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Yuna ✖And I can be your girl, be your girl tonight ([info]yunalesca) wrote in [info]animeaddme,
@ 2008-11-07 02:30:00

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You gandered at my ward! Yes, sir, you GANDERED.
Weeeell, crap..dunno what to say now... o.o;

Um, you can call me Yuna, I guess? o.o Um, I just moved to scribbld not too long ago from the angst filled hellhole known as LJ and I'm lonely and would love to have some friends to talk to! XD

Most of my entries are about random stuff that’s happening in my life. From the smallest to the biggest, I write about some pretty weird stuff…also there’ll probably be some fangirl-ing. Just a bit.

I also love to make icons and stuff. Sometimes...I tend to make more mature kind of icons. *cough* Just to warn you. XD But yes, back to the point....

Just to list the all time favorites.
Manga/Anime: Chibi Vampire, Wish, Trigun, Yami No Matsuei, Outlaw Star..
Games: Final Fantasy X, Dead or Alive, Sims 2, Kingdom Hearts, Fatal Frame, DDR, Silent Hills, Guilty Gear XX, World of Warcraft, (Yeah, I know...I know.), Disgaea 2, Zelda (Twilight Princess), Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Ragnarok Online, etc.

I'm a pretty laid back person who loves to listen to people. Got a problem? I'm your girl.
I'm a Christian and I respect everyone and everything, no matter what. But I do ask the same in return at the very least. ^_^ I could careless what you are or what you do/did. XD Anyway, Um....if you wanna be friends, that would be smashing. If not...I understand. o.o

I'm just to warn you, I am dyslexic as well. >_< I apologize in advance!

Wow, talk about a looong post.
Sorry. >_<

Edit: I wrote this at 5am last night and posted it when I woke up.
Please excuse the generic list of games and anime. XD

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