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кєι ❤ тιмe ѕтαɴdѕ ѕтιll ([info]lunareuphoria) wrote in [info]rosetintmyworld,
@ 2011-01-20 04:08:00

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every boulevard is a miracle mile
Disney → 20 [for Dreamwidth's Fandom20in20]
ft. lady & the tramp, 101 dalmatians, fox & the hound, oliver & company and fox & the hound 2

Animus The Creed Florence Ezio Leap of Faith
Altair Blending in Blade Desmond Templar

CATEGORY - The Brotherhood.
Category #1 Category #2 Category #3 Category #4 Category #5

Artist's Choice #1 Artist's Choice #2 Artist's Choice #3 Artist's Choice #4 Artist's Choice #5

Animus Florence Leap of Faith Blending In Desmond Templar

definition used for templar; a tab or tag attached to a page, file card, etc., to mark it for attention (i.e. lady's collar and tag)

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2011-01-20 09:02 pm UTC (link)
Oh, these are so completely charming. I saw that you'd claimed this and knew it would be adorable and I WAS RIGHT. Altair just slays me (how could it possibly not!), and I like what you came up with for Blade! Your Brotherhood category is a really neat idea as well - though gosh, I didn't realise how old some of these films were!

Another wonderful set though, ahhh. ;;

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2011-01-20 09:30 pm UTC (link)
;-; You flatter me, dear! I was a little worried about, well, a lot of these but the fact that you like them makes me all dlkfjlsdkf. ♥ Thank you so much!

Making the ones for Brotherhood, I was so surprised how old some of these were myself! 101 Dalmatians in 1961?! I mean honestly, I was so surprised! I need to brush up on my Disney history! :)

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2011-01-21 12:15 am UTC (link)
I love blending in. The combination of text and font and image are perfect.

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2011-01-21 03:37 pm UTC (link)
Nice set! I really like Animus and Altair and Templar.

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2011-01-21 03:53 pm UTC (link)
These are so cute! I really like Altair and Blade, and your Category set is very clever. Makes me want to rewatch the movies. :D

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2011-01-29 08:59 am UTC (link)
GUH. I've also just realized that there were some of these dogs I didn't know about /fail!lyd.

the creed, florence, ezio, blending in, blade, desmond, templar are my favourite themes (what do you mean by it's not really 'favourite' if I list 70% of them!?) SO STUNNING. really, the creed&ezio are just perfect fits for those claims, florence is so beautifully stunning, colouring is so bright and the lighting/textures just make it look more stunning, blending in is again perfect fit face/text is so cute! (darn, altair is also really cute icon, love the way you picked that image 'cause it looks like he's making himself look smaller and just kind of double perfect to fit the claim - if that makes sense.) Then there's the adorableness factor in blade, the utter perfection of desmond - how we barely see them touching and yet we all know they've just have eaten the same spaghetti and the use of that font/layer for the text of love (like it's scrabble) just totally seems to me as a perfect fit (yes, I love scrabble so I might be bias). Templar?! just love how you've unsaturated the icon to just make us stare at the collar.

the category set is really original (at least imo), love the fact you've dated them and all (that's what made me realize that I so totally was not aware of some of these films) & that ac set - one of my favourite scenes and the way you've used the coloring/saturation rate so it goes on to be b&w idk it just seems to fit the set perfectly , and I highly approve of going from color to b&w I think it's far more powerful than the other way which would in most occasions be the obvious way to go (or it just seems like it would to my brain).

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