Miss Romilda Vane

07:14 pm: 001 // ta-da!
Mum sent me the most BEAUTIFUL shade of pink ink today, isn't it fabulous? I think it makes this tired old thing look at least semi pretty, and isn't it a special treat for you to see glittering rose colored ink looking up at you? I should think it would be!

Merlin, I'm hungry. All I had for breakfast was some eggs and a sugar quill, and I skipped lunch and dinner 'cos I had that stupid Astronomy assignment due, and I didn't even finish it! Honestly, why can't we just look up at the stars and see they're there and be okay with it? I don't know why I took Astronomy in the first place.

Bugger it, I'm going to get some food that's not sugar quills, I'm SO SO SO sick of them. Speaking of which, does anyone want to take them off my hands for me, so I won't be tempted?

Current Mood: hungry


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