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7/24/13 08:44 pm

“Makotochan…you said you had kabuki tickets. This is not kabuki!!” Yui growled with a half glare toward the taller woman.

Makoto herself looked slightly guilty pressing her index fingers together. “Well Minachan said it was the only way to get you to come here.”

Yui raised an eyebrow, “I don’t appreciate being lied to. Nor tricked into going to something I’m not a fan of.”

“But The Lights are your friends too, shouldn’t you support them?” Minako chirped in.

“That may be true.” she paused crossing her arms, trying to keep her composure.” However, that doesn’t mean I have to like their music.”

Both of the two girls looked at Yui now rater mischievously, “Then how do you support them Yuichan? Do you buy any of their merchandise?”

“No. I pray to Saraswati to let them have a good concert.”

Both sighed in disappointment hearing her answer.

“What? It’s good to have her blessings!” Yui stated with a pout.

The three remained silence after that, it being broken by screaming fans of The Lights. Yui groaned covering her ears.  Even Lord Ganesh’s poor ears would hurt from all this shrieking! Are they trying to summon demons with that wailing?!’ She thought to herself.

The screaming toned down when the boys arrived onto the stage. Their outfits all black with different colored vests and ties.  Yaten’s was green with a yellow lotus pin attached to the top of the left side. Seiya’s was blue with a pink lotus also attached to the left side. Taiki’s was purple with a white lotus his too was on the left.

Taiki paused mid-step, seeing Yui, their eyes locking for a moment. He was certainly not expecting to see her at their concert of all places. Gathering his thoughts he went to his place on the stage. The other two smirked silently to themselves noticing his pause.

Seiya spoke up, “While we do have some new songs. I figured we could at least start with an old song so you all can into The Three Lights vibe.”

Their music then began, a deep passion coming from their vocals. Yui’s eyes looked toward the ground it was their popular song from two years ago.

“No…not this song.” She muttered.

“Yuichan?” Minako whispered.

“…I don’t like this song at all.” She replied.

“Why? It’s so pretty.”

Yui’s brows furrowed. “Can’t you feel their pain in the song?”

Minako sighed, she knew after knowing their true form. But the source of their sorrow was nice and safe at home.  Yet it could still affect people that truly listened. She put a comforting hand on Yui’s shoulder seeing Yui’s tears. “It should be over shortly. And then you’ll hear their new and hopefully less sad stuff!”

Sure enough as Minako said it was over, much to Yui’s relief.  She wiped away what remained of her tears.  She jumped when the guitar started playing rather loudly. She was defiantly too use to hearing their more soft ballads. She frowned finding her toes tapping to the beat.

“Yuichan are you liking a Three Lights song?” Makoto teased seeing Yui now subconsciously swaying her hips.

Yui stopped mid-sway grumbling to herself, “No. the guitar is just good. That’s all.”

Makoto only giggled and playfully elbowed Yui. “Ooo Taiki can’t keep his eyes off you.”

Curiosity getting the best of her she looked back up at the stage.  Their eyes meet again. Once they did all other sounds seemed to fall deaf to her save for his guitar and vocals. She felt heat rising to her cheeks as her heart skipped a beat.

Suddenly she felt dizzy, her vision going double, then black, breaking whatever hold they had on one another. Minako caught her before she fell to the ground.

“Yuichan?!” Minako cried, fanning Yui with the program.

Makoto began fanning her as well. “…What do you think caused this? Did she lock her knees?”

Minako shook her head, “Not that I could tell.”

The brunet frowned and then looked over to the boys, whom had stopped seeing Yui faint.

“Sorry for the pause, but we need to take a quick intermission.” Yaten stated, getting a few groans and boos from the audience.


“Taiki did you do something?” Seiya asked while in their dressing room.

He shook his head, “Not that I’m aware of. I just know…we connected.”

“Connected? Like with how Seiya did with Usagi 2 years ago?” Yaten asked.

“No, this was different. I wasn’t telling her anything.”  Taiki answered sitting down with a sigh. “It was like she was inspiring me through our connection.”

Seiya put his hand to his chin thinking for a moment, “Anything else happened in this connection?”

“I felt happy.” Taiki answered a light blush on his cheeks.  “I don’t recall feeling so happy before.”

Yaten smiled, “Well probably helps that you like her. Perhaps your passion for her is what made you so happy in this connection. But perhaps you should be more careful clearly the connection must have overwhelmed her. She is only human after all.”

“I…don’t even know how I did it.” Taiki stated with another sigh looking up at the ceiling.

“Anyways we should head back out there before the fans get riled up.” Seiya suggested.


Yui’s eyes fluttered open to see worried looks from Minako and Makoto. “…What happened?”

Minako sighed with relief, “That’s what we want to know. You were just starting at Taiki then boom! You were out like…a light.”

Yui frowned, “I have no idea to be honest.  I just recall hearing him sing louder than anything else. Then I felt dizzy”

“You sure you’re okay?” Makoto asked.

“I’m fine now. Really! Maybe just a little tired at best.” Yui replied with a yawn. She pulled out her phone noticing the time, “No wonder it’s almost 11pm.”

That caused the other two to laugh, now knowing she really was okay for the moment.  Before more could be said the boys returned finishing their concert about a few hours later. By that time Yui looked completely drained.

“Come on Yuichan. Once we at least say hi we can take you home okay?” Makoto stated.

“Fine. But I’m sleeping in the car on the way back to Minako’s house.”

“That’s fine.”


“Hey girls!” Seiya greeted gleefully. He frowned slightly seeing no sign of Usagi.

“Sorry Seiya. Usagi had to work at the game shop.” Minako said.

“Oh. Boo. She could have at least texted me.”

Yaten rolled his eyes, “You’ll see her tomorrow for your date.”

Yui yawned leaning on Makoto waving to the boys. Taiki at least went over to her.

“You okay from earlier?”

“I’m fine really!”

He frowned lightly caressing her chin. “You look exhausted.”

“It’s just past my bedtime that’s all. “ She replied with a lazy wave of the hand as if dismissing his worry way.

He lightly chuckled, “You’re adorable.”

“I am not. Just sleepy.” She retorted with a frown.

The others couldn’t help giggling and chucking at her attempted sass.

Taiki only smiled putting his hand back to his side. “I’m relieved you’re okay. Sleepy or not.”

“You’re sweet for worrying so much over little me.” Yui stated going on tip toe and kissing his cheek.  His eyes widened and cheeks went pink.

“Haha! I made you blush.” She said with a little victory sign then a giggle. “Looks like you now owe me one less blush.”

Taiki stared at her, “You mischievous woman. Was that your goal?”

“Nope.” She replies sticking out her tongue playfully, “Just a bonus.”

Yaten couldn’t help laughing seeing their little game. “You know Yui sticking out your tongue like that can mean a form of flirting in some places.”

Yui’s eyes widened and caused her to immediately having her tongue retreat back into her mouth.  Her cheeks lightly pink.

Taiki lightly poked her cheek, with a teasing smile. “Is this going to become a new game? Cause if so I’m quite a head of you.”

She scowled, “I’ll bite that finger.”

“Oh?” He got slightly closer, “Careful Yuichan. I might like that for all you know.”

Minako lightly elbowed Yaten, “That was mean. She doesn’t know you we were teasing.”

Yaten only shrugged with a smile. “So? It got them to break the ice a little more.”

She sighed putting her hands on her hips eyeing him. “You’re terrible.”

“Oh you know you like it.” He retorted with his own playfully smile.

Makoto rolled her eyes, “If you four are done flirting we should get to Minako’s house before her parents get upset.”

“That’s a good idea.” Minako stated, going over to Yui. “Come on sleepyhead. You can flirt with your prince later.”

She looked back at Yaten, “And you behave yourself.”

“Don’t I always?” Yaten retorted.

5/26/13 11:43 pm

Laughter could be heard from two boys in masks. The shorter of the two had a peacock themed mask while the slightly taller had one moon themed the same shade of blue as the night. Their tall brunet companion had one that had two other faces on it.

“I’m glad none of the fans have recognized us. It’s a nice break.” Yaten stated with another little chuckle.

“I wonder if the girls will show up too. I know I defiantly look forward to seeing Usagi all dressed up.” Seiya replied.

Taiki rolled his eyes not wanting to do small talk of such things. It wasn’t like he had anyone of interest like they did. Only friends came to mind. His eyes glanced around the crowd with boredom hoping to find someone that he could talk or at least dance with. Though he felt he’d rather be studying for the upcoming exam.

“Taiki, if you’re bored go dance with that girl over there. No one’s asked her to dance yet.” Yaten stated gesturing to a short woman in white.

Her dress flowed to the floor like petals. Wings spread out from the back. Her mask was that of a swan with a lotus shaped crown.  Her blonde hair was wrapped up into a bun. She seemed to be lost in her own little world listening to the music.

Taiki walked over to her She jumped startled from her thoughts at his approach.  He smiled and offered his hand. “May I have this dance my lady?”

She hesitantly nodded taking his hand. His eyes widened as he felt a strange familiarity at her touch.  Shaking his head he led her to the dance floor beginning to dance. The blonde was thankful for her mask that night. Her cheeks felt like there were on fire as they dance. Yet she couldn’t take her eyes away from him nor he her.

A squeak escaped her when she accidently stepped on his foot. He let out a startled grunt, but continued the dance.  Her smile dispersed when the music stopped she wasn’t expecting the dance to end so quickly.

He lead her back to where she had been before, to his surprise she looked sad when apart to part. A strange sensation of loneliness came to him when he released her hand. Puzzled he looked back to her now taking a moment to actually look at her. Gently he took her hand again kissing it gently.

“Tell me my lady, why have you not graced this room with your voice?” He asked.

She looked away embarrassed that she hadn’t spoken to him. Before she could try and say anything a tall brunette woman approached her. “Sorry Taiki, She can’t speak.  Her and Minako were doing karaoke all day yesterday so she ended up losing her voice. How Minako managed to keep her voice is beyond me.”

Taiki frowned looking to his dance partner, “You should take care of yourself better. Perhaps next time we meet I can hear your voice.”

“You have heard Taiki. That’s Yuichan!” Makoto stated with a giggle.

His eyes widened and looked back towards Yui. Now quite embarrassed he didn’t recognize a good friend. Yui made a silent giggle he returned her giggle with his own laughter.

“Come on Yuichan, it’s getting late and I know how you can’t stay up all night.” Makoto stated, gently guiding Yui away.  Taiki’s and Yui’s hands slipped away from one another. And just as the last of her fingertips left, the odd sensation of loneliness came upon him once more. His eyes never leaving Yui until she was out of sight. Then he looked at his hand the warmth of hers still lingered.

“…Why are you so familiar? And why do I suddenly feel sad when you’re away?” He muttered to himself.

4/1/13 06:54 pm

The wind was gentle that day as the sun shone down. The iciness of winter was starting to show signs of its end to arrive soon. The calmness of the air made Yui stop trying to take it all in. She really needed to calm herself, but how could she? It was the first Valentine’s Day she could actually give chocolates to someone! She began to continue not wanting to be late. A frown crossed her lips when she heard Yaten sighing in frustration at opening his locker to be attacked with chocolates and letters. She had almost forgotten how popular they were with the girls at school. Meaning they’d probably at least have a car full of chocolate by the end of the day.

“You okay Yatensan?” She called peaking over the lockers.
“Yeah. Just wish they would stop with all these letters.” He replied.

Yui giggled, “Doubt that. With your looks you’ll likely get them for a long time. I know you find it pointless however I find it somewhat brave for them to do so. Even though they know you more than likely won’t read them they give it to you anyway. “

Yaten remained silent and tossed the letters anyway. “Brave they may be, but most are likely shallow love too. If they like me as much as they claim they’d get to know me.”

Yui nodded in agreement and began to head to the classroom at last. Her eyes scanned the room for the one she was looking for. There he was as usual reading. Beside his desk was a bag full of what looked like chocolate boxes. ‘Figures he already has so many, I hope I’m not being a bother by giving him mine too.’ She thought.

“Taikikun?” She called.
No response. She couldn’t help pouting. “Taikikun!” She called a little loader.
“Hm?” He replied pulling out an ear-bud. She grimaced, no wonder he didn’t reply the first time.
“I…I have something for you.” She said handing him a box with purple ribbon around it.

He smiled taking the box and opening it to reveal chocolate books with writing lightly carved into them. Gently he took one taking a bite. His eyes lit up in surprise. He could defiantly taste the heart she put into them and could tell it wasn’t cheap chocolate either. ‘Her part time job at the café doesn’t pay enough to easily pay for such luxury. Does that mean she saved up for just this? She could have bought things she needed! ‘

“Yuichan, why did you use such expensive chocolate?” He asked looking generally concerned.

To his surprise she smiled rather brightly in return to his question her eyes seeming to capture his own as she spoke. "Taikikun is special that's why. Besides this day you give something special to those dearest to you.” She paused straightening her skirt and then continued. “And I wanted mine to be remembered more out of all the chocolates I'm sure you'll get today. You're that special to me Taikikun. Does that answer your question?"

Taiki smiled sincerely and leaned onto one of his hands. “It does. So why almonds?”

Yui giggled, “You’re fully of many questions today. Anyways I choose almonds because with you being an as idol I sense you must undergo a lot of stress. Too much stress can cause headaches! So I researched things that would go with chocolate that could help."

"Jeez with all that effort you might as well state you like him." A male classmate chimed in.

Yui blushed lightly looking at her feet and began fidgeting with her hands. She really had only done it because she cared. Taiki quietly sighed leaning towards her ear. “Let’s continue this at lunch.”

She smiled shyly and nodded heading to her seat next to Makoto. Makoto in turn smiled, “Looks like he certainly likes them. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him smile like that.”

“I’m glad he does. I was so worried he wouldn’t!” Yui replied, looking relieved.
That caused Makoto to pout, “Quit being so pessimistic. I’m sure he would like anything you make, as long as you had put heart and effort into it.”
Seiya sat next to Taiki, “What put you in such a chipper mood? You were so distant earlier I thought something might be bothering you.”

Taiki gestured to the chocolates on his desk. Seiya looked at them recognizing some of the handwriting carved into the books. “Ah, no wonder, I don’t even have to taste them to sense all the heart she put into it. So cute that she made you what’s the word they use…? I think it was giri choco? Or was it honmei choco? I think Yaten remembers the difference between those and better than I do.”

“Seiya, I know the difference.” He stated a light blush on his cheeks looking at the chocolate.
“Either way, I’m glad you’re in a better mood.” Seiya stated going to his seat.
Lunch arrived to the class’ relief after some long teaching sessions. Taiki approached Yui, “Shall we eat lunch together so we can finish from earlier?”
“Yes, that would be nice.” Yui replied with a smile.

Some of the other students began whispering overhearing. Rumors were sure to spread thanks to nosy students.

“I know of where we can go without interruptions. “ Taiki stated.

She followed without question. To her astonishment it was the roof. And what a view it had. He let out a chuckle seeing her excitement. She turned back to him. “So I take it you wanted to tell me something back there before the boy made his comment?”

“Ah. Yes, the words you put on the little books were quite touching.”

Yui’s expression turned mischievous her eyes even lighting up deviously. A fae-like giggle escaped her. “I knew Taikikun couldn't resist reading a book even one made of chocolate."

A chuckle escaped Taiki, “I guess I am getting a bit predictable for you aren’t I?”

“Only when it comes to books. But I like that I don’t know everything that makes you more interesting!”
“Such flattery coming from you today! Is it your goal to try and make me blush today Yuichan?”

Another giggle escaped from her. “No I’m just being honest. But you do owe me blushes anyway with how many times you’ve made me.”
Taiki raised an eyebrow mirroring her mischievous smile from earlier. “Oh? I didn’t know I owed you anything. But that’s a hard payment I don’t blush easily.”

Both laughed at this statement and then began to finally eat their lunch.

Yui looked off into the distance closing her eyes in relaxation as the breeze blew their hair. “Spring is almost here. I can’t wait!”
“It’s my favorite season. The plants awaken from their slumber and trees bloom, making it snow petals when the wind picks up.”
“I would have figured you’d be excited for your birthday, since it’s so close.”
Yui’s smile faded for a moment, but returned just as fast. “So what’d you think of the chocolates?”

‘…That’s strange that’d she’d change the subject so quickly. Wait…didn’t she say before her and her brother were twins?!’
“I loved them. However, I was asking you about your birthday; is there something wrong with that day?”
“…Oniisan. He says it’s really only his birthday. I’m not allowed to share it because I was born second.”

Taiki’s brows furrowed. The more he heard about this brother the more it angered him of how she was treated. “Karma does not smile well on those like your brother.” He growled.
Then, he pulled her into a hug causing her to yelp slightly. “I will not let him ruin this birthday for you.”
His warmth seemed to calm her inner demons for the moment. She could feel her heartbeat dance with them so close…to her shock his was rapid too.
“Taikikun---“ she was cut off by the ringing off the bell causing them to break apart and gather their things quickly.

For the rest of the day she couldn’t get him out of her mind. ‘Just what is Taikikun planning?’

1/5/13 08:27 pm - Party

On the way home Yui was quiet though a smile could be seen with what little of her face could be seen from being hidden by her scarf. Taiki looked over every now and then smiling as well. Though, his smile was more from the cuteness of her becoming shy again.

“So…” he began breaking the silence that had fallen on them. “What are your plans for the holiday?”
After all it was only a few days away now. Seiya refused to have the concert on Christmas that way the fans could spend time with family properly.

“…I don’t really have any.” She answered after a while. “Papa lives far away and is usually super busy during this time. I still at least get a card and sometimes a gift. Mama works long hours and is usually not home till really late. Or she ends up stating at her office a few days. Niichan is off somewhere for photo-shoots.”

Taiki frowned. So she’ll be all alone in that house again…that hardly seems fair with how much effort she puts into things.

“It…it’s okay though. After all Renna’s keeping the café open half day on the holiday so that should give me something to do.” She added, making Taiki frown more. “Even if I have to be dressed up as a stupid reindeer as long as I can make someone else happy that’s all that matters.”

Her eyes however said differently though hidden to Taiki by the night’s shadow.

“Well our manager is throwing a party to celebrate the holiday since well… aside from ourselves none of our family is exactly here.”

“Oh I couldn’t. I’m far from a social type!” She squeaked.
A little chuckle escaped from him. “You wouldn’t be alone though. Seiya, Yaten, and I will be there as well.”
“…I don’t want to appear uninvited.”
He now smirked, “Oh I’m sure our manager could allow a cute girl to attend. Usagi and all are friends are going too.”
She sighed, “You’re not going to stop unless I go?”

His smile only got wider. “Nope. Perhaps I just want to see you all dressed up and looking cute. Or maybe I just want you to be in a warm environment on the holidays.”
A blush crept to her cheeks with his remark. Growing embarrassed she puffed up and looked away causing more chuckles to escape from him.

“So I take it that the party is formal?” She asked.

“Yes. The manager insisted upon it.” Taiki answered.

Before more could be said they finally arrived at Yui’s house. Blue Christmas lights decorated the little pillars of her house’s walk way. She stepped out the car taking the little bag full of the goodies the three had given her.

Time passed quickly that day as she looked through her closet to see what on earth she could wear to the party. She didn’t have too many formal clothes since she rarely went to parties. At last she found a dress an icy green in color. It certainly would bring out my eyes she thought with a little sigh.

After the dress was on she put the pendent Taiki had given her on gingerly touching it as the coolness of it graced her skin. She lightly smiled a spark of his energy still resided within it.
Taking a hairclip from her little basket of hair accessories she pulled the creamy blonde hair into a ponytail clipping the star shaped clip. The little pearls shimmering on it as she examined herself to start putting make up on.

She examined herself once more to make sure there wasn’t any touch up needs. No her relief it wasn’t needed.

Knock! Knock!

Who on earth could be at my door at this hour? She thought heading towards it and grabbing her shoes and coat on the way. A gentleman slightly taller than her stood there in a tux and top hat. He took off his hat and bowed.

“Miss Kuro I take it?” He asked.

“Um…yes. Who are you?”

“Your ride to the party Ma’am, Mr. Taiki requested it since the buses do not run this late at least with the way you need to go.” He answered.

She looked down at her feet in shame. He really knew her well she certainly had planned to use the bus.
Slipping her shoes and coat on and grabbing the rest of her things she followed after him after locking the door. To her surprise there stood a horse and carriage instead of a car. The driver helped her inside after she recovered from the shock of having such an old fashion ride.

The city lights shone like stars as they passed by the mummer of the city with the horse’s hoof beats becoming almost like music. When they at least arrived the driver helped her out and then left without a word. The building was to her surprise a hotel; she had expected a business building.

Following the sign she got to the rented out room dresses and tuxedos everywhere. She was already starting to feel uneasy most of these people she didn’t know. A few faces here and there, but not the ones she really knew and wanted to see. A kiss on her hand startled her from her thoughts the stood Taiki a playful yet gentle smile on his face. She couldn’t help returning the smile though far more shyly.

“You look Beautiful.” He whispered into her ear.

Red crept across her cheeks, causing a chuckle to escape from him. She couldn’t find words to reply to his compliment. He looked so handsome too the words remained locked. Taiki lightly brushed back some hair that had fallen out of place; despite his compliment he was quite flustered around her. He had expected her to look lovely, but the green made him want to stare into her eyes.

Pink came across his own face when Yui’s forehead connected with his. “Taichan, you look so handsome tonight.”

The nickname didn’t help and just made his cheeks brighten. He couldn’t help smiling again. “Shall we go dance my dear?”

He stopped mid-step, had he just called her dear like a husband to his wife? Yui didn’t seem to mind smiling shyly again.

“Yes, though I must warn you I’m a terrible dancer.” She squeaked.

“Don’t doubt yourself cause then you’ll make it true.” He replied.

Despite his words it was true Yui was far from a good dancer pain in his left foot proved that. He’d have to teach her how to dance better someday. She let out a yelp when he dipped her and gently pulled her into him as the music ended.

“I told you I’m not a good dancer.” She squeaked again.

“I’ll admit you need more practice, however, you’re not terrible.” He assured her.

He leaned in her ear again, “I’m glad you decided to come.”

She shivered slightly thanks to his long hair brushing slightly over her neck. “I’m glad I did too. I got to see you look more handsome.”

His eyes moved over to her neck when he had noticed her shiver before. “Sensitive neck my dear?” He whispered an amused purr in his voice.

She blushed brightly once more staying silent. His voice being like that wasn’t helping.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes.” He said with a slight chuckle. The purrs still his voice. “…Perhaps I could give you an extra Christmas present.”

Gathering what he hinted at her face turned red. Her mind going straight to the gutter of what they’d do. She normally was terrified of men, but something was special about him. She looked beyond his gender and saw only who he was and loved every bit of it. She only nodded unable to vocally describe how much she really loved him.

She was quiet as they slyly left the party and headed up the elevator to the room he had reserved encase he had gotten too tried to drive home. Rain outside now could be heard. Once they were on the bed laying there he broke the silence.

“Every time I’m around you, your warmth melts always my troubles away and it’s like I’m home without a care in the world. Yet when we first met I felt like we had met before so long ago that I can’t even fathom when that would have been. “

He gently caressed her cheek. “Yui…it feels natural to be with you like this.”
Tears began to trickle down Yui’s face no one had said such beautiful words to her before. She pulled him into a kiss. He smiled when they parted for breath. More kisses followed and hands intertwined as the passion increased. Soon cries of lust and names said with love echoed in the room as the lovers became one.

Sweat dripped from both of them when they had finished as well as panting from exhaustion.

“Taichan that was amazing.” Yui said between pants

“Indeed it was.” He replied pulling her on top of him.

She let out a little giggle. “Really Taiki again?”

“No. I just want you there.” He stated.

“Aren’t I heavy?”


He let out a yawn and pulled the blankets over them. She sighed slightly and giggled again nuzzling him and drifting off to sleep. He soon followed with a smile.

12/14/12 05:52 pm - Mistletoe

It had been quite the chilly day. The wind becoming icy as it blew across the crowd, stealing their last bits of warmth as the sun went to bed. A short blonde woman watched the band on stage pulling her coat closer trying to gather warmth her own breath dancing in little wisps of air. She was far from a fan, but she still went to support them. After all she had Christmas presents to deliver to them the only time she could with their busy schedule of late. Their music seemed different today perhaps they had found a muse again. Whatever the reason she liked the passion these news songs had. She sighed lightly looking at the pass around her neck it has cost her a bit extra of her hard earned money, but at least allowed her see her friends.

She was starting to get anxious after the show was over having to push through the wave of people. She wasn’t ever fond of crowds thanks to her height. At last she had made it to the backstage door and let out another sigh. There was a line of fangirls trying to sneak in without passes. More waiting to her disappointment, she was normally a very patient woman, but not being able to get to her friends right away was starting to get irksome. The screeching of the girls being denied access wasn’t helping either.
At last it was her turn to enter. The warmth of the building almost hurting as it embraced her chilled body. She was greeted with smiles and hugs when they noticed her. Their heads still decorated with Santa hats and holly she could help letting out a few giggles.

“I come baring gifts, yet you three are wearing the Santa hats.” She stated with more giggles.
They returned her giggles with their own laughter. The shortest one showed her they carried their own little bags. “Who says you’re the only one baring gifts?” He said with a wink.
“I wasn’t expecting you three to get me anything. Especially with how busy you have all been.” She replied looking flustered.
The middle of the three smirked and pulled her into a hug, “Who says we can’t make some time for you too Little Yuichan? It wouldn’t be nice if we were the only ones getting gifts.”
She was about to say more, but was cut off by the tallest one, “We insist. Like Seiya said it wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t get anything in return. After isn’t that the point of this holiday. Giving?”

Yui sighed in defeat. She could never win when they three teamed like this. They motioned for her to follow to the break area for tea and more privacy from the crowd that remained. Tea, oh how she enjoyed it that day more than usual with it reheating her chilled bones. She watched the three open their gifts with a gentle smile seeing the delight in their eyes as each gift was brought out into the open. For Taiki a thick trench coat in dark brown and a knitted scarf in a dark purple to match his eyes. Yaten received a light green scarf as well with a knitted cat plush of Luna. Seiya too received a scarf and a knitted blanket with a moon on it surrounded by lotuses and what looked to be a lion.

“This would explain why your wrists seemed sore before vacation. You overworked yourself didn’t you?” Seiya stated looking at Yui half scolding.
“I wanted to make you something special since I couldn’t find anything at the stores.” Yui answered sheepishly.
“The scarf would have been enough for both of us.” Yaten stated, “We can feel the love you put in them.”
“Now, now. You two don’t lecture her just be thankful for the extra things.” Taiki said.
“It’s not that we’re ungrateful Taiki, we just don’t want her overworking herself for our sake.” Yaten retorted.
“I thank you two for worrying, but I’m fine really. It was worth the pain to see you three happy.” She said with a smile.
Taiki moved next to her handing her the gift from him. Carefully she opened the packing to reveal a box full of daisies with a pendent it the middle of it. It was a white jade lotus with swirls of purple within it. Her eyes widened as she traced the smooth surface of it.
“Jade? You got me jade. That is…so expensive.” She looked over to him her eyes showing concern. He only smiled and gently kissed her hand cause a light brush to go across her face. “Don’t worry about expenses Yui.”
She defiantly wasn’t use to these kinds of gifts unless they came from her brother. Next, was Yaten’s a box full of various bath salts, bubble bath, and bath oils. Yui smiled at this gift as well. He had remembered her love of baths. “Thank you Yaten. These will definitely be well used.”
Seiya’s was a bit more simple a star plush with happy face on it. Yui hugged right away feeling the soft material it was made of.
“Thank you. All of you are so thoughtful!” She said with glee. Her smile faded looking at the time. “I should get going it’s getting pretty late.”
“Do you have a ride home?” Taiki asked.
“I have the bus.” She answered.
Yaten lightly nudged Taiki encouraging him to speak more. “Well I could give you a ride home. It’s probably warmer than waiting out in the cold for the bus.”
“Oh my, that is quite generous of you.” She stated.
“We don’t need you freezing after all.” He replied.

Once they were outside to their surprise it was silent as the grave and snow was falling with the gentle, yet icy breeze. Their breath wisps in the low lights of the street lamps. She looked up noticing mistletoe tied to the streetlamp above them. Her cheeks turned a light pink when she looked at Taiki. Their eyes met causing her to blush ever so slightly brighter. Her heart was becoming like a drum with anticipation should she kiss him or pretend she never saw the mistletoe? She went on her tiptoes and lightly placed a kiss onto his lips. His eyes widened at the sudden gesture of affection. Then slowly and gently he returned the kiss tasting the peppermint gloss she wore. The scent of her perfume, the ever present lotus and patchouli, on the night’s breeze seemed to add to the atmosphere. Just as gently as it had started the two broke the kiss. Both had flushed cheeks be it from the coldness that was present or from the kiss was hard to tell. Each however had a soft smile.
Silently he offered her his hand to continue on the path to the parking lot, she took it without hesitation. Little did they know the other two had watched the scene from the little porch, each had a little smirks on their faces.

7/30/12 08:03 pm

Her hair escaped the pin holding it back, falling into wisps of golden silk. Tanned cheeks turning pink as their eyes locked. His hand brushed gently against those cheeks, her own hand holding his there. She was almost like sunshine with how her hair caught every bit of moonlight that sneaked into the room. No, to him she was the sun giving him warmth with every smile and giggle. To her he was her north star, always helping her find her way when she was lost. Her free delicate hand now entangled itself with his free hand.  Laying on him like this flesh to flesh was one of her favorite ways of spending time with him. They didn’t need words in times like this.  Their connection was enough to speak thousands without a single letter. She freed her hand from his caressing one to play with the pools of brown that spilt onto the bed twisting a few locks ever so gently.

Most assumed they always had sex when like this. While at times it did happen in most cases they would lay like this content with the contact alone. Many times the brunet drew inspiration from their shared moments some of it lead to poems others to songs.  Only he would be able to draw out even little hums from the blonde. Even full singing at times, something she shared only with him. A gift he enjoyed.

A giggle escaped the blonde when he made himself the one on top his long locks almost making a blanket for her as they fell. This time she caressed his cheeks with both hands.  He smiled touching her forehead to his. So many times he tried to word to her how much she meant to him. Words something he knew he was good at could be lost with ease around her. For once tears came to his eyes, not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy.

“Taichan?” She inquired, breaking the silence.

“Ah forgive me Yuichan, I was just trying to find those words again.”

“You don’t have to say them. Your actions say it all.” She stated, wiping the tears away.

He was about to debate, but decided not to. She was right, perhaps words really weren’t necessarily. Someday however he would find the right words to say.

7/10/12 03:00 pm - Moonlight

The moonlight caught her hair making it twinkle like stardust in the warm breeze.  Little giggles of pure delight escaping her as she enjoyed the view.  His heart for some reason quickened as he gazed at her unable to move. His cheeks feeling warm as a smile came to his lips. His heart began beating even harder when she turned to look at him.

“Is something wrong Taikisan?” she inquired.

Words…could he even say words with what he saw?

“I…I’m fine. Don’t worry about it I just have a lot on my mind.” He stated at last.

Her smile faded into an unamused expression. “Taikisan…I can see the white lines in your aura. Don’t lie to me.”

He replied with a nervous smile, he had forgotten she could see that with her aura sight. “It’s nothing you need to worry yourself over. Just enjoy yourself.”

She went back to looking at the river the fireflies dancing everywhere. Water, seemed to be a common thing to appear whenever they were together. And thanks to her perfume it always smelt of lotus and patchouli with it. He was now quite fond of that scent combo thanks to her. For some reason it felt familiar giving the feeling of warmth and comfort. Much like the woman before him it in a way reflected the soothing aura she gave him.

What troubled him though is she always seemed to look so lonely, yet he seemed to always bring her back whenever she went far away into that state. Gently he took one of her hands from the bridge’s railing and began a little dance much to Yui’s surprise.

“The fireflies shouldn’t be the only ones allowed to dance.” He answered as if reading her thoughts.

Her cheeks tinted pink at being so close. She was far from a good dancer, but with him it didn’t seem to matter.  Even without music she found herself moving to a beat that matched Taiki’s. Their thundering heartbeats became the drums for their dance.

When their dance finished Yui was hesitant to break the contact between them. It felt just right being so close and so warm. She looked up at him their eyes meeting and locking. To Taiki’s surprise tears wear coming down her face.

“How…how can you manage to always make my loneliness fade away? Why is it only you can do this?” she asked.

“I couldn’t begin to tell you why.” He answered, for he honestly didn’t know.

He gently wiped away her tears when suddenly she took that same hand with one of her own nuzzling it. A light pink returned to his cheeks as he smiled. After she finished her nuzzling he began to move away only to be pulled back.

“Can we stay like this just a little longer…? You’re so warm.”  She stated.

He nodded and placed his jacket around her as he let her curl into his chest when they sat on the grass. They stayed like that for quite some time. She would always ask just a little longer when he suggested moving. He ended up chuckling in defeat after some time it was clear she didn’t want to move.

Eventually she fell asleep in his warmth much to the relief of his legs when he stood. Carefully he lifted her bridal style trying his best not wake her.  Much to his dismay the walk to the car ended up waking her slightly.

“Hmm where are we going Taikisan?” she asked sleepily.

“Home.” He answered.

Seeming satisfied with the answer she snuggled into him and went back to sleep.

He sighed; he would have a lot explaining to do to Seiya and Yaten bringing her back there. He would have gladly taken her back to her home, but he dare not leave her alone in that house, even if she was used to it.


The morning came the sunlight waking Yui from her slumber. Her sleepy eyes looked around processing that it wasn’t her room. She looked over to the other side of the bed to her surprise saw a slumbering Taiki. A light blush came across her face and then a smile seeing how peaceful he was. He always seemed to bottle up things, which she didn’t like him doing.  Noticing a stray strand of hair she lightly brushed it out of his face. She smiled now satisfied.

I…almost feel like his wife waking up like this. Gah! What am I thinking?! I shouldn’t be thinking things like that especially when he’s only a friend! Is he only a friend…? Or is he more…after last night.

Her light purple eyes looked over to the sleeping Taiki once more. Her mind recalled the night before rather fondly. That was truly something lovers would do. She swore she didn’t feel that way…until that dance.  Was she starting to fall for the brunette that lay beside her?  A light smile curled her lips when she realized she didn’t care if she was.

4/16/12 11:59 pm

Congratulations! I’m Prefect Robert Hilliard, and I’m delighted to welcome you to RAVENCLAW HOUSE. Our emblem is the eagle, which soars where others cannot climb; our house colours are blue and bronze, and our common room is found at the top of Ravenclaw Tower, behind a door with an enchanted knocker. The arched windows set into the walls of our circular common room look down at the school grounds: the lake, the Forbidden Forest, the Quidditch pitch and the Herbology gardens. No other house in the school has such stunning views.

Without wishing to boast, this is the house where the cleverest witches and wizards live. Our founder, Rowena Ravenclaw, prized learning above all else – and so do we. Unlike the other houses, who all have concealed entrances to their common rooms, we don’t need one. The door to our common room lies at the top of a tall, winding staircase. It has no handle, but an enchanted bronze knocker in the shape of an eagle. When you rap on the door, this knocker will ask you a question, and if you can answer it correctly, you are allowed in. This simple barrier has kept out everyone but Ravenclaws for nearly a thousand years.

Some first-years are scared by having to answer the eagle’s questions, but don’t worry. Ravenclaws learn quickly, and you’ll soon enjoy the challenges the door sets. It’s not unusual to find twenty people standing outside the common room door, all trying to work out the answer to the day’s question together. This is a great way to meet fellow Ravenclaws from other years, and to learn from them – although it is a bit annoying if you’ve forgotten your Quidditch robes and need to get in and out in a hurry. In fact, I’d advise you to triple-check your bag for everything you need before leaving Ravenclaw Tower.

Another cool thing about Ravenclaw is that our people are the most individual – some might even call them eccentrics. But geniuses are often out of step with ordinary folk, and unlike some other houses we could mention, we think you’ve got the right to wear what you like, believe what you want, and say what you feel. We aren’t put off by people who march to a different tune; on the contrary, we value them!

Speaking of eccentrics, you’ll like our Head of house, Professor Filius Flitwick. People often underestimate him, because he’s really tiny (we think he’s part elf, but we’ve never been rude enough to ask) and he’s got a squeaky voice, but he’s the best and most knowledgeable Charms master alive in the world today. His office door is always open to any Ravenclaw with a problem, and if you’re in a real state he’ll get out these delicious little cupcakes he keeps in a tin in his desk drawer and make them do a little dance for you. In fact, it’s worth pretending you’re in a real state just to see them jive.

Ravenclaw house has an illustrious history. Most of the greatest wizarding inventors and innovators were in our house, including Perpetua Fancourt, the inventor of the lunascope, Laverne de Montmorency, a great pioneer of love potions, and Ignatia Wildsmith, the inventor of Floo powder. Famous Ravenclaw Ministers for Magic include Millicent Bagnold, who was in power on the night that Harry Potter survived the Dark Lord’s curse, and defended the wizarding celebrations all over Britain with the words, ‘I assert our inalienable right to party'. There was also Minister Lorcan McLaird, who was a quite brilliant wizard, but preferred to communicate by puffing smoke out of the end of his wand. Well, I did say we produce eccentrics. In fact, we are also the house that gave the wizarding world Uric the Oddball, who used a jellyfish for a hat. He’s the punch line of a lot of wizarding jokes.

As for our relationship with the other three houses: well, you’ve probably heard about the Slytherins. They’re not all bad, but you’d do well to be on your guard until you know them well. They’ve got a long house tradition of doing whatever it takes to win – so watch out, especially in Quidditch matches and exams.

The Gryffindors are OK. If I had a criticism, I’d say Gryffindors tend to be show-offs. They’re also much less tolerant than we are of people who are different; in fact, they’ve been known to make jokes about Ravenclaws who have developed an interest in levitation, or the possible magical uses of troll bogies, or ovomancy, which (as you probably know) is a method of divination using eggs. Gryffindors haven’t got our intellectual curiosity, whereas we’ve got no problem if you want to spend your days and nights cracking eggs in a corner of the common room and writing down your predictions according to the way the yolks fall. In fact, you’ll probably find a few people to help you.

As for the Hufflepuffs, well, nobody could say they’re not nice people. In fact, they’re some of the nicest people in the school. Let’s just say you needn’t worry too much about them when it comes to competition at exam time.

I think that’s nearly everything. Oh yes, our house ghost is the Grey Lady. The rest of the school thinks she never speaks, but she’ll talk to Ravenclaws. She’s particularly useful if you’re lost, or you’ve mislaid something.

I’m sure you’ll have a good night. Our dormitories are in turrets off the main tower; our four-poster beds are covered in sky blue silk eiderdowns and the sound of the wind whistling around the windows is very relaxing.

And once again: well done on becoming a member of the cleverest, quirkiest and most interesting house at Hogwarts.

4/10/12 08:46 pm - Fever

Taiki staggered into the room his vision seeming to double. Oh what a headache he had. Trying to focus he headed towards the couch seeing Yui and Yaten going over something.

“You’re right it does work better as piano here. I’ll have to change that when I get home.” Yui stated looking at the sheet music and placing a sticky note on the part.

“What are you two going over?” Taiki asked

“A little project of mine.” Yui answered looking over at him. “Yaten’s helping me with the right tone for it since it’s been so long since I’ve written a song.”

The brunette pouted, “I could have helped you with that.”

Sweat beaded on the blonde’s face, “Well Seiya stated you weren’t feeling good so I asked Yaten instead. I didn’t want to trouble you with this.”

Yaten sighed, “You should go back to bed Taiki. You need all the rest you can get.”

“I agree with Yaten.  You look like you need it.” Yui said getting up to help motion him back towards his room.

He then flopped into her, leaning his head between her neck and shoulder. Yui’s cheeks went pink thanks to the close contact. “If Yuichan is my nurse I’ll get better a lot faster. “

“H-How would I even make a difference? I’d do nothing different from what Yaten or Seiya would do.” She stuttered.

“Are you truly that blind little Yuichan?” He inquired, with a little chuckle.

Yaten’s eyes widened at Taiki’s statement, the fever must’ve been higher than he and Seiya thought.  Especially with how honest he was being. Though it now confirmed their suspicion they had for months on how Taiki felt.

“Blind to what exactly?” Yui questioned in return, her cheeks growing brighter with his hot breath on her neck.

He moved his head away from where it had laid taking one of her hands into his placing it onto his chest. “This belongs to you.”

He then gently kissed the same hand looking up at her. To his surprise he saw tears tricking down her cheeks.

“I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He stated.

“Don’t apologize…I was just overwhelmed with joy it came out of my eyes.” Yui replied.”…No one has ever meant it when they said it to me before.”

Taiki only smiled kissing her cheek. “You should get to bed though mister. I will not have you stressing your body out with that high fever of yours.” She scolded.

Yaten couldn’t help chucking seeing the look of defiance Taiki tried giving her.

“I know of a good way to sweat out my fever Yuichan.” Taiki stated with a mischievous grin.

Another blush crept upon her cheeks again. “Ha. Not while you’re sick. Now to bed and I’ll at least bring you a cold patch.”

The brunette pouted, but obeyed. Yui sighed. “Is he always this open when sick?”

Another chuckle escaped Yaten, “Not really. Unless it’s a fever he’s pretty normal. “

Yui then looked at her hand smiling, “Do you think he’ll remember what he said?”

Yaten shrugged. “Who knows. If he doesn’t, don’t take it to heart. His feelings were genuine there so you do know what he feels, even if he doesn’t remember confessing. ” He put a hand on her shoulder, “If he does remember expect him to be a little more flirtatious.”

She nodded, “So are there cold patches in his room?”

“Yeah. They should be on his dresser.”

“Thanks. I think I’m going to go play nursemaid till I have to head home.”

3/13/12 01:03 pm - Rain

The score board was something that was dreaded by nearly everyone, save for the overachievers. They seemed to love seeing where they placed hoping to top the class. With Taiki and Ami in the same class that was unlikely, though it didn’t stop some form trying just for the bragging rights. A loud groan came from the large group hovering over the board.  To no one’s surprise Taiki read number one and Ami number two.


Soon the coward parted so a petite blonde finally had the chance to see her own score.  Her feet going up ever so slightly, so she could get a better look.  She frowned at her placement.

“Number four again. Why must I get the unlucky number?” She grumbled to herself.

She didn’t mind being high on the charts, but getting the number of death was never pleasant. Her mood went even more downward when she saw her placement in math. 

“Twenty-eight!? Oh dear I’m worst at it than I thought. I thought I at least scored better than that. I even studied.” She groaned.

“Ah, Kurosan just the person I wanted to talk to.” A feminine voice stated.

The blonde turned, seeing no other than her math teacher. “What do you need of me Junko-sensei ?”

Beads of sweat were starting to build on Yui’s face, this teacher always made her nervous.

“With how your scores have been lately, I’m arranging for one of the other students to be your tutor. You can come out now.” Ms. Junko stated, motioning for someone to come forward. A very tall brunette now stood beside the older woman.

Sweat now dripped down one of Yui’s cheek, recognizing who was stating before her.  "Shit." Yui thought, "If the rest of the girls in class find out I’ll be eaten alive…Or worst they’ll try to convert me."

“Is something wrong Yui-san?” The brunette asked.

Yui waved her hands in front of her laughing nervously. “Nothing’s wrong at all. Just embarrassed you had to find out about my math issues.”

Taiki raised an eyebrow not buying her full story. “Well shall we arrange some good times to meet?”

“I’ll leave you two to discuss this in private.” And then the older woman was gone.

An auditable sigh escaped Yui, “I guess any day I’m not working would be good.  Now the issue is your house or mine.”

Taiki was silent for a moment thinking, “Mine isn’t exactly quiet. Yaten and Seiya have both in bad moods lately.”

“Oh. I see.” She replied, her feet and hands fidgeting, “I guess we could try my house then.”

“If it makes things easier I could give you a ride home so we could start.” He offered.

A tint of pink rushed onto Yui’s cheeks, her fingers now twisting some of the locks of her hair. And then went to the motion of straighten her skirt as she tried to think of how to word her answer. She’d never been in someone else’s car before let alone had a guest at the house.

 Breaking his more serious upfront for a moment he smiled see how flustered she was at his offer. Flustered girls were something he didn’t see too often, when towards himself. Most of the fans kept their distance from him flocking to the more charisma Seiya and Yaten. He partly wondered if this why Seiya liked coming off as a player, despite being far from it.

Something with the woman before him was different than what the fangirls were, different than his friendly rivalry with Ami. Dare he even think it was truly the most different than with his precious Kakyuuhime? What it was he couldn’t really place, but she always seem to find a way to put him at ease, even when flustered herself.

“A ride home would be nice. It looks like it’s starting to rain.” Yui said at last, shattering the silence.

Taiki looked out the now tear stained window, “So it is. Well perhaps we should hurry then. “

“Yes, let’s.”

Once they reached the door it was pouring in sheets.  Both sighed their breaths little wisps on the little wind that blew. Yui dug into her school bag pulling out an umbrella.

“You better be sharing that.” Taiki stated seeing her opening in.

“Now why would I do that? You’re not wearing white.” She huffed, avoiding his eyes.

A playful smile curled his lips, “Then I might have to give you a hug when I am all wet from the rain.”

Yui glared at him, knowing he would. “Fine.” She growled handing him the umbrella.

Taiki thanked her and motioned for her to come closer so they both wouldn’t get wet.

As they walked together, Yui paused looking at the flowers than had been planted in the parking lot. She then looked upwards at the raining flooded clouds as it continued to drizzle. Her hair was already soaked from the downpour causing little droplets to fall giving the illusion she was crying. Taiki’s and her eyes met as she came back under the umbrella.

“Taiki, why does the sky cry? Is it moved by the beauty it helps to create? Or does it weep knowing it can never touch the earth, its tender and sweet love?”

He closed his eyes for moment listening to the rain and then met her eyes again. “Perhaps it’s a little of both. Come now, we best be off or we’ll both catch a cold in this weather.”

She nodded and said nothing more watching things go by when they were in the car. Rain wasn’t normally so calming for her since storms normally followed. But today it seemed to add to the peaceful atmosphere she sensed when around Taiki. It was comfortable, yet vaguely familiar.

Their study session, however, didn’t last long ending in laughter as Taiki’s stomach had growled demanding to be fed. When Yui had left the room to cook them a hot meal, Taiki’s phone rang. He sighed knowing it was Seiya.

“So how goes the tutoring?”

“It’s not at the moment. We stopped to eat.”

“Ah, I see. You seem a little more open today. Did something happen between you two?”

“Not that I’m aware of. We’ve just talked really.”

“What about that feeling you get? Did it happen again?”

“Let’s not discuss that for now. I’ll tell you later. Anything else you need?”

“No, just checking in on you. Well I should start doing my own homework. Bye.”

Taiki rolled his eyes and closed the phone.

The scent of miso was now spreading through the house, “I hope you don’t mind miso with tofu.” She called.

He walked over to the kitchen leaning against one of the counters, “Sounds good to me. Anything I can do to help?”

“Umm yes, you can chop those scallions.” Yui replied, chopping up the tofu into small squares.

“This feeling again,” Taiki thought while chopping.  “This warmth when I’m with her. It feels so unfamiliar to what I am now, yet I know it as if I’ve lived in it before.”

“Taikikun, the scallions please.” Yui said, disrupting him from his thoughts.

“Oh right, sorry.” He replied, handing her the cutting board so she could pour it in the stew.

Not too long afterward the stew was ready and their stomachs satisfied. Yui then took this opportunity to change out of her school uniform into something more comfortable. Taiki half felt she was trying to find any excuse to not go over the math. Once she returned they did start going over the math again, much to his relief.

“…Are you wearing perfume?” He asked, picking up a scent he didn’t recall being their previously.

“No. I am wearing some lotion though. ” She answered.

“Oh. Sorry, I just smelt patchouli and lotus normally those are used for perfumes.” Taiki commented.

“Well it is a lotion that came with a perfume I have. Maybe that’s why. I believe the scents in it are patchouli and lotus. Do you not like it?” Yui inquired.

“It’s not that I don’t like it. More of the scent just caught me off guard.”

“Oh. Sorry.” Yui stated, looking down.

“Nothing to be sorry for. It’s at least a pleasant scent. Unlike some of those scents Seiya has worn.” Taiki replied with a deep frown at the memory.

Yui couldn’t help giggling, “Must be quite a strong smell with that expression.”

“You have no idea.  Even Yaten thought it was awful.”

More giggles escaped from Yui, “I like it when you’re open like this. You always seem so distant.”

“And I like it when you smile genuine like this. It suits you more than those fake smiles you put on at school.” Taiki retorted.

A light blush crept to Yui’s cheeks again. “You could tell? For how long?”

“I’ve always been able to tell. It’s your eyes that always give it away.” He answered, brushing some hair out of her face, “Such pretty eyes shouldn’t look so sad.”

Her cheeks turned a brighter pink, such compliments she wasn’t use to. Yet she couldn’t find herself looking away from his. It was like they drew her in. They stayed like that in silence as if each trying to read what the other was thinking. A crash of thunder broke the silence. Yui yelped and ended up clinging to Taiki.

“I think that’s enough studying for the evening. We’re not going to get anything done with that noise.” He stated with a sigh.

“Please stay.” Yui whispered, a hand tightly gripping onto his shirt.

He said nothing and stroked her hair his other arm around her protectively. To help soothe her he began humming.

Several house later Yui’s mother came home smiling seeing both asleep on the couch. Gently she put a blanket over the two whispering, “Thanks for keeping her safe for me.”

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