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User:studiesallnight (38123)
Aune Rebecca Walkky
Name:Aune "Bekka" Wälkky

| at a glance |

[NAME] Aune Rebecca Wälkky
[AGE] Seventeen
[WAND] 10.4" Ash, Niffler Fur, Springy
[HOME TOWN] Kennebuck, Maine
[FAMILY] here

| apperance |

[HEIGHT] 5'7" - tall and lankly, it looks as if her entire body was built around her awkward limbs, with a JC Penny blouse and pants thrown on top of it all.
[HAIR] Brown, often pleated and painfully straight.
[EYES] Brown, with worry lines growing between her under-plucked brows.
[PIERCINGS] None. If Jewelry is required, she wears her grandma's clip-ons.

[THE REST] Aune is a thin bit of a young woman, not in the way of current trends, with the fashion magazines however, more in the fact that she doesn’t think much of eating or exercising. The lack of weight is also in the lack of muscles on her bones. Standing at about five foot four she is on the shorter end with dull brown hair hanging past her shoulders. If she does do something to it, it’s a part down the middle with two braids to the sides.

When she goes shopping, as all do, she buys what she finds on the rack in her size and if there are several options in the same size but different colors, well then she buys them too. This causes her wardrobe to be a hodgepodge of Old Navy, Marshals, and consignment stores. Her shirts are often tees in design and dull in color, her jeans one or size too big and often ratted on the hems.

Of course this is only on the weekends as during the school week her uniform is often pressed with the creases ironed so that you could cut a piece of paper with them. She has a very neat appearance about her, much like a librarian if you are able to forget that stigma of them to be sexy.

| personality |

Aune isn’t a pleasant person, not just to speak with or be around, but to merely know. Her mouth often runs too fast and too blunt for those who want to have a pleasant and meaningless conversation about the weather or sports. She gives off the vibe of someone who is merely here for education and not much else, such a vibe is not too far from the mark. More reserved than open she prefers to keep to herself and to her cat and cigarettes. If one can get past this harsh exterior, they’re likely to encounter and equally harsh interior. There is no great Shrek onion layers here and there likely won’t be until she is very old and a great deal more bitter. The best conversation topics to bring up about her is classes, quodpot and current political news, for at least there her uncaring and seemingly uninterested responses are worth dealing with her demeanor for.

all the things I say,
I’ll give ‘em back to you,
always wake up hurting,
did I ever sleep?


|| Profile Code:
Leaves of Yanara
Schools:None listed
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Account type:Early Free User

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