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9/11/09 12:10 pm

I totally forgot about this journal already.
Life is freaking crazy sometimes.

9/7/09 02:44 pm

Sometimes I just don't know if I'm cut out for relationships.
Not that being alone sounds more appealing.
But I really do fucking hate guys at points.
I hate that my boyfriend had me roll a blunt, and then he disappeared.
I hate that I have been calling him for 15 minutes, and haven't even gotten a response.
I also hate that he is in the room next to me playing poker and smoking with his friends.
Why did I buy him poker chips?
Oh yeah, so he can forget I exist.

I hate that I'm in a bad mood. Since I woke up I have been going. I cleaned the upstairs spotless so that when my boyfriends parents come home, they come home to a clean house. My boyfriend and his brother, typical dudes. so gross. Why am I responsible for their messes?

9/7/09 02:00 pm

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