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Hello, nasty
Well it had to happen sooner or later, didn't it? Antha here with my second character, the absolutely atrocious Avery Valentine. He's a sharp-tongued little queer from Lalaurie, is in his junior year and absolutely LOVES to cause carnage wherever he goes. Not physical carnage, just the emotional sort; we're far too civilised to go around hitting things like some sort of caveman. Avery is as nice as pie to the people he likes (rich, pretty, popular or otherwise useful individuals), but to anyone who doesn't fit his strict friending criteria he is an utter bitch. You have been warned.

His full bio is here, but here are some fun facts:

- He's British and has a very pronounced accent that tends to make him sound like he's just tumbled out of the thirties. He also adds unnecessary stress to certain words when he's speaking.

- Tends to hang around with the Lalaurie bitches cheerleaders, so style and fashion are very important to him.

- Is overly affectionate, especially when it makes people uncomfortable. He...can be a bit lechy with the straight crowd too. Apologies in advance. >_>

- Getting under people's skin is as important to him as breathing. If he isn't getting someoneone annoyed/upset/uncomfortable then he isn't happy.

- He's so vain, that song was definitely written about him. Avery's a total narcissist; if he could marry himself then he probably would.

He needs friends/exes/enemies/frenemies/victims. Up for whatever. Let me know if you have any plottage ideas!


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