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User:alittlevague (38135)
The girl who knew everything...
never had a clue.
Name:Janis Parke

| at a glance |

[NAME] Janis Sophia Parke
[AGE] Sixteen
[FAMILY] here
[WAND] 9" Fir, Vela Hair, Swishy

| apperance |

[HEIGHT] 5'1" - very short and soft. Not fat of course but she has a baby face and is far from anorexic looking.
[HAIR] Long & Blond, at times, matted to the point of dreads, other times brushed out to give her a poofy mass above and behind her.
[EYES] Blue, no glasses required.
[PIERCINGS] Ears of course, and her nose on her right side. This was achieved via needle, ice and a lot of tissues. (Her mother was not amused.)

[THE REST] To say that Janis enjoyed color would be an understatement, she spends a great deal of her time pouring over magazines in order to stay abreast on the latest fashion and trends, and then in turn does her very best to emulate that in her wardrobe and budget. Personally she wouldn't mind having nicer jeans- but when her mother insists on buying her regular straight denim and then hemming the cuffs, a girl has to make due. On a whole she gives a very small impression, much like a chickadee or frog, bouncing about from left to right, trying (and almost succeeding) on being everywhere at once.

| personality |

Janis is an undeniable people-person, she loves being in every activity, every conversation and hearing every bit of gossip, even when she might not have any gossip to add to it, she'll listen. Still rather immature in the realm of things, her world is made up of school, boys, family and boys- and even so, she's okay with that. For her school is just a stepping stone to... somewhere, she isn't sure but whatever she is meant to do is beyond the walls of where she is at. It's not that she is unhappy where she is, or doing what she is doing but long ago she decided that her life is going to be amazing when she is twenty three and now all that she is trying to do is get there.

In classes Janis is always the one to be drawing pictures right alongside her notes, and it is that clever aspect that put her in Lalauri just two years before. She genuinely wants to be liked by others and in turn, does her very best to like others. This desire and her tendency to follow others cause her to try and stay on the heels of the fellow and upperclassmen, to try and emulate everything from their woes to their fashion. She’s still not sure who she is yet, where she wants to go and who she wants to be. After all, she has a million opportunities, this is America! If she wants to be a doctor, in theory, she can. If she wants to be an actress, an artist the president of the United States… she can.

Honestly, that amount of options does scare her a little. For now though, for now and for here she is going to just be a student. Next year she is going to worry about classes and all that- and hopefully; hopefully pass

Will we have rainbows? Day after day?
Here's what my sweetheart said.

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.


|| Profile Code:
Leaves of Yanara
Schools:None listed
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