journals on here is under LOCK + KEY. You must comment to be added, I've become extremely picky over who I add because of all the lurkers & fakes on here, so you'll be considered. You must be at least 16 years old, type like you have common sense! I would like it if you have a proof picture & we need to have at least TWO MUTUAL FRIENDS in common (unless we already know each other). I'm not a COMMENT WHORE so if you're looking for that then you can go elsewhere. I have a life OUTSIDE of SCRIBBLD. I have a daughter & a husband, and another baby on the way. So if you think we'd get along then comment, but make sure you ADD ME FIRST! Looking for my graphics? I'm sorry, but I CURRENTLY do not make anywhere at this time!

to be added switched names
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