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User:jake_frost (41300)
Frost, Jake Frost
My Junior Year at CCI

Name: Mark
AIM: MarktheKitsune
E-mail: kitsune_2@hotmail.com
Timezone: Eastern

Full Name: Jakob Gideon Frost
Nickname(s): Jake, Frosty, Blondy, Sugar Lips

Hometown: Plano, Texas

Age and birthday: 17/ July 7, 1993

House and Year: Rienzi, 11th Year

Electives & Schedule:
1) Art
2) Defense Against the Dark Arts
3) Charms/Wandwork
4) Latin
5) Lunch
6) Transfiguration
7) Basic Divination
8) History of Magic
9) Flying

Wand: 12 inch, sturdy, Rowan, Moke Skin Core

Boggart: Himself covered in sores, wearing tattered clothes and holding a beggars cup.

Patronus: The Coyote…for his legendary reputation as “The Trickster” and his qualities of inventiveness, mischievousness, and evasiveness.

Animagus Form: (if applicable) No Animagi characters are being accepted until we receive more non-Animagi!

Religious Affiliation: Lutheran (mostly attend for holidays, weddings, funerals and baptisms.

Extracurricular activities: Drama Club


Parents: Ethan Frost & Alexandra Frost (nee Good)

Siblings: Evan Frost and Kaden Frost

Extended Family:
Father’s side:
Grandparents- Warren Frost & Rose Frost (nee Lacy)
Aunts, Uncles, Cousins-
Uncle Joseph Frost & Aunt Sharon Frost (nee Greensmith) – cousins: Michael, Oliver, Ruby, Isabella, Riley, Cooper, William, Mia
Uncle Stephen Frost (unmarried)
Uncle Donald Frost (unmarried)
Uncle John Hawkes & Aunt Margaret Hawkes (nee Frost) – cousins: Ava, Nathan, Ralph
Uncle Mark Wingborough & Aunt Shirley Wingborough (nee Frost) – cousins: Chloe, John, Sophia.
Mother’s side:
Grandparents- Clarence Good & Annie Good (nee Pope)
Aunts, Uncles, Cousins-
Uncle Robert Good & Kathleen Good (nee Jennings) – cousins: Noah, Daniel, Olivia
Uncle George Good & Patricia Good (nee Jennings) – cousins: Anthony, Sienna

Familiar: Silver Bengal Cat named “Silk”

Sexuality: Actively Bisexual

Significant Others:
Claire- his first sexual partner. He was 14 years old and she was one of the many housekeepers his father employed. At 21 years old, she seemed like such a mature woman to him. He was prowling around the estate, playing at ‘James Bond’; he pretended to save her from terrorists and then one thing led to another.
Luke- his first male sex partner. He was 15 years old and at the wedding of a family friend. Luke was the bored gay brother of the bride, who took notice of Jakob and stalked him through the reception until he could get him alone. Both boys were the same age and found they had a lot in common.

PB: Chord Overstreet



Detailed Description: Jakob is 6 ft tall and has a slender yet muscular build, owing to his martial arts discipline. His complexion is fair, yet not too awfully pale; his skin tone is what one might call peaches and cream. With care, Jakob tans nicely instead of burning. As far as clothing, he buys top of the line, but nothing fancy; I guess you could say he wears designer casual.
Cute would probably describe Jakob better than handsome; his thick head of light-blond hair is usually in a state of mussed shagginess and his bright blue eyes twinkle mischievously. Now, upon first meeting Jakob, one is initially drawn to his mouth; he has one impressively large set of lips, to say the least, and his smile is brilliant and infectious.


Likes: Fireplaces, James Bond, Harry Dresden/The Dresden Files, banana bread, roasted meats, friendly people, holidays, games, big beds, sex, pretty girls, smart girls, pretty boys, funny/nice boys, acting/drama, daydreaming, soup on a cold day, dogs, cats, the moon, Autumn, charities, Quidditch, Quidditch players, Quodpot, Quodpot players, a tease with a follow through, playing the field, amusement parks/water parks, dancing, singing, comic books, video games, a variety of music genres, secret places, clever gadgets, sour skittles, an occasional cigarette, vodka, Tae Kwon Do.

Dislikes: soft bread, fatty meat, bullies, fish with bones, uncomfy clothes, mean brothers, insincerity, abused authority, prudes, being sick, cruelty, licorice, a tease with no follow through, commitment, arrogance, pretention, boggarts, crime, dark arts practitioners, being ignored.

• Talks to himself in his head, constantly, like a running narration.
• Undresses practically everyone with his eyes
• Outside of his very active libido, he’s like a little boy
* Studies people
* Spies on his classmates and keeps files on them

• Wants to seduce a CCI Professor
• Worries about where he will fit in to the Frost Empire when school is over.
• Has a fear of becoming poor and destitute.
• He had, at one time, participated in vigilante justice.
• He has been formulating a plan in his head, for the future, when he has to marry; he wants to have a multiple marriage, ‘like in the old days’, so he can have a few wives and husbands. He’s optimistic about this plan, even though a small voice in the back of his mind knows it will never come to fruition.
* Although Jake does like to roleplay as a spy, he plays it up in front of people to make himself seem a bit silly and harmless. This is to cover up the fact that he actually DOES spy on his fellow classmates. He's very good at it, using listening devices and all the latest technology that daddy's money can buy.

What’s in your characters pockets? Cell phone, wallet, wand, condoms, cat treats, sour skittles, car keys and sometimes a replica Walther PPK. 7.65 mm (The gun of James Bond 007). Pockets include pants, jackets, inside jackets, robes, etc.

Strengths: Tae Kwon Do black belt-2nd dan, wealthy family, above average wizard, kind, caring, generous in bed, his familiar, great imagination, trusting face

Weaknesses: Can be immature with his spy make-believe, has a bit of ADD, daydreams, can be sensitive (though he hides it), distracted by a pretty face, any charity or hard luck story, sour skittles

Strongest subject in school: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Weakest subject in school: Transfiguration
One thing he/she can't live without: Daddy’s money

Detailed personality: If you were to take Jakob Frost for the distracted, daydreaming, immature young man that he sometimes appears to be on the surface, you would be doing him a grave injustice. Although he is, admittedly, those things, he is also steadfastly loyal to his friends, kind and caring. Jake supports numerous charities and always turns a kind ear to anyone in need. Whereas he can sometimes be seen pretending to be a spy, he has actually used his skills as a black belt to help people in distress, exhibiting great bravery and selflessness (something neither of his brothers would think of doing).

It would be amiss to discuss Jakob’s personality without covering his sexuality and relevant behavior. Jake is an out and proud bisexual and is happy for everyone to know it. He feels that keeping such a thing secret cuts down on the amount of potential partners. Jake feels grateful that he was born bisexual and is frankly baffled why everyone isn’t bi; he is open to enjoy such a wide variety of partners and experiences and enjoys one gender equally as well as the other. In bed, he is a very giving and generous lover and craves the intimacy of the one on one experience. Jake doesn’t want a committed relationship right now, but he must care for the person he is sleeping with to be with them; he is not a wham-bam, thank you ma’am (or man) kind of guy. He is also not into drugs (he doesn’t consider alcohol or cigarettes bad habits or the same as drugs) or group scenes; he wants to totally experience just the person he is with.

When Jakob is in his James Bond persona (or James Blond, as his brothers call him), he seems totally immersed in the character, sometimes even putting on an English accent. Most folks would think him a little touched in the head, really, but what they don’t know, is Jake is well aware of what is going on around him; he knows he’s not James Bond and even realizes how silly he must look to everyone else. He simply doesn’t care. He’s having fun and if others are too uptight to have fun too…well, screw them. This attitude and the role-playing worry his mother endlessly, but his father finds Jakob quite refreshing (no doubt, because he already has two sons to carry on in the business where he wants them).

In class, Jake is an eager student; he’s hungry to learn everything he can about magic. He’s more into the doing of it than the histrionics though and can be a little impatient to get to the actual hands on stuff. He loves Defense Against the Dark Arts, fashioning himself as a slayer of evil doers, and has really thrown himself into his studies there; Latin, well, he knows he has to learn it, but he’s not excited by it…and Transfiguration is kicking his butt. He also has a tougher time concentrating if he finds the professor attractive.

Personal History:

Once upon a time, there lived a very wealthy landowner named Ethan Frost. This man was so wealthy he lived like a king, with his beautiful wife, Alexandra, and their three sons, Evan, Kaden and Jakob, in a mansion that was actually a series of connected ‘castles’ and guest houses. Frost Castle, as their home came to be called, features 64 bedrooms, 72 bathrooms, 21 sitting rooms, 143 acres of gardens, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, a movie theatre, stables, a gymnasium, a bowling alley, an airfield and a private zoo. As a boy, growing up in Texas, Ethan should have been satisfied being the son of a millionaire and living in a normally-sized mansion, but he was not; by the time their second son, Kaden was born, Ethan was a billionaire. He owned 500 office buildings, 56 shopping centers, 80 apartment complexes and 4 luxury hotels; his corporation, Frost, Inc. sells finished plots of real estate at $1 million an acre.

The eldest son, Evan was schooled to take over the family business and step into his father’s shoes; second son, Kaden, was schooled as a lawyer, to head his own law firm and work hand in hand with his brother, of course. Both boys, only two years apart in age, were sent to the finest schools to learn everything they needed to learn to survive in the muggle world, while at home, their parents homeschooled them in the magical arts. Both boys were very good students and very competitive and the apple of Ethan’s eyes; what more could the billionaire wizard ask for?

Evan was twelve and Kaden was ten, when Alexandra shocked Ethan by telling him that she was once again pregnant. After her last child, the doctor had told her there was a complication and she may not be able to have any more children; it had been ten years without a pregnancy…what were they to think? Ethan was elated and the boys were happy to see their parents so happy…yet, quietly wondering what this new child would mean to their ‘big picture’.

When Jakob was born, the first of his many differences was clearly evident; he had the light blond hair and pale blue eyes of his father. Both Evan and Kaden had black hair and dark brown eyes like their mother and the Good side of the family. As Jakob grew, so did the differences between him and his older brothers; whereas they were ‘nose to the grindstone’, hardworking, studious young men, Jakob was always into some mischief, out seeking adventure or creating one in his mind.

If the youngest Frost Prince was not in school or raiding the pantry, you could bet that he was letting his imagination run free somewhere on their massive estate; no longer was he young Jakob Frost…no…he was either James Bond 007 or Harry Dresden, the wizard detective, of the Dresden Files. Sometimes, he even created his own persona and became Jakob Frost 003, wizard secret agent. Most days, he played by himself, avoiding his brothers, who found him quite annoying; sometimes he found a friend amongst the house elves or the children of the hired help.
The Frost family came from a long line of pureblood wizards & witches; their vow to remain purebloods stretched back to their ancestor, Nicholas Frost, who was accused of being a ‘witch’, in Manchester, Massachusetts, back in 1692. Nicholas, after his ‘examination’ and release, vowed to never again trust another muggle or get close enough to one to risk his life or the life of his family. Ever since then, the Frost family, giving true testimony to their name, has given muggles the cold shoulder. Ethan and Alexandra Frost taught their boys to be wary of muggles and, under no circumstances to become familiar with them. Marriage to a muggle was strictly forbidden. Evan and Kaden grew up being daddy’s little corporate soldiers and wanted nothing more than to please him, so they took everything to the extreme; they hated muggles. Jakob, on the other hand, while knowing he couldn’t marry a muggle, found no reason why he couldn’t interact with them in other ways.

While Ethan Frost was concerned with the company young Jakob might be keeping, he delighted in his youngest son’s sense of adventure, playful demeanor and rich imagination. To embellish his boy’s imaginary persona and to, hopefully, prepare him for something more practical in the future, Ethan brought the top martial arts masters to his home to train Jakob, beginning with the boy’s fifth birthday. This was one more thing that the older Frost boys would hold against their younger brother; their father had denied them nothing cerebral or magical, but never had they been encouraged to pursue martial arts or anything athletic, except maybe Quidditch, and only Kaden at that.

As Jakob grew, his imagination and sense of adventure remained strong and true; he even went into Dallas sometimes, looking for ‘good deeds’ to perform. Retrieving a stolen purse, standing up for a young man beset by bullies, stopping a convenience store robbery…he was proud to say he achieved all three of these good deeds, without the use of magic. No matter his age, Jakob would always have a craving for adventure and he was pleased to find out that, in a pinch, he was quite brave as well. Another wonderful discovery for Jakob was sex. He knew that James Bond was a real ladies’ man, so he would have to try his hand at that as well. However, watching the movies, he felt that a really top notch spy would seduce both men and women…besides, there were some really cute guys in those movies.

Not one to worry about what others thought, Jakob immediately confessed to his father that he was attracted to both men and women and how it made sense in the life of a secret agent. After his initial shock and then his amusement at his son’s explanation, Ethan spoke seriously to his son; Jakob was told that, as the member of a prominent pureblood family, he would have to keep his ‘alternative urges and dalliances’ quiet. He would also be expected to marry a female at some point in his life. Jakob thought about all of this and shrugged…it was all fine by him; marriage was far in the future and he could have fun ‘playing the field’ until that time.

Jakob Frost is now 17 and making the most of his time at Crescent City Institute, both during his classes and after.

RP Sample: The Christmas rush was on and most of the students in Rienzi House had cleared out as early as possible to begin the holiday season with their families. Jakob Frost, however, decided to make his leave-taking a leisurely affair, as ‘the Queen’s finest’ had a need to secure the perimeter. Straightening his honey-gold hair in the mirror, Jake removed his replica Walther PPK from his backpack and eased himself out into the hallway. Keeping his back flush against the wall and his weapon held at the ready, he moved stealthily down the hall to the corner. Hearing a noise, he dropped to one knee and peered carefully around the corner, bringing his gun to bear on the prowler. The house elf looked up startled and a bit shocked to see a gun pointed at him. Jakob raised a finger to his lips, “Shhhh! Sorry, but I’m on a mission. There’s a double agent at work here.” The elf frowned, shook his head and returned to his work.

Continuing down the next hall, Jakob approached the common room and spotted a lovely girl with long, black hair, standing by the fireplace with a cup of coffee. “Could she be the double agent?”, he asked himself quietly. “Maybe…”, he added, with a smile, “…she needs protecting from the forces of evil…” Silently moving across the room, his gun now angled to the floor, Jakob leaned in, his lips slightly touching her ear, “Don’t move, Miss. There are forces of evil about, but I’ll protect you.” The girl turned and smiled, “My roommate told me about you. Jake, right? You’re a bit…out there, aren’t you?”. She ran her polished nailed along his jaw line, “You’re really cute, though.” Pocketing his fake gun, Jake slid his arm around the girl’s waist, “Well, now…you know my name, but I don’t know…” Both Jake and the girl were startled to hear a very loud, “AHEM”; turning, he saw his father standing with his arms crossed, “Jakob, I couldn’t be happier to see you making friends…and the young lady is free to join us, but dinner is waiting and you know how your mother hates reheated food”, he raised his eyebrow, “You also know how I hate when your mother is unhappy.”

I am not Chord Overstreet. The character of Jakob Frost is mine

Schools:None listed
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