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Moving on. [07 May 2009|04:53am]
I have moved to Dreamwidth: xb95 @ Dreamwidth.

If you end up wandering in that direction yourself, give me a shout. I'd love to reconnect. Those of you who don't, you know how to get in touch with me online if you wish.

My nearly eight years on LiveJournal have been some of the best of my life, but it is time to move on.

xb95's Journal

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Rest well, </a></b></a>[info]xb95.
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Dreamwidth Open Beta: April 30th. [26 Mar 2009|09:09pm]

It's been a few months since I've written in this journal. I'm not going to be changing that now, either, but I'm just here to announce:

Dreamwidth Open Beta ... April 30th!

Yes. We're finally getting ready to let people onto what many of us have been working so hard on these past few months. I'm more excited than I can really convey in a short entry here.

I do want to say, though, that I hope all of you will at least take a few minutes to check out what we've been doing. Between our commitment to diversity, our strong focus on community and open source, and the many things we're changing in the site operation... Dreamwidth is really something new, something different, something amazing.

There's also rather a lot of posts of people writing about "Why Dreamwidth" and what it means to them. Definitely worth reading if you are curious about what's going on and want some opinions from people who may or may not be directly contributing to the project.


I'll post once or twice more to announce when we're actually going into Open Beta, and to give people information on how they can take part. But then that'll be it. This journal will be closed, and no further content contributed to the servers owned by SUP. I am no longer comfortable here -- this is not my home, now.

You can find me over here, xb95 @ Dreamwidth.
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try #2 [05 Jan 2009|08:16pm]
I'm resizing the server again. It should go down for 10-15 minutes in roughly half an hour.

They assure me it will work this time.

Update: It didn't, reverted again. SliceHost fails really bad.
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Dreamwidth! [05 Jan 2009|11:25pm]
Dreamwidth has a very exciting thing happening this week. (Well, maybe this weekend. Depends.)

I can't say anything else yet except that it's very good news (for us), but just wait until we tell you about it. :-)

Be excited. I am!
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Rest In Peace [06 Jan 2009|08:01am]
I always joked about it, but I never actually wanted it to happen...

Janine was laid off today, along with a number of other employees in the SF office of LJ, Inc. She has the rest of the week to work and then she's done. They are giving her no severance package and gave her no advance warning of the layoffs. It's rather atrocious.

The first thought I had, and Janine's as well, was: our wedding is only a few months away, between that and our honeymoon, how much are we going to have to cut out? We'll make it work, sure, but still.


Slight change of topic: Dreamwidth.

In the past few months I haven't felt a strong need for an alternative to LJ. SUP was a mystical entity in far-off Russia that didn't seem to cause any problems that I could see. Tupshin as an engineering manager was doing a great job and was active in the open source end of things, which was great. So Dreamwidth fell to a back burner and slowly simmered.

Today, upon finding out that SUP has decided to smash that... well, it puts a renewed emphasis on Dreamwidth. A really strong emphasis.

What exactly does this mean for DW? Let's find out!
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tasty ram [05 Jan 2009|05:19am]
Server Mk II is down for a bit (15-30 minutes) while it gets more RAM.

Sorry for the lack of notice, the timing was rather surprising for me too.

Server networking broke, talking to support ...

Had to revert the resize. They had no idea what was wrong.
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Whee! [30 Dec 2008|04:12pm]
Am in New York hello people!

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[28 Dec 2008|06:12pm]
Janine and her niece Camille! Cute!

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Fun at dinner [21 Dec 2008|04:40am]
Kill the duck save the duck

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update [02 Dec 2008|06:33am]
Just so everybody's in the loop: I accepted a position at Google and started today, December 1st.
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and now [13 Nov 2008|07:59pm]
Got up a few hours ago and have spent the morning cleaning things up somewhat. Now I'm out to pick up </a></b></a>[info]icabaud from the airport...

You'd think with some time off between jobs I'd relax, but apparently I'm keeping myself pretty busy.

There's no point to this post, really. Oh yeah, I'm 26, and I was realizing the other day - next presidential election I'll be a week off of 30.

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P.P.P.S. [04 Nov 2008|06:03pm]
If you are in California, for the love of everything, vote NO on Prop 8.

And honestly I don't care who you vote for. Both candidates are better than what we've had these past eight years. So get out there and vote, please.

Thank you.
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sweet [31 Oct 2008|07:24am]
Janine and Nicole seem to be really enjoying working together to decorating the house. Today they went out and picked up some things to put in the guest bathroom and it looks really great in there now. And I didn't have to do anything, sweet!

Only about a dozen rooms left to do now... :)
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yay [25 Oct 2008|08:24pm]
Months of waiting have paid off: got the bike! Pics soon.
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internetless [26 Oct 2008|05:38am]
We'll be staying at the new house tonight/tomorrow and won't have Internet until Monday. Just FYI for those of you who are expecting me to be around.
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Haha [24 Oct 2008|06:23am]
Fable 2.

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motorcycle update [22 Oct 2008|08:37pm]

Went to the BMW dealership, he showed me the papers on the bike they've got. It's a 'was for somebody else but they decided not to buy it' bike and is at another dealership currently. They're shipping it over to the local dealership now, should be in tomorrow or Friday.

They're optimistic that I can ride off the lot Saturday. But we'll see, they're always quite optimistic and seem to exist in some bubble world. Anyway.

Matthew: F650GS, Azure Blue, ABS, On-Board Computer, Heated Grips, Tire Pressure Monitor, White Turn Indicators, Center Stand. The last three are the options I didn't request on "my" bike, the the price difference is only about $300, so eh. I'll take them to be able to ride sooner.

If all goes well, I'll have wheels again Saturday.

...dammit, I've got a moving truck on Saturday!
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pondering linux fd stuff [21 Oct 2008|07:04pm]

Does anybody know how to get what the current position is in an open fd? In effect, I'm looking at a process (for example, gzip, tar, cat, etc) and I want to see how far along a file it has read. I can see what file it's in with lsof, I can see what data it's reading with strace, but I can't seem to figure out how to determine how far along it is.

Notably, this would be useful for getting progress indicators on things. Yeah, it's going to be inaccurate for small files due to buffering, but for a large operation it should be reasonably reliable in telling you the general location of the operation.

I've pondered this for a while now and can't think of anything that doesn't involve writing my own kernel module or something that parses the strace output and then tries to find that sequence of bytes in the file (unreliable and inefficient) or just counting the bytes read (strikes me as still inefficient, and doesn't work on an already-started process).

Anybody have any ideas?
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perils of wikipedia [19 Oct 2008|02:04am]
The perils of Wikipedia are well documented. Today's excitement: reading all about physician assisted suicide/euthanasia and then so-called "Medical Futility Laws" and the like. Gooooood times. (And for the record, I'm entirely for these things.)

In other news, my long time friend Jeremy (</a></b></a>[info]icabaud, who I've known for 10+ years), will be coming out to visit in November around my birthday. A Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert is already in the cards, not to mention birthday celebrations and general WotLK fun times.

Next: dinner?
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Woot [18 Oct 2008|06:33pm]
We unlocked the Endless Setlist!

"You can now play the Endless Setlist. Our prayers are with you."
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