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Cody Bateman [30 Sep 2011|11:16pm]

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[28 Sep 2011|09:45pm]
Everyone at school was talking about these online journal things. Apparently, they are all the rage. Although, i can't see the charm myself. I guess it would be a lot more entertaining if i had friends to read the posts of and share in the frivolous nature of the interweb with. But alas, I'm sitting here alone in the school grounds updating a post that noone will read.

Think i might go and look up the latest fashion trends in the muggle world. Or maybe i'll practise the shield charm.... that would definately come in handy.

Well, this is the end of said post. How does one end it properly? I'll just take a wild guess. Who would have thought there would be so many possibilites...

- Cody. 
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