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July 18th, 2013

05:39 am - How to Maintain and Repair the Radio Control Equipment?
Radio control equipment is the heart of the model, and most of them must be under a valid maintenance system.

To make our RC airplane, helicopter, RC car, boat, truck and marine used for longer and also save our money as more as possible, we should take good care of our equipment. Here are some tips given for all RC hobbyists.

Daily Maintenance Work

1. For ensuring the normal power supply. You should strictly grasp the correct charging methods, avoiding over discharge and over charge, and guarantee the power supply can work normally, and this is very important to ensure flight safety.

Over discharge tends to occur in the launch engines, which mainly due to forget to turn it off. There are many reasons of over charge such as the lack of understanding of the nickel cadmium battery performance, always thought that it is safe to be charged all the time. Or flight training arrangement is unreasonable, discharge time is not enough, and then recharged again for the next day flight. These charges have been carried out repeatedly which will make the battery damage soon. In this case, we should shorten the charging time according to discharge degree, and to reduce the damage to the battery.

Another side, as the nickel cadmium battery has a limited life, it can charge and dispatch under normal use for filling in five hundred times, so we should try to reduce the charging times.

One point need to emphasize is that we should measure the voltage after charging every time, so as to timely found the lack of power, voltage, and plug in contact undesirable caused by unexpected undercharge. If after the normal charging it can achieve the highest voltage of low numerical time by time, and discharge time significantly shortens, then new batteries should be changed immediately. Extend blindly charging time is useless, which can only accelerate the rate of cell damage, and cause greater potential threats to the flight.

2. To keep the drive system works normally. Rocker, connecting rod connectors, all kinds of pin of the rudder surface and fasteners should be checked at any time.

3. To check the rudder surface center position at any time: have accurate records on the entire range of steering center, and keep in mind so that to check them at any time.

Once the transmitter fine-tuning position has not changed while the rudder angle changes, you must be grounded to check immediately. Because it means that the receiver under voltage, the transmission system of joint or rocker arm loose, falls off, rudder and does mount bracket glue failure, and you can continue to fly after everything goes well.

4. Regular and irregular inspection: After flying dozens of ups and downs, we should do a regular check on the equipment; while once the model was happened with a severe shock, you must check carefully before to fly it again.

Judgment and ruled out on the ground fault

One of the most important principles of flight training is the model fault; the airplane model can't fly with any faults.

1. Transmitter: no output signal through transmitter power supply, electronic watch couldn't get a signal receiver after connected may be a big problem for an RCer.

2. Transmitter normal but the receiver cannot receive any signal, we should do first is to check whether the work frequency of the transmitter and receiver. The frequency numbers indicated in quartz crystal shells, they should be the same, but don't put them wrong each other.

3. Remote distance is not enough: to observe the instruction of the level meter, if the instructions below the normal range, if on the low side, then you just need to recharge or replace a new battery. If there's no problem on the power, you can check the antenna connection. Normally if the antenna is poor contact, level meter instructions will also be affected. Once power supply and antenna are all goes well, you can choice a high frequency or quartz crystals to have a try.

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