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Introducing....Number Four
Hey! It is EJ again! I am bringing in a fourth kid! His name is Jackson Shea, but he generally goes by Jack/Jackie/Jacks. He is a sophomore in Beauregard. A few things to know about him?

- He is muggle born, from Vicksburg, Mississippi. As such he tends to get very confused about a lot of subjects wizard-born kids take for granted.

- He does talk to his gummy bears. Why? But they are more fun to eat when you talk to them! Hello!

- He is a DJ, likes comics, quotes movies, dances in place, and is generally a happy go lucky guy.

- He is bi-curious, but not really gone out of his way to investigate this. Sort of just something he wonders about in the back of his mind without acting on it.

- And lastly? His Profile has just about anything you want to know about him.

So! I am looking for friends/possible flings/enemies/anyone to fill any possible slot :D


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Glutton for punishment much?
Or however you spell that word.

ANYWAY. Because I am le-fail I am bringing back my kids one at a time - until I am able to juggle all the balls again. Numbah two happens to be Janis, who for those of you who know her, is a rather flighty thing. For those of you don't, ask? :D

IDK. ANYWAY I'll be throwing her in ASAP.

<3 and all that.


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Hey ya'll!

My name is Riley and I'm bringing Mackenzie Dubinsky into this little game you've got. Mackenzie is 17 and a Senior over in Sonnier. Some things to know about Mackenzie:

+Mackenzie is the daughter of a famous Quidditch player. Her parents are divorced and she dislikes her mother immensely.

+She's a beater on the Quidditch team and is a very agressive player.

+She is an out and proud lesbian. She's a bit of a play boy and isn't afraid to hit on people.

+She has a hard time with letting people close but she is a very good friend once she gets over it and lets you in.

I'm having a brain fart right now so I know I'm forgetting a lot! You should go read her bio here. She could use some good friends, enimies, definetly some past flings, and maybe a current one or two. Perhaps someone to finally make her settle down? I'm open to just about anything! Feel free to IM me any time on AIM at toasterstigma or email me at

I look forward to role playing with all of you!


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Bringing Sexy Back
Yes, that kind of sexy.

This is a re-intro post for Bekka, bitch-tastic mathematician of the year and all that. Even though I've been AWOL, she's been skirting around the edges of things, keeping her nose out of trouble for the most part. I've missed you all terribly and can't wait to get back in the swing of things!


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Hullo Everyone! I am Jeia, and new here (obviously). Jessi finally poked me enough, and here I am. I have been RPing for most of my adult life (8+ years), and am absolutely in love with this game so far.

I am bringing to you, for your playing pleasure, Akio Katayama. His full bio can be found here. Akio is a 12th grader in the Sonnier House. He loves to learn Languages, new spells, and reading is his absolute favorite thing. You could say he's a bit of a nerd. He was born in Japan, but moved to the US for secret, hush-hush reasons. He has been really great friends with Sibyl Ballantine for most of their school lives, but he needs more friends/enemies/his little sister... ya know, people to be super shy with.

It's great to meet you all, and I look forward to getting my feet wet!


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Hello, nasty
Well it had to happen sooner or later, didn't it? Antha here with my second character, the absolutely atrocious Avery Valentine. He's a sharp-tongued little queer from Lalaurie, is in his junior year and absolutely LOVES to cause carnage wherever he goes. Not physical carnage, just the emotional sort; we're far too civilised to go around hitting things like some sort of caveman. Avery is as nice as pie to the people he likes (rich, pretty, popular or otherwise useful individuals), but to anyone who doesn't fit his strict friending criteria he is an utter bitch. You have been warned.

His full bio is here, but here are some fun facts:

- He's British and has a very pronounced accent that tends to make him sound like he's just tumbled out of the thirties. He also adds unnecessary stress to certain words when he's speaking.

- Tends to hang around with the Lalaurie bitches cheerleaders, so style and fashion are very important to him.

- Is overly affectionate, especially when it makes people uncomfortable. He...can be a bit lechy with the straight crowd too. Apologies in advance. >_>

- Getting under people's skin is as important to him as breathing. If he isn't getting someoneone annoyed/upset/uncomfortable then he isn't happy.

- He's so vain, that song was definitely written about him. Avery's a total narcissist; if he could marry himself then he probably would.

He needs friends/exes/enemies/frenemies/victims. Up for whatever. Let me know if you have any plottage ideas!


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WASSUP WASSUP. Robyn here with my very last character, Seth Harris aka ALIENS EXIST and totally not ALIEN SEXIST!! He's a senior in Lalaurie, quodpot player and massive music nerd. Here's a few facts about him:

- He has a massive boner for music, but he's a total snob with it. He wont join school band because it's totes ~beneath him. He has his own band, tyvm.
- Avid Wizard Chess player.
- Nerdy but tries to hide it, he loves sci fi.
- Been trying to hack into the government mainframe to find out if aliens exist because he's a naughty boy.
- Slightly uncomfortable in coversation, takes ritalin and comes across as pretty snarky.
- Bisexual but not exactly experienced in either field.

To sum up, he's a nerd with a superiority complex xD

I need at least three people to be in a band with Seth, one past girlfriend who he dated from mid sophomore to early junior year, friends, enemies etc etc.



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Crystal again, with a new character. This is Kirsten Nordlund, a Beauregard sophomore. She's very energetic and has a hard time sitting still and staying quiet. Her bio is over here, but here's the short version:

- Kirsten was born in Sweden, on the island of Fårö, and speaks with a slight accent. Her father is Swedish and her mother is American.

- Both of her parents are marine biologists, and do a lot of traveling. Up until she began attending CCI, Kirsten went with them, and has lived all over the world.

- She's a chaser for the school's quidditch team and a huge Quidditch fan in general. She doesn't get why Quodpot is so much more popular with Americans.

- Plays saxophone in the school band.

- She loves hats and has a huge collection of all different kinds, from berets to sombreros and everything in between. Most of them are everyday kind of hats, but she has some pretty silly ones, too.

I'm open to all kinds of plot for her- friends, an ex, enemies, etc. Anything, really.


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Hey guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys, guesssss whoooooo?

It's Becky! With my sixth and final character Yevgeni de Kooning! He's a Sonnier freshman, plays piano in band, he's in wizarding chess and book clubs. He is... the polar opposite of his loud, obnoxious brothers and his bio can be found here!

*He's quiet. Painnnnnnnnnnnnnfully quiet and doesn't go out of his way to talk to people.
*He's terrified of the dark and of vampires, those are both pretty secret.
*He's book smart but he's terrible at casting charms.
*Yev is waaaaaaaay better with animals than he is with people BUT he will drop everything in a heart beat to help someone out.
*It takes a lot to gain his trust but once it's gained, he'll stick by your side until the end.
*He is often seen prancing around in the woods or by the water with his tiny cat familiar on his shoulder.
*He has a great sense of humor and is often the kid giggling at the back of class when something backfires on him.

I'm totally open for plot! I need story lines, friends, enemies, and the like! :DDDDDDD


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Derpderp, bitches.
Amie returning with the fifth and final girl of my quartet clusterfuck of ladies.

This is Brody Rogers, junior in Beauregard. She hails from Seattle, has a gigantic family, she's obsessed with getting famous, she plays quodpot, and she kind of thinks she's better than you. But she probably won't be rude enough to say so. Unless you fuck with her. She also might have a little crush on Vinnie, but shut up.

Just some quickies;

✔ Despite being a little arrogant and pompous, she really is a good person, and treats you with respect/friendliness.. if you deserve it. Once again, we return to the don't fuck with Brody reminder. She will fuck your shit up.
✔ Brody is terrified of the dark. But I didn't tell you that. And Sunny better not tell you either!
✔ She hates herbology, but is forced into it by her parents. Herbology club members can expect to see her sitting quite impatiently through the meetings. Or just not showing up at all.
✔ She plays in a one woman band [she's too good to be held back by other people when it comes to the music], and refers to herself as The Brody Rogers Experience. She mostly just performs fifty dollar gigs at coffee houses on weekends.
✔ Attention is her BFF AAF.
✔ Art is her other BFF. Drawing is about the only artistic endeavor that she avoids, but she loves to sing, write, act, direct, etcetc.
✔ Bitch never throws out clothes. She's still bumming around campus in clothing she was wearing back in lower institute. Seriously.
✔ She needs glasses, but she hates that shit and REFUSES TO DIGNIFY THEM BY WEARING THEM. She is incredibly near sighted.
✔ She has two of her siblings up for play. One would technically be in the 13th grade though, so that would need to be hashed out with the mod-heads.

You can peruse her entire biography by going here, should you be so inclined.

I'm up for what the fuck ever, same as always. I need buddies, enemies, exes, future relations perhaps, and whatever else.. really, just give me something.


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