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02:22 pm


St. Patricks Day
Its a gloomy and wet day, a bit colder than over the weekend. I'm staying home with the kids, it being the first day of spring break. I took care of a couple of things but I never got around to calling anyone for a playdate. The kids don't seem to want it, they prefer to stay inside. With any luck, I'll get out of the house to pick up a new printer cartridge so we can print out the posters for the Easter Egg hunt in the park this Saturday. AW can help me putting them up in the neighborhood.

I got one of those color printer cartridge refills last night at Target and, you know, I see why people wouldn't want to spend 14 bucks on them. To give credit, it may be that my old cartridge is just shot, but you don't know that until you try to refill it. (The problem is that there doesn't seem to be any magenta ink in the cartridge, which means reds look a little, well, invisible).
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