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[04 Jul 2010|12:26am]
Player (nickname/handle)/LJ: Allie
Email: fireflydreams01@yahoo.com
AIM (if you have one): awesomelymusical
Character Name: Mia Dearden/Speedy
Character LJ (if applicable): [info]speedier
PB if using one: Elisabeth Harnois
Character location/Home: Star City
What are your plans for the character?: Mia has just discovered that she is HIV positive and has taken up the mantle of Speedy. I'd like to get her working with the Titans, giving her a peer group of her own age, while exploring her relationships with the Arrow family and dealing with the consquences of her past.
How are you planning on working them into the game?: Mia has been Ollie Queen's ward for a little while, and has recently taken up the mantle of Speedy. She will soon join the Teen Titans.
Is there anything from canon that you plan on changing with that character?: None.
What sort of plots to do you want to do with this character?: Arrow family plots. Stuff with the Teen Titans.

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