15 May 2008|10:58am
022. 02/05/98

Stupid bloody project. What the hell? Do you see who I got stuck with? The only one in the group I don't mind working with is Mandy. The others? Bloody fecking hell. MacMillan? And MacDougal? How the sodding hell am I supposed to survive this? I fucking hate being a seventh year sometimes. Too much ruddy work.

Why couldn't I have been paired with Hermione? Or Harry? Stupid bloody Snape and his stupid bloody greasy hair.

On another note, when's the next quidditch practise, eh? I want to shape up for the next match. There's no way we're losing. We deserve this cup.


The closer it gets to the end of the year the more I realize that this is actually going to be over, you know? Seven years, gone. Bit strange, isn't it? I reckon I should look into Auror training and applying and all that. Might be a good idea. Maybe Hermione knows about it. Eh, 'Mione, any idea what I'm supposed to do for that?
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30 Apr 2008|05:20pm
021. 01/21/98
Brilliant Quidditch match. Absolutely brills. Can't wait to get out there again myself... been too long since we've played a match, eh? Harry's got us practising as usual so we're doing good. I'm thinking of going out tonight and practising a bit myself. Anyone else in?

Was patrolling last night for prefect rounds and came across couple of Slytherin boys, probably fourth year, didn't check, tormenting a young Hufflepuff girl. Poor thing look terrified. So, took points, gave detentions all that rubbish and took the poor girl down to Pomfrey for a calming draught. Pretty damn cruel picking on a little girl if you ask me.

Think I'm gonna take a bit of a nap. I feel a cold coming on and I don't fancy being sick. I'd rather not spend any more time with Pomfrey than needed.
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14 Apr 2008|07:24pm
020. 01/05/98
Back to school... what rubbish. Let's all skive off and go to Hogsmeade, yeah? Doesn't that sound loads better than dragging ourselves back to class after class after we've been stuffing our faces and getting all kinds of presents for weeks? Stupid school, why does it have to start up again, anyhow? Why can't vacation last forever? Bloody annoying.

Ginny's got Dragon Pox which means, St. Mungo's yes, but an extended holiday for her. Reckon I could get McGonagall to let me go visit her. She'll be asking for sweets and stuff anyhow and what kind of brother would I be if I didn't bring her any?

Least Quidditch is starting up again. Missed that over the hols. Speaking of hols... everyone have a good one? Jolly Christmas and all that?
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01 Apr 2008|07:44pm
019. 12/23/97
Is it weird that I'm on vacation but I'm completely bored? Seriously. Harry's disappeared and Ginny's gone... off shopping apparently and I'm all by myself. Hermione's not coming until Christmas day so I'm on my own. And it's bloody annoying. Fred and George aren't even around to torture me. I went for a fly, I read all the quidditch magazines I own, I even helped Mum with some baking.

Someone entertain me. Please.

Private to Hermione )

At least tomorrow's Christmas Eve. Off to Hermione's for dinner if I don't come back, Harry you get all my Quidditch stuff. Then Christmas Day, finally! Happy Christmas to everyone I won't have a chance to see.
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18 Mar 2008|02:43pm
018. 12/09/97
Everything's gone to hell. What the fuck is going on lately? Seriously. There's bloody drama everywhere in the damn castle. Does this usually happen before the holidays or something? I mean, shouldn't we all be rejoicing that we're getting off school soon? That's what we should be doing, partying it up and having fun, not having fights and yelling at each other and being all moody and depressed. I'm one to talk, aren't I?

I'm sodding sick of it. I just want to be happy again. Christmas is coming soon and all I can think about is if all my friends will actually want to be around for it. Fucking hell.

Private to Self )

Private to Harry )

Private to Ginny )

Private to Hermione )

Cheer up everyone, please? What's Christmas if everyone's bloody depressed?
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12 Mar 2008|04:21pm
018. 12/03/97
Private to Self/Against Professors )

Private to Harry/Against Professors )

Who invented big brothers? Seriously. I'd like to have a talk with him or her.
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08 Mar 2008|03:08pm
017. 11/29/97
Bloody fucking hell. I've sodding sprained my knee! I got caught on the staircase last night in that trick step, stupid bloody thing wouldn't let me go for almost an hour, and when I was trying to reach my wand that fell on the step below, I twisted my ruddy knee. Woke up in a lot of pain this morning so I sucked it up and went to see Pomfrey. Says I sprained it! Can barely walk. She couldn't even heal the damn thing because it wasn't broken. I've got to let it "heal naturally".

Means I won't be able to play quidditch for a few days, Harry. Sorry, mate. Not my fault really. I'll just have to miss a practise or two. I'll still come though, yeah? Watch and all that. Should be good as new in a few days. I'm in a foul mood though. Stupid sodding trick stair! I don't wanna miss quidditch!

Private to Self )

Reckon I'm stuck doing homework until I can fly again. Well, at least Hermione will be happy.
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01 Mar 2008|03:14pm
016. 11/27/97
Brilliant match, that was! Congrats to Hufflepuff... wasn't really cheering for either side this time so cheers to the winners! Wonder when the next Gryffindor match is. I'll have to ask Harry or check the schedule. Asking Harry might mean another speech on "Constant vigilance!" Honestly, mate, channeling Moody much, are you?

I'm bloody exhausted. Been a long week, yeah? I reckon a day of skiving off everything and relaxing is in order. Maybe I'll see if there's anyone brave enough to challenge me to chess. I may even head back to bed and kip for a while. Dunno what possessed me to get up at eight this morning! It's bloody Saturday.

Private to Self )

When's the next Hogsmeade weekend, anyone know? I'm almost out of sweets and on the last trip I was just recovering from being sick so I didn't get to stock up and go to all the places I wanted.

Alright, off for a nap and then you can find me in the common room. Anyone who wants to shirk their homework duties is welcome to join.
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25 Feb 2008|01:35pm
015. 11/17/97
Brilliant weekend that was, I have to say. Really, top notch. Too bad its ending as usual and classes are resuming for the week. Who votes for a four day weekend all the time, yeah? I sure do. Hardly slept at all last night and ended up getting up early... I was down in the Great Hall for breakfast at 6 AM. I'm bloody exhausted. Wish I could skive off classes and take a nap but that's not gonna happen. Oh well, early night tonight maybe.

Looking forward to the quidditch match coming up. Not sure who to cheer for this time... perhaps some of you can persuade me on which team is better. It'll be nice to go and see a match without having to be stressed about playing in it.

Private to Harry and Ginny )

Private to Hermione )

Christmas holidays are approaching faster and faster. I love Christmas! Best time of year, it is. And the holidays are definitely needed. We all deserve a bit of a break, don't you agree? Less than a month to go!
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22 Feb 2008|01:17am
014. 11/13/97
So. Know what's brilliant? When your full intention is to do one thing, something simple, you know, like studying, and something else, completely brilliant and fantastic happens in the process. Yes, definitely brilliant.

For those of you who don't speak Ron (many people don't...it's quite the complicated language) here's a little update on what exactly I'm referring to:


Yep. You read right. I bloody love Hermione Granger. I love her more than quidditch and more than food and if you know me at all you know how much that is.

Know what else is brilliant? Snogging in front of the fire. Really, you should try it.
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