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agent_anarchy ([info]agent_anarchy) wrote,
@ 2011-01-22 09:24:00

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Entry tags:tarot game

The Tarot Game: House Info, Kingdom of Pentacles
Kingdom of Pentacles

Location: Southwest corner of the empire

Ruler: King Varvenis Westerveldt

Geography: The Kingdom of Pentacles is largely flatlands, suitable for agriculture and cattle farming. There are thick forests spread throughout the territory which shelter various wildlife, and are constantly cut and renewed for logging. The majority of the population lives in the large walled city surrounding the castle at the centre of the Kingdom, though there are smaller, established villages in other areas. The main areas of trade are in the main city and at small ports around the coast.

People: 81% Native, 17% Mixed, 2% Other (noun/adj. Pentacleon)

Religion: Temperance, observed and enforced (noun/adj. Temperant)

The Kingdom of Pentacles is located in the southwestern corner of Kingston Westerveldt's empire, furthest from the battlefront on the shores of the Arcane. Prior to its annexation as a kingdom, the Pentacleon people had lived in the area for many centuries. The Pentacleons are distinguishable from their neighbours by their dark complexions and religious devotion to a deity named Temperance, and the strict laws that are placed upon their peoples in his/her name.

Temperance is a religion similar to Medieval Christianity, though there is no Christ-figure to speak of. Temperance is the One God, and his/her representative is the Ayatollah, elected for a life term by fellow religious leaders upon the death of the previous Ayatollah. The Ayatollah is second in authority only to the King. The religion is strictly followed, at times fanatically. Certain aspects of the Temperance religion that have had major impact on the history of the kingdom include the Transgressions, such as adultery and the matter of illegitimate children, drinking on Fridays, and the acceptance (or absolute lack thereof) of other religions.

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