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Derek Dawes ([info]vivala) wrote in [info]characterlist,
@ 2008-07-22 13:28:00

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Entry tags:derek dawes

  I've heard many a bore try to sound clever by claiming that people are like tea, that you never know what you've got until you put them in hot water.  I still think there's something to be said for checking the label. 

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2008-07-23 03:00 am UTC (link)
And sometimes you don't know until you finish the tea and read the leaves?

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2008-07-23 03:08 am UTC (link)
*eyes him* One would hope you wouldn't have to wait that long. It's a bit late then, to care.

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2008-07-23 03:19 am UTC (link)
Unless you learn important things from the leaves. In which case the tea becomes a valuable sacrifice.

...Shaun has definitely been spending too much time with wizards. LMAO.

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2008-07-23 03:25 am UTC (link)
That's the crux of it. You don't know until the deed is done if the knowledge was worth it. If we did we'd just throw the tea out and get it over with, and what a waste unenjoyed tea is.

Derek knows not of these wizards, and as a part of the upper class is immediately suspicious of people who make a living doing readings. ;)

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2008-07-23 03:32 am UTC (link)
It's a risk, that's true. And I'm with you on the unenjoyed tea thing, there. I still wonder if the American Revolution could've been won without wasting all that tea in Boston.

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2008-07-23 04:10 am UTC (link)
It most rightly could. That was about intimidation and instigation. There are much more tactful ways to go about things.

*chews on his lip*

But I recognize that we don't live in a perfect world.

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2008-07-23 04:30 am UTC (link)
Well. S'pose it's all in the past now, right? No use crying, yada yada yada...

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2008-07-23 05:13 am UTC (link)
*with finality* Of course.

Do you read leaves often? *raises an eyebrow*

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2008-07-23 01:42 pm UTC (link)
I've actually, um, never read tea leaves. Wouldn't even know where to start on that.

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2008-07-23 03:26 pm UTC (link)
Mmhm. So what is it you do do?

OOC: He's actually not like, trying to be rude, he's just that way with people he doesn't know. His weemo soul. :p

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2008-07-24 12:20 am UTC (link)
I watch people, and make up stories about their lives.

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2008-07-24 01:49 am UTC (link)
How did you become involved with that?

*catches himself* Doesn't seem like the kind of thing you'd make money doing.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2008-07-24 02:07 am UTC (link)
I've always kinda done it. Used to think everyone did it, until one of my friends told me I was weird. *grins* Not that it stopped me.

Oh, it's a hobby. For money I'm a professional athlete.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2008-07-24 02:56 am UTC (link)
Ah, sport.

No, I don't believe that should stop you at all. Not enough imagination in the world as it is.

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2008-08-20 09:58 am UTC (link)
Tea? I rather think people are more like profiteroles; hard on the outside but oozing with creamy essence on the inside. I would not, however, say no to a cuppa if you can spare it. I'd love some Jasmine tea.

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2008-08-21 08:03 pm UTC (link)
Creamy essence, huh? I'd really prefer not to have a glimpse at a person's 'creamy essence'. It seems that something would have gone terribly wrong, were that the case.

Uh, I hadn't come prepared, but I'm sure I could find some somewhere.

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