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User:purplerain (20828)
just a girl
Location:Montana, United States

When your doubts have got you thinking, nothing's ever really sacred and you're afraid you might believe it. Believe in me and I'll give you a reason. Because the world around us keeps on moving and there's no doubt that I still love you. So when you feel the darkness coming, rising inside, I'll make a light to guide you back home.

Memories2 entries
Interests:38: , angelina jolie, barnes & noble, beach, beaches, blue, breakfast club, california, celebrities, diet pepsi, downpours, ellen degeneres, fonts, glitter, haunted shit, icons, ipod, ireland, justin timberlake, kisses, moonlight, mulder, music, photography, pink, purple rain, rain, roleplaying, rp, sparkly icons, spring, starbucks, sunsets, texting, the beach, the ocean, the x-files, tulips
People5:fresca, jimmy, news, purplerain, system
Communities3:100x100, hotdamn_icons, rosetintmyworld
Mutual Friends:1: purplerain
Member of:3: 100x100, hotdamn_icons, rosetintmyworld
Account type:Early Free User

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