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agent_anarchy ([info]agent_anarchy) wrote,
@ 2011-01-22 09:03:00

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Entry tags:tarot game

The Tarot Game: Character Listing
'Cause we need one damn it.

0. The Fool
1. The Magician
Alistair Westerveldt
Brother of Kingston and Victor.
Magician in the light sense...
And the dark sense.
Player: Becky
2. The High Priestess
Adelle Nazar
Sister of Eve and Caden.
Has gone very much insane from her visions of the future.
Player: Carol
3. The Empress
Eve Nazar Westerveldt
Empress of the Arcane Kingdom, wife to Kingston Westerveldt and disciple of the Prophetess Orche.
Player: Carol
4. The Emperor
Kingston Westerveldt
Brother of Alistair and Victor. Husband to Eve. Father of Varvenis, Malcolm, Christoph, Louis, and Elizabeth.
Rules his kingdom with an iron fist. Is rumored to have killed his own son Malcolm.
Player: Carol
5. The Hierophant
Victor Westerveldt
Brother to the Emporer and husband to many.
Player: Joey
6. The Lovers: Him
Khan Nazim Arif
General of the Royal Guard for the Kingdom of Pentacles. Approximately equivalent in authority to Khan Abeersarathstra, though the elder general is senior in matters of disagreement.
Player: Sass
6. The Lovers: Her
Nahema al-Dinar
A fierce warrior whom acts as a safeguard or banker for the kingdom in times of peace. She was betrothed to Nazim Arif at birth, and as they grew to know one another in their mutual service of the Kingdom they fell in love.
Player: Sass
7. The Chariot
The Prophetess Orché
Adviser to the Crown. Despite the religious nature of the Pentacles Kingdom, the pagan prophet is still called upon for her wisdom. Approximately older than creation itself, Orché practices the old, forbidden arts of the dark ages including augury and spellcraft, with varying degrees of apparent success.
Player: Sass
8. Strength
Player: Becky
9. The Hermit
Spy for the Kingdom of Pentacles.
Player: Sass
10. Wheel of Fortune
Player: Joey
11. Justice
12. The Hanged Man
Caden Nazar
Brother to the Emperess. General fuck up.
Player: Carol
13. Death
14. Temperance
Temperance is the religion that prevails in the House of Pentacles, it is an idea rather than a character, but such a pervasive facet of the Pentacles lives that it deserves to be counted among the Arcana.
Player: Sass
15. The Devil
Azrael Seward
Father of Leopold and Fiona.
Is the High Inquisitor of the Emperor, as well as the favored executioner.
He is training his daughter to take his place in secret.
Player: Carol
16. The Tower
Fiona Seward
Daughter of Azrael. Sister of Leopold.
Has ambitions to be the first female High Inquisitor. May have had her fiancee Aragon Seabrooke killed during the war so that he wouldn't impede her ambition.
Player: Carol
17. The Star
Kohaku, 25.
Bastard child of Malcolm Westerveldt.
Favorite artist and poet in the kingdom.
A bit femme. BFF's with Elizabeth.
Player: Becky
18. The Moon
Liam Westerveldt-Bard, 25
Son of Elizabeth Westerveldt.
Prophet for the swords house.
Player: Becky
19. The Sun
Cecilia Aveere
Harlot and prisoner to the House of Staves for "treason"
Player: Joey
20. Judgment
21. The World
Nicolo Isaia
Physician to the House of Staves.
Player: Joey

House of Cups
King of Cups
Emir Nazim Harith
Husband of Aiko.
Fugitive King.
Player: Carol
Queen of Cups
Emi Sato Westerveldt
Widow of Malcolm Westerveldt
Motehr of Aiko, Rikku, Yukiko, and Yuna
Is grasping to keep her kingdom together
Player: Carol
Knight of Cups
Isamu Kimura
Head of the House of Cups military
Player: Carol
Page of Cups
Ume Tanaka
Adopted daughter of Isamu Kimura
She is the second in command of the military forces
Player: Carol
Ten of Cups

Player: Sara
Nine of Cups
Hideki Itsuki
Not-entirely-dedicated zen monk with a talent for landscaping. Good friends with Princess Rikku.
Player: Sass
Eight of Cups
Yumi Sato
Niece of Emi Westerveldt.
Player: Becky
Seven of Cups
Princess Yukiko Westerveldt Shin
Third born daughter of Malcolm and Emi. Married to Jung Shin.
Grasping schemer.
Player: Carol
Six of Cups
Rikku Westerveldt Tanaka
The second daughter of the House of Cups
Widow of Kenshin Tanaka and expecting mother
Player: Becky
Five of Cups
Handmaiden to Empress Eve
Player: Carol
Four of Cups
Dastun Kimura
Retired Knight for the House of Cups
Father of Isamu Kimura
Player: Carol
Three of Cups
Jung Shin
Yukiko's husband. Something of a party boy.
Player: Joey
Two of Cups
Princess Aiko Westerveldt Nazim
First born daughter of Malcolm and Emi
Wife of Emir Nazim Harith
Player: Carol
Ace of Cups

House of Pentacles
King of Pentacles
King Varvenis Westerveldt
Eldest son of Emperor Kingston Westerveldt and Empress Eve Westerveldt.
Player: Sass
Queen of Pentacles
Potential lover of King Varvenis.
Player: Carol
Knight of Pentacles
Prince Finnarch
First son of the King and his first wife, and heir to the House of Pentacles.
Player: Joey
Page of Pentacles
Khan Vidal Abeersarathstra
General of the Royal Guard for the House of Pentacles.
Player: Sass
Ten of Pentacles
Princess Maricosa
Youngest child of the King and his first wife.
Player: Sass
Nine of Pentacles
Queen Bariah
Second wife of the King and mother of his youngest child, Princess Imphera.
Player: Sass
Eight of Pentacles
Player: Becky
Seven of Pentacles
Ayatollah ben Faisal
Spiritual leader for the House of Pentacles and its subjects.
Player: Sass
Six of Pentacles
Mumtaz Princess Ebilene
Eldest daughter of the King and his first wife. Is being groomed for a life in the service of spiritual undertakings.
Player: Sass
Five of Pentacles
Faiz Veçhzma
A slave of the kingdom.
Player: Sass
Four of Pentacles

Player: Sara
Three of Pentacles
Tarven Smith
A skilled metalworker in the service of the kingdom.
Player: Sass
Two of Pentacles
Princess Imphera
Youngest daughter of the King, and only child of the King and his second wife.
Player: Sass
Ace of Pentacles
Orphan adopted into Temperance
Player: Joey

House of Staves
King of Staves
Christoph Westerveldt
Third son of the Emperor.
Player: Joey
Queen of Staves
Odilia Westerveldt (formerly Ishild)
Wife of the King.
Player: Joey
Knight of Staves
Annegret Ishild
Warrior in the army. Sister of Odilia, Jess, and Olie. The responsible one.
Player: Carol
Page of Staves
Ten of Staves
Jessika Ishild
Warrior and fearsome drunk. Sister of Odilia, Anne, and Olie.
Player: Carol
Nine of Staves
Vreni Westerveldt (formerly Alverad)
Player: Joey
Eight of Staves
Hanne and Hilde Westerveldt
She and her twin are the youngest children of the King and Queen and their only daughters. Both gifted with sight, Hanne sees things that have already come to pass, Hilde sees things things to come.
Player: Joey
Seven of Staves
Kaspar Westerveldt
Youngest (and most troublesome) son of the King and Queen and warrior.
Player: Joey
Six of Staves
Olie & Dalla Wolfram (formerly Alverad)
He is an entertainer and magician for the House of Staves. She is a spy and an assassin.
Player: Joey
Five of Staves

Player: Sara
Four of Staves
Sascha and Mariele Westerveldt
He is the second son of the King and Queen. He is a warrior for their kingdom. She is his wife. They have a young daughter named Gretchen.
Player: Joey
Three of Staves
Ottilie Westerveldt
Fled to Runic Kingdom
Player: Joey
Two of Staves
August Westeveldt
Third son of Christoph and Odilia Westerveldt, brother of Erich, Sascha, Pascal, Kaspar, Hanne and Hilde Westerveldt. August is next in line for the throne of the Staves Kingdom.
Player: Sass
Ace of Staves
Prince Pascal Westerveldt
Fourth born son to Christoph and Odilia
Player: Becky

House of Swords
King of Swords
King Louis Westerveldt, 45
The fourth son of the Emperor.
Married to Genevieve. He is just, kind, loyal, and thoughtful.
Player: Becky
Queen of Swords
Queen Elizabeth Westerveldt, 45
The only daughter of the Emperor and twin to Louis.
She is the black sheep of the family and mother of Liam. She's odd but her advice is some of the best.
Player: Becky
Knight of Swords
Triston Wycliffe, 40
Knight and trusted friend of Louis.
Married to Chloe and father of Adrienne. He is sometimes reckless but often very thoughtful and clever.
Player: Becky
Page of Swords
Page of Swords, Adrienne Wycliffe
Triston's daugther
Player: Becky
Ten of Swords
Genevieve Westerveldt, 40.
Wife of Louis, embittered bride
Devastated mother
Player: Becky
Nine of Swords
Logan Westerveldt, 20.
The youngest child of Louis and Genevieve.
Player: Becky
Eight of Swords
Seven of Swords
Amara Westerveldt
Samuel's wife
Player: Joey
Six of Swords

Player: Sara
Five of Swords
Joanna Dahl
Handmaiden to Queen Elizabeth. Spy for another house.
Player: Carol
Four of Swords
Ráimundr Kjærstad
Husband of Princess Alexandra. Originally a Rune who fled to the Swords Kingdom just after war broke out.
Player: Sass
Three of Swords
Subira Tapiwa
William Bard's niece
Player: Joey
Two of Swords
Alexandra, 22
The eldest daughter of Louis and Genevieve.
She is the polar opposites of her twin Samuel.
One destroys while the other builds.
Player: Becky
Two of Swords
Samuel, 22
The eldest son of Louis and Genevieve.
He is the polar opposites of his win Alexandra.
One destroys while the other builds.
Player: Becky
Ace of Swords
Lily Asher
Personal assistant to Elizabeth and gossip queen
Player: Becky

Runic Kingdom
Audo Lófason
Ambassador to the Arcane Kingdoms. Gambler.
Player: Sara
Tár Steinsson
Horse breeder. Ex-military.
Player: Sara
Torbjörn Grímsson
Leech. Ex-military.
Player: Sara
Walderik Viðarson
High Chieftan. Ruler of the Runic Kingdom.
Player: Sara
Jóvina Társdóttir
Daughter of Tár.
Player: Sara
Runa Valdardóttir
Adopted daughter of the High Chieftan. Volva. Cliché.
Player: Sara
Hyun Hale
Isamu's bastard child.
Player: Joey
Siri Haugaard
A Runic mercenary currently siding with the High Chieftain in the Great War.
Player: Sass
Amos Taber
Likes ships. Parents hail from the Kingdom of Swords.
Player: Sara
Kale Víkarson
Training for the Military.
Player: Sara
Player: Becky
Liv Mævadóttir
Warrior in the Military.
Player: Sara
Sigrún Tumadóttir
Wife of the High Chieftan.
Player: Sara
Gudvar Árnason
Previous leader of the military. Now involved in training new recruits.
Player: Sara
Sólveig Brúnmansdóttir
Healer. Of wealthy stock.
Player: Sara
Végeir Snorrason
Lawspeaker of the National Thing. Also involved in military matters.
Player: Sara
Ívarr Randarson
In the military. Has a talent for surviving in unbelievable situations.
Player: Carol
Trygve Torbjörnson
Son of Torbjörn. Just completed his military training.
Player: Sara
Secret. Bad influence on the High Chieftan.
Player: Sara
Eilíf Dhiri
Player: Sara
Sveinn Randarson
Player: Sara
Úlfr Randarson
Father of Sveinn, brother of Ivarr
Player: Becky
Álof Ormgeirsdóttir
In the process of taking over her father's affairs in the old village.
Player: Sara

NPCs, Other
Formerly: Ten of Cups
Princess Yuna Westerveldt
The youngest daughter of Malcolm and Emi.
Formerly: Five of Cups
Midori Tanaka
Older sister of Ume Tanaka and mother to the decease Kenshin.
Bertilda "Tilda" Alverad
Orphanage guardian and Terese and Dalla's older sister.
Abrafo "Abe" Atilla
Warrior General and Royal Guard (when not at war) and guard/warrior trainer.
Svana Frith
Hanne's servant.
Gundisalv Odovacar
Head of Security.
Raja Westerveldt
Daughter of Samuel and Amara, trouble maker.
Ezra Westerveldt
Son of Samuel and Amara, rabble rouser.
Ephrem Westerveldt
Injured and blinded in the war. Alistair's son.
Head servant of Staves.
Formerly: The Lovers (3rd game)
Leopold Seward
Hapless son of Azrael, brother of Fiona.
The Dead
Formerly: The Devil
Aragon Seabrooke
Deceased fiance of Fiona Seward. It's rumored (and highly probable) that she had him killed during the war simply so she wouldn't have to marry him.
Formerly: The Star
Nimue Hale
Deceased. Former lover of Isamu Kimura and mother of Hyun Hale. Hyun grew up in the brothel where her mother worked as a dancer and entertainer. Isamu doesn't know he had a child.
Emil Ishild
Brother to Odilia, Jess, Anne, and Olie. Husband to Vreni, killed in battle in the Runic War.
William Bard
Died twenty-five years ago. Liam's father.
Formerly: King of Cups
Malcolm Westerveldt
Husband of Emi, Father of Aiko, Rikku, Yukiko, and Yuna
Died in the Great Runic War
Formerly: The Lovers (1st and 2nd game)
Kenshin Tanaka
Son of Midori Tanaka. Husband of Rikku.
Died in the Great War.
Formerly: Ace of Staves
Erich Westerveldt
Oldest Stave prince; believed to have gone missing during war but was actually murdered by his brother.
Formerly: Ace of Swords
Chloe Wycliffe
Deceased wife of Triston, mother of Adrienne.
Princess Marielle Westerveldt
Daughter of Louis. Mysteriously dead at the age of eight, the loss of the youngest princess devastated her family years ago.
Formerly: Queen of Pentacles
Queen Ahrisat
The first wife of Varvenis. She was killed when his mistress became pregnant so that Varvenis could marry her. She is the mother of Finnarch, Maricosa, and Ebilene.

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