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agent_anarchy ([info]agent_anarchy) wrote,
@ 2011-01-22 09:26:00

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Entry tags:tarot game

The Tarot Game: House Info, Kingdom of Swords
Kingdom of Swords

Location: Northwest-ish location within the empire

Geography: The area has a castle surrounded by a city. The outlaying area is largely a series of villages properly taken care of by the King and his nobles. There is a gate into the main city and all of the villages are protected by some sort of gate or wall.

Ruler: King Louis. His twin sister Elizabeth plays a large role in government. The King keeps close council with his top advisors and never makes a choice without consulting others, it's very democratic for a monarchy.

People: 58% Native, 32% Mixed, 10% Other

The House of Swords is very accepting of other cultures and people so it's pretty diverse even in the aristocracy itself. Many of the people marry someone from outside of the kingdom. The aristocracy is the aristocracy because they are good at their jobs, not because of lineage. Everyone has earned their spot.

The poorer people live in more outlying areas, such as the rural towns, or small communities on the edge of the city. For many orphans there are apprenticeships which can help them grow and learn a trait. There is a large chance that someone from the outlaying areas could get into the aristocracy through their works (ex. Kohaku).

Religion: There is no official religion for the House of Swords. There is a mix of diverse religions ranging from polytheistic to astrologically based religions to monotheism. This is largely because a lot of the culture in the Swords Kingdom is imported by immigrants.

Military: The military is very well trained, there are many ranks and officers to maintain the large numbers. A large portion of the day is spent training and both men and women are trained for battle. Although there is a large emphasis on training militarily the Kingdom is quiet peaceful and only uses military force when all other options have been exhausted.

Rights: All people have equal rights.

History: Louis was given the Sword Kingdom by his father Kingston.

It is widely known that Louis and his father share a difference of opinion on many things such as succession rules, aristocracy, and ruling in general but Louis does his best to keep civil with his father.

During the Runic War Louis tried to stay neutral but there was much clamor in the house about going to war with his father so as not to be threatened by him later. They needed a powerful ally and couldn't afford the emperors distaste. At the very end of the war Louis joined in on his father's side.

The House of Swords has not been known as a military-centered kingdom, there has always been more influence on scholarship, research, learning, art, and culture. It has been more friendly to new comers and accepting of new and old customs.

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