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Spirit Week (Sep. 27-Oct.1)
Hello players! As you know, this week is CCI's spirit week! We want to thank everyone for your suggestions for day themes! Participation in the themes is not mandatory but encouraged. The week will look like this:

Monday: Pajama Day! Students are permitted to attend classes in their pajamas! Sensible shoes must be worn, and no revealing clothing is permitted.
Tuesday: Look Alike Day! Students can dress up as their classmates or their favorite celebrities!
Wednesday: Blast from the Past Day! Wear a costume from a former time period!
Thursday: Opposite Day! Students can dress like the other gender!
Friday: House Pride Day! Dress in your house colors!

The Pep Rally
Get ready for a big one! Classes on Friday are shortened to allow for a school wide pep rally beginning at 2pm. We are not putting up a mass thread for this event but players are more than welcome to do scenes during the action! Among other activities, one can expect to see a large BBQ, a DJ, face painting (school & game related), a Beauregard vs. Badlands mascot face off, and performances by the school band, choir, and dance troupe. Also there are a series of small competitions such as a dance competition, pie eating contest, trivia contest, and tug of war.

Homecoming Game
The big game is played on a neutral field and transportation to the game and back will be provided by the school for students wishing to attend. The game begins at 7pm.

The Homecoming Dance
Saturday at 7pm marks the celebration of the Homecoming game, win or lose. This event will be given a thread in the dance hall, and the winners of the Homecoming Court will be announced within it. This years theme is "Midnight Masquerade" - students are encouraged to wear masks!

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact a mod!

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