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agent_anarchy ([info]agent_anarchy) wrote,
@ 2011-01-22 09:25:00

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Entry tags:tarot game

The Tarot Game: House Info, Kingdom of Staves
Kingdom of Staves

Location: Southeast corner of the Empire

Ruler: King Christoph Westerveldt, son of the Emporer. The kingship, in the Staves kingdom, passes on to the eldest prince in the event that the king dies or is unable to rule.

People: 79% Native, 13% Refugee, 7% Mixed, <1% Other

Out of the four brothers, Christoph met the most resistance by the people of the kingdom he were to rule over. The hesitation of the Staves about Christoph taking the throne was due to worries that he'd try and change their ways.

The Stave kingdom, a mountaneous area full of simple people, was (and still is) the area of the prior Arcane kingdom the least travelled to (namely due to it's difficult terrain to navigate through). Thus, Staves tend to be a bit fearsome of outsiders and prefer to just keep to themselves.

Christoph was, surprisingly, accepted by the Stave people as their leader in a relatively short period. Christoph was on the same page for a majority of the Stave's beliefs and way of doing things. He allows the people of his kingdom to have a lot of freedoms and rules over them quietly.

The only city of the Stave kingdom, Anastavia, is the single area with virtually all of the refugees and non-Native persons in the kingdom.

Geography: Anastavia is situated in a valley at the base of the largest mountain in the kingdom. More specifically, the city is located on the southeast tip of the kingdom that juts out into the ocean. It is also arguably the largest, second to the city surrounding the Arcane castle, city in all five of the kingdoms.

The edge of the city, that is hugged by the ocean, is a cliff that drops down hundreds of feet to the salty waters below. The outrageous cliffs make Anastavia virtually impossible to invade from the water and, if the cliffs don't make outsiders second guess attacking, then the wall along the cliffs will.

The northwest side of the city is where the mountains begin, overshadowing the city when the sun is in the right place. The royal castle is conveniently located on the mountainside and looks down over all of the city.

Scattered throughout the rest of the kingdom are tiny communities (and sometimes just families living off the land all on their own) throughout the mountains here and there.

Religion: There is no established religion and all are allowed to practice freely.

Military: The Staves kingdom's military is quite fierce and has never been on the defense in any battle (the terrain a major factor). Typically women do not serve but its not unheard of.

Rights: Basic rights have been instilled over the kingdom. Again, the Staves are rather simple people who could care less what others outside of their family do or take part in. Any serious offenses such as theft, murder, etc. is taken care of by a small council appointed by Christoph himself.

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