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Community Information

Below is information about the "Rose Tint My World - A Graphics Community" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:rosetintmyworld (16453)
[Rose Tint My World]
(no userpics)
Name:Rose Tint My World - A Graphics Community
Theme:icons, graphics, graphic design

Welcome to Rose Tint My World!

This is the icon journal of [info]lunareuphoria, [info]lovemedead and [info]shinimegami.

This is where we post... well, whatever we want. Graphics are something that we both enjoy, and we wanted to share them with our friends on Scribbld.

Our rules are simple.:
1. Please credit our work. All we ask is that you give credit in the comments area when you upload one of our icons. If you credit then your friends can check us out too!
--1.a Please comment to our icons also. We would like to know what is liked so that we can make more of that!
2. Do not steal our work. It is really just rude. You wouldn't like it if someone went and took credit for something you did!
3. Please don't hotlink. Bandwidth is a precious thing, please respect it.
4. Please, do not bring your drama here. We are a peaceful place. We are here for the love of graphics! Do not taint that.

Thank you for reading!

Interests:27: anime, anime icons, art, bases, books, fonts, friends only banners, graphic design, graphics, html, icon, icons, images, japan, layouts, lyrics, manga, movies, music, nature, photography, pictures, poetry, quotes, text, tribal artwork, video games
Maintainers:3: lovemedead, lunareuphoria, shinimegami
Members:18: autopsyfear, diaochan, eevee, franziska, kirie, lovemedead, lunareuphoria, mei, purplerain, rei, rubbish, shinimegami, unicorn, utena, whiskey, wolf, zombeh
Watched by:22: alazif, amymeowcat, autopsyfear, diaochan, eevee, jobhopperdave, juuhachigou, kiokushitaka, kirie, lovemedead, lunareuphoria, policeacademy, purplerain, rei, rubbish, sehnsucht, shinimegami, unicorn, utena, whiskey, wolf, yunalesca
Account type:Early Free User

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