I'm staying up late tonight, me and my best friends getting shitty

Poppin' bottles in the ice, and all these girls are pretty

May 22nd, 2020

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Character Information
Full Name: Mackenzie Dubinsky
Nickname(s): Mack, Mac, Kenzie, Mack Daddy
Hometown: Rye, NY
Age and birthday: 18, April 3rd, 1993
House and Year: Sonnier, 13th
Electives & Schedule:
1- 7:45-8:30 - Student Teaching
2- 8:35-9:20 - Student Teaching
3- 9:25-10:10 - FREE
4- 10:15-11:00 - Advanced Charms work
5- 11:05-11:50 - LUNCH
6- 11:55-12:40 - Advanced Transfiguration II
7- 12:45-1:30 - FREE
8- 1:35-2:20 - Advanced Flying/Training
9- 2:25-3:10 - Student Teaching
Wand: Sturdy Ivy Ashwinder Ash core 10 inch
Boggart: Her Mother.
Patronus: Mackenzie’s patronus is the Honey Badger. A fierce and ferocious fighter the Honey Badger will viciously attack when escape is impossible. Tireless in combat and highly intelligent the Honey Badger can wear out large opponents in battle. They don’t give up easily and wont go down without a fight.
Animagus Form: N/A
Extracurricular activities: Pride Union, Quidditch Beater

Parents: Adam Dubinsky (Father), Kate Carroll (Mother), Craig Peterson [deceased] (Stepfather)
Siblings: Kia Dubinsky (23) graduate, Roger Peterson (20) graduate, Alex Peterson (28) graduate
Extended Family: She has a large extended family on both her father and mothers sides.
Familiar: Extremely fat cat named Lunkhead
Sexuality: Homosexual.
Significant Others: Tatum Donnelly (Girlfriend)- The closest friend she ever had, she was slightly taken aback when she realized how she felt about the girl. Once she came to terms with the fact that she was willing to settle down with the younger girl though, she tried to keep it a secret. Big secrets always come out however, and they ended up together at the end of her senior year. Even though it was a mess at the time, Mackenzie couldn't be happier.

(Past) Abigail Turpin- An older girl from Salem Institute for Magic. They weren’t extremely serious but it was enough of a relationship that Mackenzie was pretty angry when they broke it off. But then again, they broke it off due to the fact that Kate found out of about their sex life and pulled Mackenzie out of the school as it was “a bad influence”. They still write from time to time.

PB:Taylor Momsen

Detailed Description: Standing at 5’ 10”, she towers over most, making her feel somewhat awkward as she has spent most of her life until recently being shorter than her peers. Her avid training for Quiddich has left her a muscular body, making her a tall, lean, Quiddich machine. While she make look like someone could snap her like a twig, she is very solid and muscular.

Mackenzie has long blonde hair that is wavy and messy but sometimes she charms it straight if she’s not feeling lazy in the morning. She rarely wears make up and can be seen sporting a messy pony tail most days or wearing a beanie or hat. Mackenzie has two piercing’s, both in her ears and a white ink tattoo on both of her wrists, although its very hard to see it. You’ll have to know what you are looking for if you want to catch it.

When she’s not sporting her Quiddich robes, Mackenzie’s wardrobe consists of comfortable clothing. Her typical dress is a fitted pair of jeans, t-shirt and a sweatshirt or sweater of some kind. She does have a few nicer items when she needs to be fancy but overall her look is casual. She also enjoys hats, particularly knitted ones. She is also sometimes seen (although very rarely) wearing her favorite hand me down sweaters from her step-brothers along with baggy sweat pants. But such occasions are usually saved for her days off.


Likes: Quidditch, girls, a good book, doing well on her tests, getting high marks in her classes, Tatum, being in control, pissing off her mother, spending time with her father, snacking on things, intelligent conversation, the muggle show Glee (will never admit to it publicly), early morning strolls, solitude, comfortable silence, people who get her to smile, being a romantic (although she’ll never admit to it), smoking, whiskey and coke, tattoos, panties, girls in panties, taking off girls panties, spontaneous making out, playing the drums.

Dislikes: Her mother, not being in control, being told no, clutter, having to spend holidays with her family, losing, being told she’s not good enough, letting down her walls, frilly things, clingy people, those ugly blue M&M‘s, asparagus, scrap booking, bare feet in public showers, really tall trees, anything coconut flavored, owls, Gossip Girl, Mario Lopez, men who think that they can turn her straight.

-Can be very gentle and caring once someone breaks past her walls, its just a matter of patience for that person.
-Hates her mother and stepfather but is very close with her stepfathers children Roger and Alex.
-Flirts with anyone, sometimes she is serious, sometimes she just enjoys making people uncomfortable.
-Resorts to violence if she gets angry enough, she’s not scared to pull a punch at someone.
-Has an extreme love for Glee, Batman comic books and Terminator. She will kill anyone who makes fun of her for this.
-Doesn’t quite understand the hype of Quodpot, she much prefers Quidditch.
-Enjoys getting under peoples skin and breaking the rules.
-Pretends like she prefers being alone all the time but secretly really wants companionship.
-Ignores her mothers letters until she gets a howler.
-Has a slight addiction to Muggle sodas, her favorite being Mountain Dew.
-Not allowed to drive in the state of Florida for six months after verbally assaulting a highway patrol officer and getting arrested. She spent a grand total of 4 hours in lockup until her older sister Kia came to bail her out.

-Stole her brothers clothes when she was younger because her mother would make her wear dresses.
-She regrets she was never closer with her stepfather Craig. She misses him terribly since he passed away.
-Wears glasses to read, but doesn’t like to let people know. She doesn’t want people to think she is a nerd.
-Has never been in a serious relationship, besides the one with Abigail. She keeps most people at arms length now to protect her self from her mother.
-Is terrified of messing up her relationship with Tatum. Her only other relationship ended horribly and she doesn't want to lose her best friend.
-Can't say no to Tatum, no matter what it is she asks her to do.
-Is insanely jealous of Tatum and Frankie's plant project in the woods behind Tatum's house. She does her best to not let it show, and usually hides out at Hunter's house if she's in danger of opening her big mouth.
-Stole a candy bar once from a muggle store.
-Has a massive addiction to superhero comic books. She owns a huge collection that she hides in the back of her closet. Her favorite is Batman.

What’s in your characters pockets?:
Her wand, pack of gum, Ipod, pack of cigarettes, Zippo lighter, small notebook and pen, cell phone.

Strengths: Her confident attitude and ability to speak her mind usually makes endears her to others, although she was never quite sure why. It also makes her a good leader. It has never let her down to date, and usually helps her achieve her goals to boot. Mackenzie will rarely give up on something until she achieves it. Her quiet demeanor makes it easy for her to play the role of observer, there are many things that she notices that others don’t. She is skilled at reading people but as regular human being sometimes this backfires on her. She also has a very thick skin, and is a pro at changing the subject if she doesn’t want to talk about something.

Weaknesses: Her headstrong determination can also be somewhat of a weakness, as she sometimes doesn’t know when to stop. This has the potential to land her a deep hole that she will be lucky to get out of. She hasn’t yet, but there have been a few close calls. Another weakness is her lack of a sensor on what she says. Being able to speak ones mind isn’t always a good thing, and while it has made her some friends it has also made her many enemies. She can also be hard on herself when she fails, although she’ll never let anyone see it. She doesn’t often let many people in through her defenses, not that she wont pretend to be close friends with you. She has some trust issues that keep her from expressing her true self to people.

Strongest subject in school: Potions
Weakest subject in school: Care of Magical Creatures
One thing he/she can't live without: Flying

Detailed personality:
Mackenzie Dubinsky is usually found sitting in a standoffish silence, as if she thinks she’s too cool for most of the school save for a few people. In fact many can attest that they’ve never actually heard her speak except for in classes. Instead she seems to use her facial expressions (usually an intimidating scowl) to ward off most of the student body. Some may say that she’s shy, until she opens her mouth; which she isn’t provoked to do very often. When she does decide to grace the general populous with her thoughts it’s usually in the form of cynical, crude sarcasm. Mackenzie is very good at talking shit, she can go head to head with the best of them. Although most of the time she only feels like chiming in her two sense when she feels it’s necessary. Other than that, most people who don’t know her view her as the quiet one, always cool, calm and collected. Her demeanor is almost stoic, although many interpret her silent observation and aloof nature as disdain. Which she really could care less about, she doesn’t give a rats ass what people say or don’t say about her. She sees most things as a joke, and doesn’t see it fit to get perturbed by much.

For the few she is fond of she can be friendly, charming, talkative, and downright caring towards them. She’s not very good at expressing her feelings, and often finds it hard or awkward to comfort people in distress. But for the ones who have broken through her hard exterior she makes a winning effort. She’s not exactly rude to the rest of the schools populous but she rarely makes the effort to really talk to them unless absolutely necessary. Although, if she finds someone who unexpectedly finds a way to make her smile and doesn’t irritate her to much she takes a quick liking to them.

The one exception to her usual silence is when she gets pissed off. She’s not pretty when she’s pissed off, in fact she’s downright violent when she’s angry. Those who aren’t friends with her, and have heard her say more than a few obligatory words to them have probably been witness to her fits of rage. She goes all out, shouting, swearing and breaking things included. Although she saves these bits of anger for things that really piss her off, namely her mother and stupid people. She’s even been known to duff offenders up if they really get under her skin. She has an extreme dislike of authority as well, usually ignoring warnings from the prefects and most rules. And while she doesn’t seek out trouble, trouble usually seems to find her. Things that piss this little cannon off are: being asked to many personal questions, being told no, feeling helpless, weak or incapable and when people are ignorant.

Behind her rough exterior and disregard for rules lies an intelligent, sentimental girl. She really cares about doing well in all of her classes, and aspires to be an Auror. In reality, Mackenzie has worked hard to build up these defenses because she cares too much. She hides behind her aloofness and sarcasm as protection, and if she starts to trust you then who knows what will happen. She feels like alienating people is the only way to keep from caring. She‘s afraid of cracking, and will do anything she can to keep that from happening. She’s afraid that if she lets down her defenses people will see the vulnerable girl who feels like her parents abandoned her.

For those who merit her romantic interest she is a surprising romantic, although she gets terribly embarrassed about it. It’s hard to get her to express herself romantically, especially since she doesn’t trust most people when it comes to her heart. Once coaxed into really fancying someone (and admitting it to herself), she turns into a big softy, a side very few people have seen of her. She secretly enjoys hand holding, hugs and cuddling with whoever she’s decided to date. On the flip side though, she can be stubborn, rude and infuriating to deal with since she has a hard time expressing her feelings and an even harder time accepting them.

Personal History:
Mackenzie Dubinsky was born to Adam and Kate Dubinsky on April 3rd, 1993. And from the moment she was born she was overly adored by her parents, especially Adam. While he had never seen himself as a father figure he instantly slid into fatherhood with ease, doting over his daughter’s every second he got. He enjoyed letting Mackenzie sit on his broom with him as he hovered a few inches above the ground, something that Kate always scolded him for. As a small child, Mackenzie was happy and precocious, always curious about learning new things. She inherited her mothers passion for knowledge and learning, spending many happy hours with her mom in the families library. Although her mother was happy to impart her knowledge on the curious little child, she was never very good at interacting with her beyond that. Kate got along much better with her older daughter Kia, who shared her mothers more feminine interests. Maybe she felt like there was too much of Adam in the little girl but she was always more of a teacher and authority figure for Mackenzie then a mother. Things seemed almost story book until her father returned to professional Quidditch when she was four. Her father was home less and less, her mother always managing her as a teacher does a class instead of giving her the care and comfort that her father had provided. While Kia got along with their mother well, she saw the disconnect between her mother and Mackenzie. Kia tried to fill her mothers shoes as much as she could with Mackenzie, which helped. Mackenzie and Kia never had a traditional sibling relationship and while they fought like sisters sometimes, Kia would always be there to take care of Mackenzie when she needed to be.

At nine she didn’t fully understand what happened when she saw her father and mother screaming at each other. She didn’t understand why her mother threw her fathers things out the door at him, and told him never to come back. At the time she didn’t understand what adultery meant or that her father was a Quidditch playboy who even when tied to a wife and child couldn’t keep it in his pants. She did know however that she always blamed her mother for the absence of her father in her life ever since she saw her mum kick him out of their New York flat. Even when she figured out what had happened in adolescence she never blamed her father. While she was sure that her fathers actions had something to do with her mothers treatment of her as a child, she felt like her mother shouldn’t have punished her because of her likeness with Adam.

Even though her mother lacked the unconditional love that was entailed in her title, she always kept Mackenzie well taken care of financially. Adam had to pay a large sum for child support along with all of the money that Kate won in the divorce. Not that Kate’s family wasn’t extremely well of to begin with. Mackenzie had to give it to her mother (albeit begrudgingly), she was no slouch when it came to finances. The steady stream of rich and powerful boyfriends her mother kept never failed to keep them in high social standing.

Mackenzie’s departure for Salem Institute was a relief for her, it meant she only had to spend a little over a month and a half a year with her mother (the rest of her holiday time was allotted to be spent with her father). She left for Salem Institute that first year with the newest and best of everything (much to her slight annoyance) and an extreme feeling of freedom. This was her chance to be whoever she wanted to be, away from her mothers constant control and management. Already quite the rebellious one at eleven, she quickly established a reputation for breaking the rules and undermining authority.

This didn’t last long however as over one spring break her mother walked in on her and her then girlfriend Abigail in a compromising position on her bed when she was 15. Mackenzie was pulled out of the Salem Institute to be home schooled for the rest of her 9th grade year. Kate then decided to send her down to CCI as it was the closest option. She secretly likes it better than Salem institute but she’ll never admit that to her mother.

She has made a name for herself on the Quidditch team, surprising everyone by excelling at being a Beater instead of a Chaser like her father. She’s never really wanted to pursue a career in professional Quidditch however, it had always been more of a hobby then anything. A way to be closer to her father when he was absent. She’s not really sure what she wants to be instead though, it is always nagging her at the back of her mind as she nears her 13th year at CCI. Beyond being a secret book worm and violent Quidditch player, she’s also on the list of out and proud (or more out and doesn’t give a shit in her case) lesbians. She’s messed around here and there with plenty of girls, but no one’s been able to make her settle down until her senior year.

Mackenzie's senior year hasn't been easy for her, along the usual twelfth grade craziness that every teenager goes through, she had to deal with the death of her stepfather Craig. There still hasn't been an explanation for what happened to him, and Mackenzie is doubtful that anyone will ever figure out what killed her stepfather. She regrets the way she treated him now that he's gone and feel an extreme amount of guilt. She might never admit to anyone how much she really liked the guy, but she's still dealing with the fact that he's gone.

Not everything that came up unexpectedly her senior year was that bad however. Once Mackenzie realized how she felt about her best friend Tatum, she freaked out slightly, and tried to keep it hidden. They just couldn't stay away from each other however, and the night that Craig was found ended up sleeping together on Tatum's roommates bed. The shit storm just went from there, Leon Shaw publicly outing them to the whole student body, including Tatum's girlfriend Frankie. Mackenzie stuck by Tatum's side through it all, and asked her to be her girlfriend when they ran away to Disney World together.

While Mackenzie is still hurting over Craig's death and isn't dealing with her mother's grief very well, she is still happy to have Tatum finally. She isn't sure what she is going to do with herself in her 13th year at CCI but she isn't ready to go out into the real world yet. She has always thought of CCI as the closest thing to a real home and family she has ever had. She hopes that by the end of her 13th year she'll know what she wants to do with the rest of her life, or at least be offered a spot on a pro quidditch team.

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I'm staying up late tonight, me and my best friends getting shitty

Poppin' bottles in the ice, and all these girls are pretty