Jun. 25th, 2008

02:31 pm - Great.. Or not so great...

At some point yesterday I suddenly got ill. My stomach started to hurt and I got row. I didn't know why, before this morning!
I woke up at 10:59 AM, my mom called me.. She told me that a memeber of the family that I really care for is gone! He died yesterday from a stroke.. He was my grandmas brother in law, but I loved him so! We all called him Uncle Svein! 
His laughter brought so much joy into us all! He was so young at heart and was always playing and fooling around. His grandkids loved him dearly! And so did I!
I feel so bad...

I will always love you and remember you Uncle Svein! I know that you are in a better place right now. But we still miss you a lot.

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Jun. 24th, 2008

11:42 am - Tired and a little hungry...

Well.. Then I'm up..
Got like 3 hours of sleep. Damn that neck that hurts like hell!

And I am a human toy :P The kitty is climbing all over me and playing with my toes. !lol! 
But she's so cute! 4 weeks tomorrow ^^ 

I really want to go to Hove! I want to see him, and the bands and just be there. Damn! I am poor! I have like 100 NOK and thats all I have :O I hate to be poor. I hate money! 

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01:01 am - The beginning

First of all.. Forgive my typing errors. I am tired and not really english :P

Then.. It's all Yunas fault that I am here :P Blame here :D

Then last; I will do as she told us and copy the last entry from here and make it my own.


1. Name: Monica, even if they all know me as Mocca. My best buddy refuses to call me Monica, he is so cute :D

2. Age: 20. I will turn 21 in november

3. Location: Sandefjord, Norway. The city I live in is known for the capture of whales. It is boring as hell in the winter, but we do have the ferry that goes from us til Sweden :P

4. Occupation: Nothing. A professional couch-sitter.. Or something like that. I am looking for a job. I wanna have a stead income and something to do with my life.

5. Partner: I am single, but really in love with a guy. I have known him for 4-5 years and been in love with him all the time. So, wish me luck people. I need it, I want him :P

6. Kids: Not yet. But I do want some :)

7. Brothers/Sisters: I have a older sister that is my full sister. And a younger sister and brother that has a diffrent dad. But I love them all! Then, my mom was married to a man who had 4 other children and one of them is a girl that I see as my sister! I also have 3 others that have been there all the way.. SO! In a way; I have 7 ciblings :P

8. Pets: I have grown up with animals. And I love them! Right now I have a cat named Nemi, and a baby that we call Trulte :D Nemi is a fostermom :D I want a Rottweiler and Ferrets :D

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
   1. Friends... Who are they and who can I depend on...
   2. Family... *see above*
   3. My life.. I need a job, or school. I am so sick and tired of doing nothing. Help me! Give me a job people!
   4. Love. Do he want me? Can it be us? I so hope it will.. I have liked him for so long. I need it...

10. What did you go to school for?: I had to the first 9 years. Since the law demands it.. After that I went cause I wanted to break out of the pattern in my family. I hated school. Everyone did always pick on me and call me names. I hated the way they acted towards me. They made fun of me and made my day a living hell... Then, I went to "Videregående" and met people I like. I am still friends with them. But my problem is all the backstabbing and bitching the girls are doing. I so like the way guys act when it comes to that

11. Parents: Well... Let me start. My mom is a drug addicted and has been since she was 11. My dad struggles with alcohol and some drugs.. Do I need to say more? Then I get to know that the man I have looked at as a dad my entire life is a man that likes little children in a bad way. So no, I do not like parents! The only parent I like is the dad of my best friend that I got in sixth grade. He is the best! I so love him :D 

12. Close friends: I do not have many friends, but the few I have is the best
Ludde: the best that can be! He accepted me at once. And he can read me even if I shut up. I can't hide anything from him. And he is my wife ;) I will not put out private things here 

Yvonne: The girl that became my best friend when everyone else made fun of me. She is the girl that decieded to share her dad with me. She is the best! 

Monita: Another weird lady :P I have known her for several years as well.. She became my friend and just got closer and closer for each day

Kjetil: the guy I like. I have known him for several years aswell and I trust him like hell.. I am not afraid to tell him anything.

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