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Week o14 :: Results [Jun. 19th, 2010|12:59 am]
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First let me start by saying I'M SO SORRY GUYS. O__O I had some serious issues with my internet and then one day scribbld wouldn't load and IDK WHY I think my firewall had a freakout b/c it wouldn't let me go to certain sites for some reason BUT everything should be good now unless my computer has another freak attack or the internet spazzes (no really, I was operating out of a coffee shop for a few days b/c my grandpa "accidentally" reset all of the settings and didn't know that he did it). SO. Here are (finally) your results!


Yuna // Final Fantasy X-2


Asuka, Ryo, and a bunch of elite agent guys in suits // Otomen

And now for the other entries...!

Shilo Wallace // Repo: The Genetic Opera

Dr. Frank-n-Further // The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Mercedes and Kurt // Glee

Congrats to the winners again, aaaand... don't forget to enter this week's theme! We've got four great entries, but we could definitely use some more!! Click here to enter!