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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]strongsilentype. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: it's cute you think that
Keywords: i have been blinded by your science
not by me
Keywords: what planet are you from?
Keywords: oh hey i see what you did there
Keywords: someone hold my earrings
Keywords: what has been seen cannot be unseen
Keywords: this is why this is why this is why i'm
Keywords: you see to me you are perfect
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: i can't fight this feeling anymore
Keywords: the world is big and i am small
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: we can maybe make this work
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: can't catch me; am gingerbread man
by jumoon of lj
Keywords: and now we're done here
by jumoon of lj
Keywords: where is captain logic?
by jumoon of lj
Keywords: summon cthulu faster than you
not by me
Keywords: did you ask for unnecessary cute?
Keywords: yeah i'm paying attention for sure
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: that was... probably unneccessay
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: can't see it; but i'm smiling
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: you got me there
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: i walk busy streets alone
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: studying > people
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: college makes passing out acceptable
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: t-take me home with you...?
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: my favourite things
Keywords: my creepiest things
Keywords: brb srs bzns
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: ... 8\
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: impassive man is impassive
Keywords: when did you get here?
by [info]silk_empress
Keywords: ma'am please put those away
by jumoon of lj
Keywords: but... you are my sunshine...
not by me
Keywords: so when will you make your point...?
not by me
Keywords: and YOU get a gold star for trying!
not by me
Keywords: are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Keywords: ...hey now <3

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